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CUT [kət]

cut (verb) · cuts (third person present) · cut (past tense) · cut (past participle) · cutting (present participle)

  • make an opening, incision, or wound in (something) with a sharp-edged tool or object.
  • make an incision in one's own flesh, as a symptom of emotional distress.
Synonyms: gash . slash . lacerate . slit . pierce . penetrate . wound . injure . scratch . graze . nick . snick . notch . incise . score . lance .

cut (noun) · cuts (plural noun)

  • a stroke or blow given by a sharp-edged implement or by a whip or cane.
  • a haircut.
Synonyms: blow . slash . stroke . swipe . haircut . trim . clip . crop .
  • a long, narrow incision in the skin made by something sharp.
  • a long, narrow opening or incision made in a surface or piece of material.
Synonyms: gash . slash . laceration . incision . slit . wound . injury . scratch . graze . nick . snick .

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1. Cut definition is - to penetrate with or as if with an edged instrument

2. Cut synonyms, Cut pronunciation, Cut translation, English dictionary definition of Cut

3. Cut is a verb that means to use a sharp tool on something, to stop, or to reduce

4. The word Cut has many other senses as a verb, adjective, and noun

5. To Cut something is to use a sharp tool to chop, sever, slice, or divide something. Cut

6. Find 200 ways to say Cut, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

7. Cut is for everyone.Sponsor our videos: Truth or Drink and Fear Pong now: buy.Cut.comFollow us

8. The Cut is a site for women who want to view the latest fashion trends; read provocative takes on issues that matter, from politics to relationships; follow celebrity style icons; and preview new products.

9. Cutting definition is - something Cut or Cut off or out: such as

10. How to use Cutting in a sentence.

11. Cut Central University of Technology

12. Browser to use: avoid technical issue with access by using Internet Explorer.; Once you have read the above guideline, start the Online Registration process ; A message indicating an issue with the security certificate may appear, please choose: “Continue to this website” option.

13. Cut verb (USE KNIFE) A2 [ I or T ] to break the surface of something, or to divide or make something smaller, using a sharp tool, especially a knife: to Cut a slice of bread

14. 'Cut' is a 3 letter word starting with C and ending with T Crossword clues for 'Cut' Clue Answer "Stop filming!" (3) Cut: Tournament elimination point (3) Director's "Stop!" (3) Song on a record (3) Trim with scissors (3) Sever, slice (3) Lower, as prices (3) Split the deck (3)

15. Cut! by Cinemark Dine-in Theatre, Kitchen & Bar Change Theatre Theatre Info; Featured Movies; Advance Tickets; Featured Movies

16. Use Cut when you need to segment and sort data values into bins

17. For example, Cut could convert ages to groups of age ranges

18. A simple mp3 Cutter for Cutting your mp3 or audio files

19. Barion Cut and before and after photos by Peter Torraca

20. Some have brilliant facets on both crown and pavilion, while others have step Cuts on the crown and brilliant Cuts on the pavilion

21. Their unifying feature, which separates the Barion from mixed Cuts, is the quarter moon facets located directly beneath its girdle

22. The Cut command is used to remove text or images from the screen you are currently working on

23. "Cut" moves the information to your virtual clipboard, where it is stored until it is overwritten by the next "Cut" or "copy" command

24. The Central University of Technology, Free State (Cut) is the foremost higher education institution in the heartland of South Africa, dedicated to quality education …

25. Konigsburg's Silent to the Bone and Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak, Cut is another authentic-sounding novel in which elective mutism plays a part, this time with humor making the pain of adolescence gone awry more bearablean exceptional character study of a young woman and her hospital mates who struggle with demons so severe that …

26. Irregular verb definition for 'to Cut', including the base form, past simple, past participle, 3rd person singular, present participle / gerund

27. Online Audio Cutter Audio Cutter is an online app that can be used to Cut audio tracks right in your browser

28. Cut can be used to remove Cuttable plants, which are obstacles that block the player's way

29. Additionally, Cut can be used to Cut tall grass around the player

30. In Pokémon Emerald, Pokémon with Hyper Cutter Cut a larger area of tall grass

31. In Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, there is a sealed cave in Ruin Valley with the word "Cut" written in

32. Laser Cut quality is defined primarily by the condition of the laser Cut surface and the presence of the re-solidified material occurring as dross at the lower Cut edge

33. AE signals during laser Cutting of different steel sheet thicknesses

34. You better Cut these antics before your father gets home. Cut the eye-rolling, will you? 2

35. As the original location of Cut, this Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining restaurant consistently ranks as one of the most sought-after steak restaurants in the United States

36. In June 2019, Cut was awarded a coveted star by MICHELIN Guide, securing the restaurant among the ranks of the finest not only in Los Angeles, but all of California.

37. Cut video online - Quickly Cut MP4, MKV, WMV, MPEG, WEBM, VOB, MOV or AVI file without decoding, encoding or converting.

38. That vegetable has a tough skin, so you'll really need to apply some pressure in order to Cut into it

39. Cutco offers a complete selection of Cutlery, kitchen knives and accessories

40. All knives are American made and all products are backed by the Cutco Forever Gurantee.

41. Cut by Wolfgang Puck’s first Asian outpost can be found at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

42. Change the output format and click "Cut"

43. Read the extended guide on how to Cut

44. Cut is part of the X/Open Portability Guide since issue 2 of 1987

45. The version of Cut bundled in GNU coreutils was written by David M

46. The Cut command has also been ported to the IBM i operating system.

47. We're making a Lineup game! Sign up for updates: this series:

48. Windows 10 took a tip from the kindergartners and made Cut and paste an integral part of computing life

49. You can electronically Cut or copy just about anything and then paste it just about anyplace else with little fuss and even less mess

50. 1300, "to make, with an edged tool or instrument, an incision in; make incisions for the purpose of dividing into two or more parts; remove by means of a Cutting instrument;" of an implement, "have a Cutting edge," according to Middle English Compendium from a presumed Old English *cyttan, "since ME has the normal regional variants of the vowel."

51. 257.5k Followers, 174 Following, 357 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Cut (@Cut)

52. This is a reference page for Cut verb forms in present, past and participle tenses

53. At the Cut you can walk in and request your favorite Barber or Stylist, or if you don’t have a preference take the first available

54. Cut from the corner of the leaner end of the meat

55. The smaller, leaner portion is easier to Cut

56. To Cut through cleanly, move your knife back and forth, almost like you’re operating a saw.

57. Season 1 Trailer: The Surgeon's Cut

58. "In the Cut" primarily refers to a location that is secluded or hard to find

59. In a metropolitan setting, a house or store that’s “back in the Cut” would be in a place off the main drag, perhaps in an older or run-down neighborhood

60. Likewise, in the country when someone’s house is “out in the Cut” it generally means that person’s house

61. In this first season of Making the Cut, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn take 12 established designers around the world from New York to Paris to Tokyo, as they compete to become the next global fashion brand

62. Each week, winning looks will be available to buy on Amazon in the Making the Cut store, and the last designer standing will receive one million dollars to invest in their brand.

63. In the Cut is an American sitcom created by Bentley Kyle Evans that debuted on Bounce TV on August 25, 2015

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