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CRUX [krəks, kro͝oks]

crux (noun) · cruces (plural noun) · cruxes (plural noun)


Synonyms: southern cross .

Crucis (adjective)

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1. Crux carries news, features, and community content about the Catholic Church and Catholicism, from Pope Francis to what it means to lead a Catholic life.

2. Noun, plural Crux·es, cru·ces [kroo-seez]

3. A vital, basic, decisive, or pivotal point: The Crux of the trial was his whereabouts at the time of the murder.

4. Crux·es or cru·ces (kro͞o′sēz) 1

5. The basic, central, or critical point or feature: the Crux of the matter; the Crux of an argument

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19. 20 synonyms of Crux from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 13 related words, definitions, and antonyms

20. Crux: the central part or aspect of something under consideration.

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29. The very word (Crux) was used among them as a curse, especially in the form ad (malam) crucem

30. THE PRIVATE LIFE OF THE ROMANS HAROLD WHETSTONE JOHNSTON Ah, that was it—that was the Crux of the whole matter; and he remembered now that never once had she reproached him with that

31. / ˈkrʌks / the most important or serious part of a matter, problem, or argument: The Crux of the country's economic problems is its foreign debt

32. The issue of an arms embargo will be at the Crux of the …

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35. Is the editor of Crux, specializing in coverage of the Vatican and the Catholic Church

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40. Crux is an online newspaper that focuses on news related to the Catholic Church.From September 2014 until March 2016, it was owned by The Boston Globe.Since April 2016, it has been independently owned.

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43. [Modern Latin, from Latin Crux, cross.] Crux (krŭks, kro͝oks) n

44. Crux·es or cru·ces (kro͞o′sēz) 1

45. The basic, central, or critical point or feature: the Crux of the matter; the Crux of an argument

46. Cruxes (or The Crux) are an engineered species originating from Earth

47. First designed as super soldiers for the military, known as "Alteration Project One" and "Crux One," these beings became self-aware shortly after creation and eventually merged with society (though not without difficulty)

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51. (noun) Thus in presence of the problem which is the Crux of materialism, the origin of consciousness, he first propounds a gratuitous hypothesis that everything has mind, and then gives up the origin of conscious mind after all.

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54. Crux definition: The Crux of a problem or argument is the most important or difficult part of it which Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

55. Crux was first described as a separate constellation by the Italian explorer Andreas Corsali in 1516

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62. Crux provides issues and action focussed public interest journalism to the Southern Lakes District of New Zealand

63. The site is owned by the not for profit Crux Media Trust

64. Crux is published under licence by Crux Publishing Ltd.

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What is the noun for Crux?

noun, plural crux·es, cru·ces [kroo-seez]. /ˈkru siz/. a vital, basic, decisive, or pivotal point: The crux of the trial was his whereabouts at the time of the murder. a cross. something that torments by its puzzling nature; a perplexing difficulty.

What is the crux of a situation?

In Latin, crux referred literally to an instrument of torture, often a cross or stake, and figuratively to the torture and misery inflicted by means of such an instrument. Crux eventually developed the sense of "a puzzling or difficult problem"; that was the first meaning that was used when the word entered English in the early 18th century.

What does the phrase'crux of the matter'mean?

The phrase crux of the matter refers to the most important point of an issue. Another related idiom is heart of the matter. Crux has a Latin origin referring to a real cross and its association with torment. In English the term means difficulty.

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