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1. Cylinder definition is - the surface traced by a straight line moving parallel to a fixed straight line and intersecting a fixed planar closed curve

Cylinder, Closed, Curve

2. How to use Cylinder in a sentence.


3. Cylinder definition, a surface or solid bounded by two parallel planes and generated by a straight line moving parallel to the given planes and tracing a curve bounded by the planes and lying in a plane perpendicular or oblique to the given planes

Cylinder, Curve

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Cylinder, Cylinders

5. Designed to keep the piston from slamming against the Cylinder body, these Cylinders have adjustable air cushions at each end to minimize wear and noise

Cylinder, Cylinders, Cushions

6. Short-Stroke Clamping Air Cylinders

Clamping, Cylinders

7. Also known as air clamps, these Cylinders are used to apply force in holding applications.

Clamps, Cylinders

8. A hydraulic Cylinder is a mechanical actuator used to provide unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke


9. Hydraulic Cylinders are used in almost every industry and are available in a variety of configurations

Cylinders, Configurations

10. The two main types of hydraulic Cylinders are Tie-rod and Welded.


11. Cylinder Stoves has been founded by hunting and camping folks just like you, we have extensive knowledge in the field which enables us to provide unmatched customer service

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13. Cylinder is one of the basic 3d shapes, in geometry, which has two parallel circular bases at a distance

Cylinder, Circular

14. The line segment joining the center of two circular bases is the axis of the Cylinder

Center, Circular, Cylinder

15. The distance between the two circular bases is called the height of the Cylinder.

Circular, Called, Cylinder

16. Our hydraulic Cylinder application database includes 30+ years of industry data for quick and accurate part identification


17. Whether it is keeping the right hydraulic Cylinders stocked or developing new, advanced hydraulic Cylinders, we strive to supply the best-in-class replacement

Cylinders, Class

18. Constructed of high quality, corrosion-resistant material and available in the widest selection of sizes, strokes and diameters available, Parker pneumatic Cylinders, parts and kits offer unrivaled reliability and performance

Constructed, Corrosion, Cylinders

19. The range of styles include standard and compact air Cylinders, aluminum Cylinders, guided Cylinders, NFPA and ISO pneumatic Cylinders, low profile pneumatic Cylinders

Compact, Cylinders

20. Parker is the world's largest supplier of hydraulic Cylinders and parts for industrial applications


21. Parker manufactures a diverse range of standard and special tie rod Cylinders in different sizes, roundline and 'mill' type Cylinders, NFPA telescopic Cylinder, compact industrial and heavy-duty Cylinders and even custom Cylinders to suit all types of industrial Cylinder applications.

Cylinders, Cylinder, Compact, Custom

22. Cylinder synonyms, Cylinder pronunciation, Cylinder translation, English dictionary definition of Cylinder


23. Cylinder To calculate the volume of a right circular Cylinder, multiply the area of the base by the altitude

Cylinder, Calculate, Circular

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Cylinder, Cylinders

25. In The Eternal Cylinder, players control a herd of adorable creatures called Trebhums and must explore a strange alien world filled with exotic lifeforms, surreal environments, and the constant threat of the Cylinder, a gargantuan rolling structure of ancient origin which crushes everything in its path

Cylinder, Control, Creatures, Called, Constant, Crushes

26. Calculator online for a circular Cylinder

Calculator, Circular, Cylinder

27. Online calculators and formulas for a Cylinder and other geometry problems.

Calculators, Cylinder

28. The formula for the volume of a Cylinder is height x π x (diameter / 2) 2, where (diameter / 2) is the radius of the base (d = 2 x r), so another way to write it is height x π x radius 2.Visual in the figure below: First, measure the diameter of the base (usually easier than measuring the radius), then measure the height of the Cylinder.


29. An elliptic Cylinder, or cylindroid, is a quadric surface, with the following equation in Cartesian coordinates: + =This equation is for an elliptic Cylinder, a generalization of the ordinary, circular Cylinder (a = b).Even more general is the generalized Cylinder: the cross-section can be any curve.

Cylinder, Cylindroid, Cartesian, Coordinates, Circular, Cross, Can, Curve

30. The Cylinder is a degenerate quadric because at least one of the coordinates (in this case z

Cylinder, Coordinates, Case

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32. A Cylinder's volume is π r² h, and its surface area is 2π r h + 2π r²


33. Cylinder volume calculator helps in finding the volume of right, hollow and oblique Cylinder: Volume of a hollow Cylinder The hollow Cylinder, also called the cylindrical shell, is a three-dimensional region bounded by two right circular Cylinders having the same axis and two parallel annular bases perpendicular to the Cylinders' common axis.

Cylinder, Calculator, Called, Cylindrical, Circular, Cylinders, Common

34. This propane Cylinder is a must-have for all your camping or outdoor activities

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35. Coleman ensures that safety is top priority with this 1 lb Propane Cylinder

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36. Save 1 lb of propane as a fuel refill Cylinder, or use it as a fresh tank of gas for your first outdoor adventure of the year.


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Conversion, Cylinder

40. Conversion Cylinder Ferrule Removal Tool

Conversion, Cylinder

41. Edelbrock Performance Cylinder Heads are made in the USA, offering the best in quality and performance


42. Using highly efficient port designs and state-of-the-art combustion chamber shapes, Edelbrock Cylinder heads offer improved performance throughout the rpm range for great throttle response and top-end horsepower.

