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1. Synonyms for Cruelnesses include brutalities, cruelties, savageries, inhumanities, viciousnesses, barbarities, sadisms, heartlessnesses, atrocities and fiendishnesses

Cruelnesses, Cruelties

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4. Cruel and unusual punishment cruel plant crueler cruelest cruell cruelled crueller cruellest cruellie cruelling: cruells cruelltie cruellty cruelly cruelness Cruelnesses (current term) cruels crueltie cruelties cruelty: cruentaren

Cruel, Crueler, Cruelest, Cruell, Cruelled, Crueller, Cruellest, Cruellie, Cruelling, Cruells, Cruelltie, Cruellty, Cruelly, Cruelness, Cruelnesses, Current, Cruels, Crueltie, Cruelties, Cruelty, Cruentaren

5. Words created with Cruelnesses, words starting with Cruelnesses, words start Cruelnesses

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6. Search through millions of crossword puzzle answers to find crossword clues with the answer Cruelnesses.Type the crossword puzzle answer, not the clue, below

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7. Cruelnesses Total Number of words made out of Cruelnesses = 222 Cruelnesses is an acceptable word in Scrabble with 13 points.Cruelnesses is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 17 points


8. Cruelnesses is a 11 letter long Word starting with C and ending …


9. It's one about the cult of leadership, of the consequences of both winning and losing and of the many Cruelnesses that a conservative small town can inflict on any kid who doesn't quite fit the

Cult, Consequences, Cruelnesses, Conservative, Can

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12. Both Olive and Jack are haunted by mistakes and Cruelnesses they suffered upon their prior spouses


13. Cruelnesses: cruelties : cruelty

Cruelnesses, Cruelties, Cruelty

14. If it is the former then there is only a temporary solution to mitigate the Universe’s Cruelnesses in life and that is the retreat into one’s own mind every night


15. Cruelnesses cruels crueltie: cruelties cruelty cruentaren cruentation cruentous crues (current term) cruet cruet-stand cruets crufomate: cruft cruftier cruftiest crufty cruise-control cruise control cruise liner cruise missile cruise missiles

Cruelnesses, Cruels, Crueltie, Cruelties, Cruelty, Cruentaren, Cruentation, Cruentous, Crues, Current, Cruet, Cruets, Crufomate, Cruft, Cruftier, Cruftiest, Crufty, Cruise, Control

16. And all of us just perpetuate this, like so many other Cruelnesses from the past


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition for cruel?

Definition of cruel. 1 : disposed to inflict pain or suffering : devoid of humane feelings a cruel tyrant has a cruel heart.

What does cruelness mean?

cruelness - the quality of being cruel and causing tension or annoyance. cruelty, harshness. brutality, ferociousness, viciousness, savagery - the trait of extreme cruelty. murderousness - cruelty evidence by a capability to commit murder. malevolency, malice, malevolence - the quality of threatening evil.

What does cruelest mean?


What does cruell mean?

crueler or crueller; cruelest or cruellest. 1 : disposed to inflict pain or suffering : devoid of humane feelings a cruel tyrant has a cruel heart. 2a : causing or conducive to injury, grief, or pain a cruel joke a cruel twist of fate. b : unrelieved by leniency cruel punishment.