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1. Cymbidiums are wonderful orchids to grow in temperate regions


2.   Cymbidiums can be easily divided during repotting in the spring

Cymbidiums, Can

3. Most Cymbidiums can tolerate light frosts and survive, but this is not recommended

Cymbidiums, Can

4. Water to provide a constant supply of moisture to Cymbidiums, which are semiterrestrial plants

Constant, Cymbidiums

5. Cymbidiums have been cultivated for thousands of years, especially in ancient China

Cymbidiums, Cultivated, China

6. Cymbidiums became popular in Europe during the Victorian era


7. Cymbidiums are found growing naturally in the cool, bright areas near the foothills of the Himalayas.From there, they spread out over the cooler tropical and subtropical areas of Asia (covering the north part of India, and extending through China, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, and Borneo) and finally reaching the coast of Australia.

Cymbidiums, Cool, Cooler, Covering, China, Coast

8. The Cymbidium Society of America was founded in 1946 to stimulate and extend the appreciation of Cymbidiums, Paphiopedilums and other cool-growing orchids

Cymbidium, Cymbidiums, Cool

9. Our Cymbidiums are the best quality in the industry


10. Matsui Cymbidiums are easy to grow


11. Cymbidiums compared to other types of orchids need less water

Cymbidiums, Compared

12. There are two general types of this plant: standard Cymbidiums, which are large plants with strap-like leaves, and miniature Cymbidiums, which are hybrids and smaller in size than the standard type


13. The flowers of Cymbidiums are large, usually measuring up to 10 cm, with five segments of waxy petals and sepals …

Cymbidiums, Cm

14. Origin: Cymbidiums are naturally found at higher altitudes in temperate mid-Asia through southeast Asia and extending as far south as Australia


15. Cymbidiums are native to the foothills of the Himalayas and are accustomed to cool conditions

Cymbidiums, Cool, Conditions

16. Cymbidiums are most frequently seen growing as pot plants (from small to large containers) although they can be grown in raised beds in the ground

Cymbidiums, Containers, Can

17. The Novelty classification was established to encourage the development of miniature type Cymbidiums, which are not necessarily miniature in growth or flower characteristics, but are generally smaller than the Standard classification

Classification, Cymbidiums, Characteristics

18. What Cymbidiums Like Unlike tropical orchids, such as the popular phalaenopsis and dendrobium, Cymbidiums are native to the cool mountain regions of Asia and Australia

Cymbidiums, Cool

19. Cymbidium Culture Cymbidiums - Cool Climate Beauties

Cymbidium, Culture, Cymbidiums, Cool, Climate

20. Literature references to orchid cultivation in China date back to before the time of Confucius (551-479BC) and it is clear that Cymbidium species were among the earliest cultivated orchids.In China, Cymbidiums have come to epitomize elegance, refinement and nobility.

Cultivation, China, Confucius, Clear, Cymbidium, Cultivated, Cymbidiums, Come

21. Probably the most important factor in the flowering of Cymbidiums


22. Too much shade is the most frequent cause of non-blooming Cymbidiums.

Cause, Cymbidiums

23. Like all orchids Cymbidiums like a cooler temperature at night to perform best.80F or 26C is ideal with cooler night temperatures and winter temperatures as well ; Humidity 50% humidity is required for optimum growth

Cymbidiums, Cooler

24. Cymbidiums must be fertilized on a regular basis! For best results, use Norman's Optimal Orchid Nutrients every other week


25. Cymbidiums should be grown in Fine Orchid Bark Mix


26. Cymbidiums should be repotted once every two years.


27. Cymbidiums should be repotted after flowering and before the new growths extend


28. Older Cymbidiums have thick, coarse roots so use larger grades of bark in mixes

Cymbidiums, Coarse

29. Barrita Orchids has selected a range of Cymbidiums for orchid lovers


30. Cymbidiums can tolerate cooler weather; in fact, they prefer it

Cymbidiums, Can, Cooler

31. According to the Cymbidium Society of America, the media used to grow Cymbidiums needs to be acidic and free-draining.

Cymbidium, Cymbidiums

32. Cymbidiums appreciate a protected position away from strong hot sun, heavy winds and direct frost


33. Ryan also uses this time to divide the Cymbidiums into separate pots


34. Ryan places the plant in the pot to ensure it is the right size – only go up one size when repotting as Cymbidiums bloom best when a little pot bound.


35. Variegated Cymbidiums are judged in Oriental Orchid shows without any flowers


36. Growing temperature is the most critical factor in blooming the oriental Cymbidiums

Critical, Cymbidiums

37. During the height of summer, Oriental Cymbidiums should be grown under 80% to 95% shade, with temperatures from 75 to 85 deg F


38. In cultivation, it does well potted and grown like other Cymbidiums

Cultivation, Cymbidiums

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40. Cymbidiums are beautiful flowering plants in the orchid family, featuring many showy flowers arranged on unbranched stems


41. Growing temperature is the most critical factor in blooming Chinese Cymbidiums

Critical, Chinese, Cymbidiums

42. During the summer, Chinese Cymbidiums should be grown under 90-95% shade, with temperatures from 75-85F

Chinese, Cymbidiums

43. Jim has several Cymbidiums that he leaves out year around including one I gave him


44. All your favorite Cymbidium colors in one spot! Shop wholesale Cymbidiums, orchids for weddings, and more

Cymbidium, Colors, Cymbidiums

45. Today’s video is about Cymbidiums, and I want to share with you my care tips for these showy orchids, that impress me even when they are not in bloom

Cymbidiums, Care

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CYMBIDIUMS [ˌsimˈbidēəm]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cymbidium mean?

Definition of cymbidium. : any of a genus (Cymbidium) of tropical Old World epiphytic orchids with showy flowers.

Why are Cymbidiums so popular?

Cymbidiums have been cultivated for thousands of years, especially in ancient China. Cymbidiums became popular in Europe during the Victorian era. One feature that makes the cymbidium so popular is the fact that the plant can survive cold temperatures as low as 7 degree Centigrade.

What is the differential for Cymbidiums?

While most "Standard" cymbidiums require 20-25 F differential between daytime and nighttime temperatures during late Summer and early Fall to induce plants to start spikes, this is not required by most of our "Temperature Tolerant" cymbidiums.

What diseases do Cymbidiums get?

Cymbidiums are susceptible to a number of viruses and diseases, including: Cymbidium mosaic virus Odontoglossum ringspot virus Orchid fleck virus Tobacco mosaic virus

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