Combustion, Chamber, Cylinder

43. Cylinder honing tools can be used to finish engine Cylinders, clutch and brake master Cylinders, and more

Cylinder, Can, Cylinders, Clutch

44. Summit carries a wide variety, and you can shop by Cylinder size below

Carries, Can, Cylinder

45. Cylinder Valves and Connections • Compressed Gas Assocation(CGA) number on valve tells you a lot • CGA plus 3 digits –e.g., CGA 540 • Number identifies shape and thread of inlet and outlet connections –where you attach to valve • Indicates what gases might be inside

Cylinder, Connections, Compressed, Cga

46. How to abbreviate Cylinder? Get the most popular abbreviation for Cylinder updated in 2021


47. A Cylinder is a three-dimensional solid that contains two parallel bases connected by a curved surface

Cylinder, Contains, Connected, Curved

48. The perpendicular distance between the bases is denoted as the height “h” of the Cylinder and “r” is the radius of the Cylinder.


49. Life Storage Cylinder Lock With 3 Keys Public Cube Smart 19mm Set

Cylinder, Cube

50. Chateau Cylinder Self Storage Locks Model C481 With 3 Keys

Chateau, Cylinder

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52. Here is the full solution for the Hanayama Cylinder puzzle


53. The definition of Cylinder: A solid object with: two identical flat ends that are circular or

Cylinder, Circular


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55. A Cylinder has a radius (r) and a height (h) (see picture below)


56. Each Cylinder has a radius and height as you can see in the diagram below

Cylinder, Can

57. Practice Problems on Area of a Cylinder


58. What is the volume of the Cylinder with a radius of 2 and a height of 6?


59. The Cylinder head is a three-piece assembly consisting of a lower member that contains the gas passages, serves as a mounting for the injector valves and the ignition plug, and forms part of the combustion chamber

Cylinder, Consisting, Contains, Combustion, Chamber

60. The Cylinder head itself is a piston-like member retained by a flange held by eight screws to the lower member.


61. The diameter, or the distance across a Cylinder that passes through the center of the Cylinder is 2R (twice the radius)

Cylinder, Center

62. The surface area of an open ended Cylinder (as shown) is 2 RL If the Cylinder has caps on the ends, the surface area is 2 RL+2 R 2; The volume of a Cylinder is R 2 L Note that =3.1415926535

Cylinder, Caps

63. The term "Cylinder" has a number of related meanings


64. In its most general usage, the word "Cylinder" refers to a solid bounded by a closed generalized Cylinder (a.k.a

Cylinder, Closed

65. A Cylinder of this sort having a polygonal base is therefore a prism (Zwillinger 1995, p


66. Rod wipers scrape dirt, dust, and moisture from the rod, preventing contamination inside your Cylinder.

Contamination, Cylinder

67. Rod seals maintain the pressure inside Cylinders and prevent fluid from leaking out.


68. The top of this page is an explanation of how to find the volume of a Cylinder


69. Calculate Volumes of Cylinders (Advanced) Calculate the volume of 9 different Cylinders

Calculate, Cylinders

70. Cylinder Glass Vases are an elegant way to display candles or fresh cut flowers

Cylinder, Candles, Cut

71. Fill these Cylinders with sand, pebbles, rocks, potpourri or any other


72. Parker's Cylinder Division designs and manufactures the largest selection of actuation in North America


73. Cylinder Division offers a full range of standard NFPA hydraulic and pneumatic Cylinders, mobile, compact and telescopic Cylinders, helical rotary actuators, tilting couplers and custom Cylinders, for customer design flexibility to meet or exceed their application requirements in uptime

Cylinder, Cylinders, Compact, Couplers, Custom, Customer

74. This Cylinder is iconic by design, and it's mostly reliable too


75. In The Eternal Cylinder, players control a herd of adorable creatures called Trebhums and must explore a strange alien world filled with exotic lifeforms, surreal environments, and the constant threat of the Cylinder, a gargantuan rolling structure of ancient origin which crushes everything in its path

Cylinder, Control, Creatures, Called, Constant, Crushes

76. See 6 authoritative translations of Cylinder in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations.


77. The Cyrus Cylinder: clay Cylinder; a Babylonian account of the conquest of Babylon by Cyrus in 539 BC, of his restoration to various temples of statues removed by Nabonidus, the previous king of Babylon, and of his own work at Babylon

Cyrus, Cylinder, Clay, Conquest

78. The cylindrical form is typical of royal inscriptions of the Late Babylonian period, and the text shows that the Cylinder was written to be buried in the

Cylindrical, Cylinder

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CYLINDER [ˈsiləndər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What are facts about cylinder?

cylinder, in mathematics, surface generated by a line moving parallel to a given fixed line and continually intersecting a given fixed curve called the directrix; each line of the family of lines forming the cylinder is called a ruling, or generator.

What are the attributes of a cylinder?

Properties of Cylinder • A cylinder has only one curved side. • A cylinder has two identical flat ends that are circular or elliptical. • The bases are always congruent and parallel. • It is similar to the prism since it has the same cross-section everywhere. More ...

What is an example of a cylinder?

The definition of a cylinder is a three dimensional shape with two round shapes at either end and two parallel lines connecting the round ends. An example of cylinder is a can of tomato soup.

What does element of a cylinder mean?

element of a cylinder - a straight line running the length of the cylinder element - a straight line that generates a cylinder or cone Based on... Element of a cylinder - definition of element of a cylinder by The Free Dictionary

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