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14. Dalmatics are available in many colors to reflect ordinary Time, Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter.


15. Dalmatics is a kind of liturgical vestment intended for deacons

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16. Deacon Dalmatics are now rarely worn in ordinary parishes, where deacons are rare, but it is relatively easy to distinguish it from the chasuble: it is most often sewn or stapled on the side and has something like sleeves

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17. Deacon Dalmatics are Dalmatics for Deacons including Washable Dalmatics

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25. Dalmatics synonyms, Dalmatics pronunciation, Dalmatics translation, English dictionary definition of Dalmatics

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27. These Dalmatics are embroidered with the same Chi Rho, grapes and wheat design along with reinforced backing as our Chasuble

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28. Eucharistic Dalmatics come with a matching understole


29. The Dalmatics pictured on this page are only a small sample of the designs The Holy Rood Guild has to offer

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30. Dalmatics are just as easy to obtain as chasubles


31. .ope and Dalmatics of the kind that are in (treat favor at present for deco rative use

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32. The new vestments include copes, worn by cardinal bish- ops; chasuables worn by car- dinai priests, and Dalmatics worn by cardinal deacons

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34. Patrick's Guild carries Dalmatics in colors that correspond to the liturgical church year calendar


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37. These Dalmatics are embroidered with the same Chi Rho, grapes and wheat design along with reinforced backing as our Chasuble.Each Dalmatic is crafted with the same careful attention to detail as our Eucharistic Chasubles

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38. Eucharistic Dalmatics come with a matching under stole.The Chi Rho is one of the earliest


39. Dalmatics & tunicles(42) copes(42) humeral veils(27) sets(27) canopies(1) stoles(56) altar linens(87) burses & hospital burses(4) mitres(11) funeral paraments(3) albs(3) surplices(3) biretta(3) emblems - motifs(18) chalices, monstrances, reliquaries, patens(44) liturgical fabrics - materials(2) special production(18) new products; products on sale


40. Dalmatics; Plain Dalmatic; Plain Dalmatic

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DALMATICS [dalĖˆmadik]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does dalmatic mean?

    Definition of dalmatic 1 : a wide-sleeved overgarment with slit sides worn by a deacon or prelate 2 : a robe worn by a British sovereign at his or her coronation

    What was the dalmatic used for during Lent?

    Traditionally the dalmatic was not used in the Roman rite by deacons during Lent. In its place, depending on the point in the liturgy, was worn either a folded chasuble or what was called a broad stole, which represented a rolled-up chasuble.

    What does dalmatique mean?

    A wide-sleeved garment worn by certain monarchs at their coronations. [Middle English dalmatik, from Old French dalmatique, from Medieval Latin dalmatica (vestis), Dalmatian (garment) (originally made of white wool from Dalmatia), from Latin dalmaticus, of Dalmatia .] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

    Is the dalmatic used in the Catholic Church?

    Today, the tunicle is rare in the Roman Catholic Church as only certain authorized clerical societies (such as the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter) have subdeacons. Traditionally the dalmatic was not used in the Roman rite by deacons during Lent.

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