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CRY [krī]

cry (verb) · cries (third person present) · cried (past tense) · cried (past participle) · crying (present participle)

  • shed tears, typically as an expression of distress, pain, or sorrow.
Synonyms: weep . shed tears . sob . wail . bawl . howl . snivel . whimper . whine . squall . mewl . bleat . lament . grieve . mourn . keen . greet . boohoo . blubber . grizzle . pule . plain . laugh .
  • shout or scream, typically to express fear, pain, or grief.
  • say something loudly in an excited or anguished tone of voice.
Synonyms: call . shout . exclaim . yell . shriek . scream . screech . bawl . bellow . roar . whoop . yowl . squeal . yelp . yawp . holler . yoo-hoo . ejaculate . vociferate . ululate . whisper . exclaim . ejaculate . tell . babble . jabber . call out . cry out . divulge . disclose . reveal . betray . leak . let out . give away . blab . gush . let on . spout . keep quiet .

cry (noun) · cries (plural noun)

  • a loud inarticulate shout or scream expressing a powerful feeling or emotion.
  • a loud excited utterance of a word or words.
Synonyms: call . shout . exclamation . yell . shriek . scream . screech . bawl . bellow . roar . whoop . howl . yowl . squeal . yelp . yawp . ejaculation . interjection . holler . vociferation . ululation . call . shout . exclamation . yell . shriek . scream . screech . bawl . bellow . roar . whoop . howl . yowl . squeal . yelp . yawp . ejaculation . interjection . holler . vociferation . ululation .
  • the loud characteristic call of a bird or other animal.
Synonyms: trill . trilling . song . birdsong . warbling . chirp . chirping . chirrup . chirruping . chirr . chirring . cheep . cheeping . twitter . twittering . tweet . tweeting . whistle . whistling . chatter . chattering . squeak . squeaking . pipe . piping . peep . peeping . call . calling .
  • a spell of weeping.
Synonyms: sob . weep . weeping . sobbing . wailing . bawling . howling . snivelling . whimpering . laugh . laughter .

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1. 12 rows · Cry can be a verb or a noun

2. The other forms of the verb are cries, Crying, cried

3. Cry means to make sad noises along with tears, to yell loudly, or to make an animal’s noise

4. Cry has several other senses as a verb and a noun

5. A person will Cry when they are overcome with intense …

6. Synonyms & Antonyms of Cry (Entry 1 of 2) 1 to shed tears often while making meaningless sounds as a sign of pain or distress some kids started to Cry even before the doctor had given them their shot

7. Find 204 ways to say Cry, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

8. (NYSE: Cry), a leading cardiac and vascular surgery company focused on aortic disease, announced today that fourth quarter and full year 2020 financial results will be released on

9. 😭Loudly Crying Face Emoji Meaning

10. Crye-Leike is a full service real estate company founded in Memphis in 1977

11. Synonyms for Cry in Free Thesaurus

12. 178 synonyms for Cry: weep, sob, bawl, shed tears, keen, greet, wail, whine, whimper, whinge, blubber, snivel

13. Working with Cry has been a very revealing and enriching experience

14. May convey a moderate degree of sadness or pain, usually less intensely than 😭 Loudly Crying Face.

15. Enjoy this NEW collection of full episodes of the second season of Cry Babies in English

16. Crying is a way that humans release emotional tension

17. Interestingly, humans are the only mammals that produce tears as a way to express emotion. Crying is a survival mechanism that helps us in the following ways:

18. Cry verb [I or T] (PRODUCE TEARS) A2 to produce tears as the result of a strong emotion, such as unhappiness or pain: I could hear someone Crying in the next room.

19. A high-level overview of CryoLife, Inc

20. ''Crying is a natural emotional response to certain feelings, usually sadness and hurt

21. But then people [also] Cry under other circumstances and occasions," says Stephen Sideroff,

22. Hola soy Cry! Contacto:

23. Actually being able to Cry emotionally, and being able to respond to that, is a very important part of being human.” A less heartwarming theory focuses on Crying’s usefulness in …

24. Looking for the definition of Cry? Find out what is the full meaning of Cry on! 'Crystal' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.

