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1. Cultivate definition is - to prepare or prepare and use for the raising of crops; also : to loosen or break up the soil about (growing plants)

Cultivate, Crops

2. How to use Cultivate in a sentence.


3. Cultivate definition, to prepare and work on (land) in order to raise crops; till

Cultivate, Crops

4. Cultivate is the premier recreational cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts

Cultivate, Cannabis

5. Cultivate has been a very engaging development tool for us, providing unique insights for our people leaders on their workplace relationships, which is tremendously important at a time when team effectiveness is critical to the new workplace.”

Cultivate, Critical

6. Cultivate was founded with a mission to help businesses that are manufacturing goods locally to generate more sales, positively impact local economic growth, and in-turn, create more jobs for our families, friends, and neighbors.

Cultivate, Create

7. 24 synonyms of Cultivate from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 60 related words, definitions, and antonyms


8. Find another word for Cultivate


9. Cultivate: to come to have gradually.

Cultivate, Come

10. Cultivate offers an exceptionally unique dispensary experience, from the quality of our products to our excellent service! The service and quality control of the recreational industry transitioned right along with our staff, therefore we take extra measures to ensure our quality products are well-maintained, and offer a uniquely high standard patient service and assisted buying experience.

Cultivate, Control

11. Cultivate ranks in the Top 100 trade shows and is the premier business and professional development event for everyone involved in horticulture


12. From business owners to emerging professionals, nursery & greenhouse growers to retailers, suppliers to landscapers, interior plantscapers, and florists, there's a reason why Cultivate continues to be

Cultivate, Continues

13. Cultivate 666 Buchtel Blvd, Denver, CO 80210 (303-954-9919) 6400 Stapleton S Dr, Denver, CO 80216 (720-420-7599) 1101 N Meridian Ave, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107 (405-415-9480) Refund Policy Return requests must be made within seven (7) days

Cultivate, Co, City

14. Cultivate is a community space in Ypsilanti that is obsessed with crafting excellent products and experiences, works to be a safe and inspiring community for …

Cultivate, Community, Crafting

15. Cultivate is devoted to organizing our community resources to fight hunger through food rescue

Cultivate, Community

16. Cultivate synonyms, Cultivate pronunciation, Cultivate translation, English dictionary definition of Cultivate


17. Cultivate your sexual experience with an all natural, oil based cannabis lubricant

Cultivate, Cannabis

18. Cultivate is a trend-forward brunch & coffee concept built on a foundation of fresh from scratch farm-to-table culinary principles, truly world-class customer service, and an aesthetically positive EXPERIENCE for all customers

Cultivate, Coffee, Concept, Culinary, Class, Customer, Customers

19. Cultivate has two facets: there's a website where you can search for anything you want: maybe coffee beans or socks or an iPhone case, and it'll return results for items it …

Cultivate, Can, Coffee, Case

20. Find 117 ways to say Cultivate, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Cultivate, Com

21. Cultivate Garden Supply aka Cultivate OKC is a premiere hydroponic and organic grow store with grow supply products for home and commercial cultivation and gardening

Cultivate, Commercial, Cultivation

22. Volunteering with Cultivate is a fun and easy way to serve the community! We love working with individuals, companies, teams, organizations, and small groups to change lives in Northern Indiana

Cultivate, Community, Companies, Change

23. At Cultivate we believe in living life generously through volunteerism


24. At Cultivate Behavioral Health & Education, we utilize the most effective, evidence-based strategies, and teaching methodologies to focus on what will bring the most meaningful change to that child’s life

Cultivate, Change, Child

25. Cultivate can build as much or as little as you need: everything from a workplace policy to a full organisational growth plan

Cultivate, Can

26. Cultivate helps you create memorable virtual and on-site gift experiences

Cultivate, Create

27. -2 Cultivate Games at the Kickstarter Exclusive Price -2 Cultivate Kickstarter Exclusive Stickers (Holographic Pops & Bejou Jellyfish with Kickstarter green accent) -1 Choose your Cult Welcome Package (Choose your favorite cult leader character and get their cult's Character Sticker, Iron-on Patch, Magnet, and Button)

