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1. Dabber synonyms, Dabber pronunciation, Dabber translation, English dictionary definition of Dabber

Dabber, Dictionary, Definition

2. Dabber definition, a person or thing that dabs

Dabber, Definition, Dabs

3. A Dabber tool is an elongated object with a sharp point at the end


4. Dabbers are generally constructed from glass or stainless steel metal and can increase …


5. From art-themed custom worked boro glass Dabbers, to highly functional titanium Flat Head, Ball Point, and Scoop options, The Dab Lab is sure to have the perfect Dabber & carb cap combination for you

Dabbers, Dab, Dabber

6. For more information check out or blog that explains which Dabbers work best with the different types of dabs.

Dabbers, Different, Dabs

7. A Dabber is one who dabs, of course

Dabber, Dabs

8. But a Dabber is also an essential instrument used to apply concentrates, waxes, and oils to your heating element


9. Dabbers come in many different shapes and sizes and are created from several different materials

Dabbers, Different

10. Do you have butter fingers? You’ll want to scoop a durable titanium Dabber!

Do, Durable, Dabber

11. Titanium, Glass and Quartz Dabbers for concentrates from SkilleTools, Happy Daddy, and Yo Dabba Dabba

Dabbers, Daddy, Dabba

12. Dabber Boost Black Edition Get the pep in your step you crave with the Dr

Dabber, Dr

13. From unique glass to decorated titanium Dabbers, we offer only the best dab tools to assist …

Decorated, Dabbers, Dab

14. A rounded or ballpoint tip Dabber can be used to easily collect your shatter or other sticky and waxy oils, while a flat tip Dabber is the most versatile, as it can easily scrape up your oil, wax, hash or shatter concentrates


15. A scooper or shovel style Dabber tip is designed for those who want to …

Dabber, Designed

16. Worked Bubble Stick Carb Cap and Dabber #54


17. A Dabber is designed to get pieces of cannabis concentrate onto the red hot nail of a dab rig without burning yourself

Dabber, Designed, Dab

18. Not all concentrates have the same consistency, so different Dabbers are

Different, Dabbers

19. Introducing Dabber Bingo - home to no wagering requirements is the incredible online bingo site with the best rooms around and many daily perks.

Dabber, Daily

20. Hand Blown Amethyst Glass Art Dabber Tool, Perfume Stopper, USA Made, Boro, Ships Free akacratsin


21. 5 out of 5 stars (377) $ 20.00 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Purple Rose Glass Essential Oil Perfume Dabber Tool cloudartstore


22. Dabber had searched high and low for the ultimate vaporizing experience


23. Metal Dabber with Enamel Rick and Morty Characters


24. Gun topped titanium Dabber - 3 types


25. Double Sided Pocket Dabber with Paddle, Knife, and Screw on Protective Caps Made by Poke Things.

Double, Dabber

26. Dabber Box Dabbers Dabber Box has plenty of different types of Dabbers, including carb cap combo Dabbers and pencil-spinner Dabbers

Dabber, Dabbers, Different

27. Some Dabbers even feature characters or attachments, providing the complete personal dabbing experience.

Dabbers, Dabbing

28. Dabber changed the tide of the vape pen market since its debut in 2013, with a keen interest in minimizing health risks, and the goal of creating a line of portable vaporizers that solidifies its name as a top brand

Dabber, Debut

29. Trkee 18mm Titanium Nail GR 2 Carb Cap with One Hole 89mm Dabber Titanium Nail Nail for Glass Bong Water Pipe


30. Dabber have any working Coupons & Promo Codes at the moment?


31. Dabber? We last found a promo code on March 16 2021


32. Dr Dabber is known for its line of high-tech cannabis concentrate vaporizers and accessories

Dr, Dabber

33. Everything420 stays true to its name by offering convenient Dabber tools for the low cost of $4.20


34. Some of their most popular Dabbers …


35. About Dr. Dabber When you’re in need of a vaporizer, a vaporizer that will check the boxes and answer your needs, your desires, and your cravings, it makes sense to consult a doctor