25. To Cry for an extended period of time

26. I can't watch those sappy movies because I just Cry my eyes out every time

27. The Cry is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Helen FitzGerald

28. Cry for me baby Cry for us all Cry it all away all night long Cry for me Cry, Cry for me Cry for me Cry, Cry, Cry for me angel, Cry for us all

29. To Cry Cry me a river Cry me a river Cry me a river Cry me a river (yeah, yeah) You know that they say that some things are better left unsaid.

30. Index performance for Refinitiv/CoreCommodity CRB(R) Index Excess Return (Cry) including value, chart, profile & other market data.

31. Cry investment & stock information

32. Cry detailed stock quotes, stock data, Real-Time ECN, charts, stats and more.

33. ‘It's a Cry from the heart for the West, united in righteous and understandable anger, to pause for thought before taking the next fateful step.’ ‘The film is a shattering Cry from the heart but it is rendered all the more effective by its sense of calm, controlled restraint.’

34. Cry Cry Cry's purity of heart and sound is spirit renewing.

35. What does Cry stand for? List of 53 Cry definitions

36. Top Cry abbreviation meanings updated March 2021

37. Cry 'Cry' is a 3 letter word starting with C and ending with Y Crossword clues for 'Cry'

38. The Cry for war is the Cry for domination, white supremacy and death

39. The Levant is already a far Cry from the cosmopolitan melting pot it once was

40. She's the kind of real life gal who'll buy you a beer, let you Cry on her shoulder and be the first one to give you a high-five when your ship comes in.

41. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Human Cry Cry 1 / kraɪ / S2 W2 verb (cried, Crying, cries) 1 produce tears [intransitive, transitive] HBH to produce tears from your eyes, usually because you are unhappy or hurt Don’t Cry, Laura

42. Jamie looked like he’d been Crying

43.Cry it out” (CIO) — or sometimes “controlled Crying” — is an umbrella term used to describe several different methods that involve letting a baby Cry as they learn to fall asleep on

44. In Far Cry 6, play as a local Yaran and fight using over the top guerrilla tactics and weaponry to liberate your nation

45. Cry Baby is a John Waters satire of 1950s Rock N Roll films

46. The story focuses upon Cry Baby (Johnny Depp) falling for a square named Allison (Amy Locane)

47. By clicking “continue” you’ll be leaving the Cry Babies web site and landing on an external site

48. The Cry by Helen Fitzgerald is a dark, disturbing tale of guilt, innocence, truth and lies which held me in thrall from start to finish

49. Cry America is the sole representative of the Cry name & trademarks in the USA

50. Cry America is a 501c3 registered organization and all donations to Cry America are tax-deductible

51. You will receive periodic updates, so you can stay informed about Cry America’s projects, events & initiatives towards ensuring children’s rights.

52. Fake Far Cry 6 demo emails have been spotted, claiming that the email in question holds an exclusive invitation to an Early Access period for the upcoming game

53. Ubisoft is standing firm that there is no demo planned for Far Cry 6 at this time and that any email claiming to offer access is a scam and should be avoided.

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What is the difference between shout and cry?

As nouns the difference between shout and cry is that shout is a loud burst of voice or voices; a vehement and sudden outcry, especially that of a multitude expressing joy, triumph, exultation, or animated courage while cry is a shedding of tears; the act of crying. As verbs the difference between shout and cry

What does I Cry mean?

v. i. 1. To make a loud call or cry; to call or exclaim vehemently or earnestly; to shout; to vociferate; to proclaim; to pray; to implore.

What is the definition of Cry?

Definition of cry. 1 : to utter loudly : shout He cried "Wait!" but it was too late. 1 : to call loudly : shout She cried out for help. 2 : to shed tears often noisily : weep, sob The child began to cry after she dropped her ice-cream cone.

What is cry about?

Crying is the shedding of tears (or welling of tears in the eyes) in response to an emotional state, pain or a physical irritation of the eye . Emotions that can lead to crying include anger, happiness, or sadness. Nov 25 2019

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