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1. Curious: [adjective] made carefully

Curious, Carefully

2. The Curious Learning Engine helps you build your CQ, or Curious Quotient

Curious, Cq

3. We developed the Curious Learning Engine after two years and 5,000,000 learning sessions


4. It is based on learning science which shows people who stretch their brain—in other words, build their Curious Quotient (CQ)—for a few minutes a day are happier, more successful

Curious, Cq

5. Curious definition, eager to learn or know; inquisitive


6. Curious synonyms, Curious pronunciation, Curious translation, English dictionary definition of Curious


7. Eager to acquire knowledge; inquisitive: He was Curious to know how she had come by so many of the rare objects.

Curious, Come

8. 53 synonyms of Curious from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 75 related words, definitions, and antonyms


9. Curious: interested in what is not one's own business


10. Synonyms: inquisitive, nosy, prying… Antonyms: inCurious, unCurious, common… Find the right word.


11. Find 68 ways to say Curious, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Curious, Com

12. Join and get a daily learning workout with daily curios, challenging puzzles, and 25,000+ video lessons recommended just for you.

Curious, Com, Curios, Challenging

13. Curious people always ask questions and search for answers in their minds


14. As described by her Liberation Army code name, Chitose was an immensely Curious woman who is highly invested in her journalistic pursuits

Code, Chitose, Curious

15. Curious about curiosity, I searched for answers, and found frequent references to Albert Einstein’s famous words, “I have no special talent

Curious, Curiosity

16. I am only passionately Curious.” We might well quibble with the notion that Einstein had no “special talent,” but he wouldn’t have solved the riddles of the universe if not for his passionate


17. Jul 31st 2018 Curious Cargo Home Decor

Curious, Cargo

18. In Curious, Ian Leslie makes a passionate case for the cultivation of our "desire to know." Drawing on fascinating research from psychology, economics, education, and business, Leslie looks at what feeds curiosity and what starves it, and finds surprising answers

Curious, Case, Cultivation, Curiosity

19. Curious (The Finn Factor Book 1) - Kindle edition by Alexander, R.G.


20. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Curious (The Finn Factor Book 1).


21. Curious About Curious ? Occasionally a newsletter goes out with all sorts of exciting new products, offers, (virtual) events and other random tid-bits


22.Curious” is a “a smug little revenge tale” based off of true experiences.In an interview with Billboard, Hayley says:


23. Curious Lyrics: Imagine if life was a game / Imagine if all of this is fake / Imagine if everything ended / And we go to Heaven and meet all the greats / Imagine if there was no Drake / …


24. Watch All Videos Curious George Official Full Episodes: Subscribe to the Curious George Official channel for many full episodes ever

Curious, Channel

25. Curious Coins take a while to obtain 100+ which is approximately how much I say each mount should cost

Curious, Coins, Cost

26. Eager to investigate and learn or learn more (sometimes about others' concerns); "a Curious child is a teacher's delight"; "a trap door that made me Curious"; "Curious investigators"; "traffic was slowed by Curious rubberneckers"; "Curious about the neighbor's doings"

Concerns, Curious, Child

27. Welcome to “Curious” (Connecting Undergraduates to Research Opportunities in the Sciences)!This site provides a way for undergraduates to locate and apply for research opportunities in the sciences at NC State

Curious, Connecting

28. Faculty, post-docs, graduate students, and research staff conducting research in the sciences at NC State can post undergraduate research opportunities directly to Curious.

Conducting, Can, Curious

29. Sober Curious simply means that you’ve chosen to avoid alcohol for personal or wellness reasons

Curious, Chosen

30. Curious George Deluxe Cake Toppers Cupcake Decorations 12 Set with 10 Figures and 2 Fun Monkey Rings Includes George, Hudley, Yellow Hat Etc FunToysFunParties

Curious, Cake, Cupcake

31. Favorite Add to Curious George birthday shirt FabTeesShop


32.Curious stands out from sites like Khan Academy, Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, and by focusing on learning 'for learning’s sake.'” -- VentureBeat “Curious Helps Hobbyists Share Their Skills” -- Mashable Curious helps people reclaim between 5 to 30 minutes a day to learn something new! Ready to learn?

Curious, Coursera, Com

33. Curious A community of people who are Curious to find out what others have already figured out // Curious is a new personal growth publication by The Startup (https

Curious, Community

34. • He was Curious to find out why she had left her job so suddenly


35. • It was a weird situation, and I was Curious to learn more


36. Curious about • All children are Curious about the workings of things

Curious, Children

37. Origin Curious (1300-1400) Old French curios, from Latin curiosus “ careful, wanting to …

Curious, Curios, Curiosus, Careful

38.Curious is what I am, about people, places, and things


39. The Crossword Solver found 156 answers to the Curious crossword clue

Crossword, Curious, Clue

40. “Bi-Curious is a label that suggests a person is newly exploring whether or not they’re bisexual,” explains Gabrielle Alexa Noel, bisexual advocate, founder of Bi Girls Club, and author of

Curious, Club

41. What does Curious mean? Eager to learn more


42. (adjective) Curious investigators; a trapdoor that made me Curious.


43. Told in a quasi-documentary style, this companion piece to I Am Curious (Blue) (1968) deals with topics such as class society, non-violent resistance, sex, …

Companion, Curious, Class

44. Curious definition: If you are Curious about something, you are interested in it and want to know more about Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


45. Everyone is Curious, but the object and degree of that curiosity is different depending on the person and the situation.

Curious, Curiosity

46. Curious and inquisitive may be used in a good or a bad sense, but inquisitive is more often, and prying is only, found in the latter


47. Curious expresses only the desire to know; inquisitive , the effort to find out by inquiry; prying , the effort to find out secrets by looking and working in improper ways.


48. The Curious Society is a space where talented people are given all the tools and support that are needed to fail in a spectacular way


49. To be a member of The Curious Society is to embrace the radical belief that culture

Curious, Culture

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