Cultivate, Choose, Cult, Character

28. As an exhibitor at Cultivate, you will receive more than just an exhibit space


29. Cultivate: a co-op cafe, Youngstown, Ohio

Cultivate, Co, Cafe

30. Youngstown Proud from Farm to Table Powered by local farmers and producers Cultivate: a co-op cafe serves fresh seasonal offerings

Cultivate, Co, Cafe

31. At, Cultivate, we strive to deliver the best quality of cannabis, whether it is a product we produce or one that we outsource, we aim to make our communities better through passion, dedication and

Cultivate, Cannabis, Communities

32. Cultivate is for EVERY woman, so anyone can join us from anywhere! Whether you attend Sandals Church or are a guest, this study is for you! Our teaching team, along with our weekly content, will lead you through the Bible as we learn how to Cultivate wholeness into our lives, pursue REAL spiritual growth and equip ourselves with the armor of God.

Cultivate, Can, Church, Content

33. Cultivate What Matters has helped more than 100,000 women all around the world make flexible plans, grow new habits, set life-giving routines, and deepen connections with the people they love

Cultivate, Connections

34. Make it Happen & Cultivate book


35. At, Cultivate, we strive to deliver the best quality of cannabis, whether it is a product we produce or one that we outsource, we aim to make our communities better through passion, dedication and

Cultivate, Cannabis, Communities

36. Cultivate is a digital leadership platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to provide in-the-moment feedback and tools to enterprise employees


37. Pair Cultivate with select X Series storage components, add power capability, and accessorize with bag hooks to suit people’s needs

Cultivate, Components, Capability

38. Cultivate 'Cultivate' is a 9 letter word starting with C and ending with E Crossword clues for 'Cultivate' Clue Answer; Cultivate (4) TEND: Be inclined (4) Keep watch on (4) Keep, as a garden (4) Watch over, as sheep (4) Take care of, as a bar (4) Watch the bar or goal (4)

Cultivate, Crossword, Clues, Clue, Care

39. At Cultivate, I was given great advice on styling, hair products and just general help


40. Our Cultivate Me portal will give you a more comprehensive look

Cultivate, Comprehensive

41. Check your Cultivate Me portal for details.

Check, Cultivate

42. Inflections of 'Cultivate' (v): (⇒ conjugate) Cultivates v 3rd person singular cultivating v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing." Cultivated v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, "He saw the man." "She laughed." Cultivated v past p verb, past participle: Verb form used

Cultivate, Conjugate, Cultivates, Cultivating, Cultivated

43. The mission of our team at Cultivate is to deliver a refreshing new chapter of fine casual dining to Hong Kong

Cultivate, Chapter, Casual

44. We aim to Cultivate a dining experience that is distinctive, unconventional, and intuitive


45. Situated in the heart of Hong Kong’s Soho district, Cultivate is an intimate 22-seat that redefines fine-casual and interactive dining.

Cultivate, Casual

46. Cultivate is a take-that, pattern-building game from Pops & Bejou Games


47. At Cultivate, we focus on the collaborative nature in which cannabis, community and culture impacts us all.

Cultivate, Collaborative, Cannabis, Community, Culture

48. Cultivate has disclosed the following information regarding the collection and usage of your data

Cultivate, Collection

49. Cultivate collects the following:

Cultivate, Collects

50. From Longman Business Dictionary Cultivate cul‧ti‧vate / ˈkʌltɪveɪt / verb [transitive] 1 FARMING to prepare and use land for growing crops and plants Some of the land would be impossible to Cultivate

Cultivate, Cul, Crops

51. We strive to Cultivate the arts and culture of Waco and to provide a vibrant venue for building culture and connection

Cultivate, Culture, Connection

52. Cultivate Desk, Offices & Meeting Spaces


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