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1. This video shows you the pronunciation of the word: Cuddyhole Curious what you can find with thi

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2. See, he had his ice cream place back there, then the A&P was there, then ah, ah, you see, it seems to me there was a, it seems to me there was a, it seems to me Walter Hosier had some kinda insurance business in a little Cuddyhole in between the A&P and the DP store.

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3. On a boat a Cuddyhole is a storage space


4. As it would, I had no problems bolting it on a piece of sheet steel (extra heat sink!) and placing it into the Cuddyhole in my oldsmobile.


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Cuddlesome, Cuddly, Cuddy, Cuddyhole, Cudgel, Cudgeler, Cudgerie, Cudweed, Cue, Cueball

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CUDDYHOLE [ˈkəbēˌhōl]

cubbyhole (noun) · cubbyholes (plural noun) · cubby-hole (noun) · cubby-holes (plural noun)

  • a small, enclosed compartment or room.
Synonyms: booth . cubicle . den . snug . cubby . compartment . pigeonhole . niche . slot . recess .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does cubbyhole mean?

Definition of cubbyhole : a small snug place (as for hiding or storage) also : a cramped space Examples of cubbyhole in a Sentence The car has lots of cubbyholes for small items.

Is there a cubby hole in the car?

The space is a cute cubbyhole with a floor tiled in vinyl records and disco balls hanging from the ceiling. He and I shared a cubby-hole in the office. The glovebox is tiny, but there are plenty of cubby holes and storage spaces. The interior of the car is lavishly furnished with pop-out drinks holders and ticket clips and coin cubby-holes.

Who is the owner of cubbyhole?

The vehicle feature an LED headlight and an all-digital instrument console, multi-function key slot, large under-seat storage, a 12V charging socket (likely to be an optional extra), cubbyhole below the handlebar and an LED tail-lamp. Tanya Saunders, the longtime owner of the much-loved lesbian bar Cubbyhole, died on April 29 at 82.

How many cubbyholes are there?

Five cubbyholes were situated beneath the lower terraces, of which three appear to have been animal cages that opened directly into the arena. This example is from Wikipedia and may be reused under a CC BY-SA license. Coneys then returned to the attic cubbyhole . This example is from Wikipedia and may be reused under a CC BY-SA license.