Dr, Dabber, Desires, Doctor

36. Dabber SWITCH is an advanced dual-use vaporizer that utilizes induction heat technology

Dabber, Dual

37. Mar 24, 2019 - Explore Tiffany Purk's board "Bingo Dabber" on Pinterest


38. See more ideas about bingo Dabber, do a dot, Dabbers.

Dabber, Do, Dot, Dabbers

39. Wake N Bake Dabbing Station with Titanium Dabber Fruit Loop Dab Tools Cereal and Milk Dab Jar420 Accessories Morning Session WoodburyHillStudio

Dabbing, Dabber, Dab

40. Badash Zoe Crystal Perfume Bottle - 4" Tall Refillable Crystal Glass Perfume Holder with Dabber - Fine Handcrafted Faceted Crystal Bottle for Vanity or Dresser 4.6 out of 5 stars 23 $36.95 $ 36

Dabber, Dresser

41. Dabber Activities for Music Class – Instruments Dabbers, daubers, bingo markers, dot markers…whatever you call them, they make learning fun! This is a collection of worksheets to use with the dot markers

Dabber, Dabbers, Daubers, Dot

42. 3pcs Carb Cap / Dish / Dabber Set quantity + WarHammer (22mm Can Size) SKU: A75187

Dish, Dabber

43. In stock -WarHammer (22mm Can Size) quantity + Worked Dabber w/ Carb Cap


44. Only 3 left in stock (can be backordered)-Worked Dabber w/ Carb Cap quantity + Rasta Hot …


45. For years the team behind Dr Dabber Vaporizer Pens & Vape Accessories had searched high and low for the ultimate vaporizing experience

Dr, Dabber

46. The EZ Dabber is an economical tool that you can use for applying paint and glue onto hard to reach vehicle parts


47. These Dabber sticks are just what you need when your auto body parts require a dab of something to mend a fix

Dabber, Dab

48. Apart from applying paint or glue, this tool can also be used for removing paint, glue, lubrication and other imperfections on vehicle parts.The EZ Dabber features a lint


49. Dabber Stella is a sleek-looking vape that produces stellar vapor flavor


50. At Patel Smoke you will find a wide selection of metal and glass Dabbers, each with unique colors and designs

Dabbers, Designs

51. Dabber Switch Attachments Show Filters Showing all 9 results-24%


52. Dabber Switch Pacifica Attachment $ 424.99 $ 324.99 Add to cart-6%


53. Dabber Switch Sidewinder Recycler Glass Attachment $ 159.95 $ 149


54. The Dabber is the smallest boat in the Drascombe range

Dabber, Drascombe

55. The split-rig Dabber offers 118 sq.ft


56. Get a great deal on an e-nail vaporizer for your Dabber

Deal, Dabber

57. Dabber changed the tide of the vape pen market since its debut in 2013, with a keen interest in minimizing health risks, and the goal of creating a line of portable vaporizers that solidifies its name as a top brand

Dabber, Debut

58. Dabber understands that us true vape fans will leave their tools with a little wear and tear, no matter how much we clean them, that is why they brought us the the Dr

Dabber, Dr

59. Dabber wax pen is a magnet based, scratch resistant vape pen that includes 3 different atomizers to vape the even the thickest of Waxes.

Dabber, Different

60. Dr. Dabber’s specializes in portable vaporizers with eye-catching designs

Dr, Dabber, Designs

61. Dr. Dabber has an impressive line of elegant portable pen vaporizers as …

Dr, Dabber

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DABBER [ˈdabər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Dabber mean in Urban Dictionary?

A dabber refers to a handheld tool or piece of equipment used in the dabbing process. The dabber is a a long, pointy, heatproof tool used to expose a concentrate such as wax, shatter, or BHO to a hot surface on an oil rig pipe.

What does the name Dabber mean?

According to a user from California, U.S., the name Dabber means "Cute,crazy". Search for more names by meaning . Submit the origin and/or meaning of Dabber to us below

How do you do dabs?

To dab, bend your left arm at the elbow so your hand is close to your chin while simultaneously holding your right arm straight out to the side and slightly upwards. At the same time, tuck your chin into your elbow, as if you're sneezing. Make sure to keep your hands flat as you dab!

What does DAB mean slang?

It’s a slang term for cannabis concentrates. The name comes from the definition of the word dab which means a tiny amount of something. The name stuck because a tiny amount of hash oil is all people needed to feel the potent effects.

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