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1. See synonyms for: Crush / Crushed / Crushing / Crusher on verb (used with object) to press or squeeze with a force that destroys or deforms

Crush, Crushed, Crushing, Crusher, Com

2. Squash, pound, break, smash, squeeze, crumble, crunch, mash, compress, press, crumple, pulverize Their vehicle was Crushed by an army tank

Crumble, Crunch, Compress, Crumple, Crushed

3. Crease, wrinkle, crumple, rumple, scrumple, ruffle I don't want to Crush my skirt.

Crease, Crumple, Crush

4. 81 synonyms of Crush from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 121 related words, definitions, and antonyms


5. Crush: to cause to become a pulpy mass.

Crush, Cause

6. Crush A person who gives you butterflies and makes your heart beat faster


7. A secret admirer's Crush on a high school athlete takes a fatal turn.


8. A Crush is a word used to describe special feelings you have for another person, a classmate, or friend that you really like

Crush, Classmate

9. Noticing your first Crush is an exciting time in life because you're beginning to understand how it feels to like another person — a lot!


10. Crush is designed to distribute data uniformly among weighted devices to maintain a statistically balanced utiliza-tion of storage and device bandwidth resources


11. Find 151 ways to say Crush, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Crush, Com

12. Crush verb (PRESS) C2 [ T ] to press something very hard so that it is broken or its shape is destroyed: The package had been badly Crushed in the mail.

Crush, Crushed

13. Puppy love, also known as a Crush, is an informal term for feelings of romantic or platonic love, often felt during childhood and early adolescence, generally 4 to 15 year olds

Crush, Childhood

14. Movie Info After a secret admirer's Crush takes a deadly turn, a popular high-school student (Lucas Till) must figure out which of the people in his orbit is a psychotic stalker.


15. Crush offers an exciting rush of flavor and fun in every sip


16. As the original orange soda, Crush has a long history of delighting consumers with a wide range of crowd-pleasing fruity flavors

Crush, Consumers, Crowd

17. Available in Orange, Grape, Strawberry, Pineapple, Watermelon, Peach, and Diet Orange, Crush has enough variety for the whole family to enjoy.


18. Kongregate free online game Crush Crush - Hey hot stuff! Are you looking for a fun and flirty game to kill some time and make you laugh


19. 2.1m Followers, 704 Following, 127 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Crush (@Crush9244)


20. Crush, Texas, a temporary "city" established as a one-day publicity stunt in 1896 Crush injury, an injury by an object that causes compression of the body Crush syndrome, major shock and kidney failure after a Crushing injury Crush fetish, a fetish in which sexual arousal is associated with observing objects being Crushed or being Crushed oneself

Crush, City, Causes, Compression, Crushing, Crushed

21. Song: CrushArtist: Tessa VioletYear: 2018Official Video:

Crushartist, Com, Channel

22. "The Crush" is about thirty-something year old Nick who is a writer/journalist who gets a job at a new company hence moving into a different town

Crush, Company

23. He lands a guest house at the Forrester's to stay, and soon meets the Forrester's 14 year old daughter, Adrian, who instantly has a Crush on Nick despite his age.


24. Crush (someone or something) (in)to (something) To pulverize or break something into a certain condition or state

Crush, Certain, Condition

25. I Crushed the cookies into crumbs and added them to the icing

Crushed, Cookies, Crumbs

26. The fallen tree branch Crushed the car's windshield to pieces.

Crushed, Car

27. Build & Crush is a game where you can either build or Crush levels! In the build mode you can use blocks to shape your own unique levels, that you can then Crush, or upload for others to Crush

Crush, Can

28. In the Crush menu you'll see tons of user created levels that you can destroy with a variety of weapons, vehicles or natural disasters.

Crush, Created, Can

29. Crush Crush is a fun and flirty free-to-play “idle” dating game where you meet, flirt and fall in love with a cast of sweet, seductive, and sometimes scary girlfriends.

Crush, Cast

30. Crush was Jennifer Paige’s debut single from her self-titled debut album


31. Crush Lyrics: You call me on a lazy afternoon / Asking me what I'm up to / Let's find something to do / Baby I'd be down, down, down / Down, down, down, down, down, down …

Crush, Call

32. Sodalicious! Candy Crush Soda Saga is the latest game from the makers of the legendary Candy Crush Saga

Candy, Crush

33. New candies, more divine combinations and challenging new game modes brimming with purple soda and Candy Bears! Candy Crush Soda Saga is completely free to play, but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment.

Candies, Combinations, Challenging, Candy, Crush, Completely

34. Join to meet new people and chat

Crush, Chat

35. Are you someone's Crush? The only way to know is to take this quiz


36. These subtle questions will analyze your environment and associates to see if someone is Crushing on you


37. Having a Crush can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and painful—all at once

Crush, Can

38. Whether you're trying to move on from your Crush or get them to look your way, wikiHow's Crushes category has you covered

Crush, Crushes, Category, Covered

39. Find articles on how to impress your Crush, tell them how you feel, figure out if they like someone else, and more


40. Dealing with a Crush may seem hard sometimes, but you'll get through it!


41. A Crush is a crowd of people close together, in which it is difficult to move

Crush, Crowd, Close

42. Franklin and his thirteen-year-old son somehow got separated in the Crush


43. Everywhere he went he was mobbed by a Crush of fans


44. "To Crush it in life, you must first Crush it in-game.” — Confucius (probably) Share your Candy Crush stories!! They may

Crush, Confucius, Candy

45. Candy Crush Saga, from the makers of Candy Crush Soda Saga & Farm Heroes Saga! Join Tiffi and Mr

Candy, Crush

46. During these COVID times, Crush offers a very good “order online- take and bake” menu that we use frequently

Covid, Crush

47. Start playing Candy Crush Saga today – a legendary puzzle game loved by millions of players around the world

Candy, Crush

48. Crush Crush with Voice Acting ONLINE: Probably the NOICE Voice Update Ever! (November 30th, 2017) v 0.209


49. Crush Crush Translation is now ONLINE


50. Crush also specifically tackles bodily autonomy and agency, online bullying, and even smacks down some "nice guy" nonsense


51. Crush COVID RI Crush COVID application home screen

Crush, Covid

52. Crush COVID RI is a COVID-19 pandemic response app that provides Rhode Islanders with easy access to all of the resources required during the public health crisis, and includes features such as a location diary and symptom diary.

Crush, Covid, Crisis

53. All Rhode Islanders are encouraged to use the Crush COVID RI app and take an …

Crush, Covid

54. Crush is an adoptable Dog - Siberian Husky & German Shepherd Dog Mix searching for a forever family near Pelham, NH


55. Crush is an homage to the age of communal feasting where dinner out is more than sustenance; it is a party

Crush, Communal

56. Crush serves chef-driven cosmopolitan plates, both small and not so small, designed for sharing.

Crush, Chef, Cosmopolitan

57. In January 2016, it was announced that Crush was to release a new single featuring Girls' Generation's Taeyeon


58. In 2016 Crush also became an active member of the hip-hop crew Fanxy Child, consisting of Zico (rapper, producer), Millic (DJ, producer

Crush, Crew, Child, Consisting

59. Crushes are a wonderful feeling


60. Your best friend may live next door to him or her and be really good friends with your Crush, yet every time she or he talks to him or


61. 크러쉬(Crush, 본명: 신효섭, 1992년 5월 3일 ~ )는 대한민국의 힙합 가수 겸 R&B 가수이다


62. Crush is an adoptable Cat - Domestic Short Hair searching for a forever family near Mentor, OH

Crush, Cat

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