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1. Crop, rotate, flip, or straighten your pic, or try one of our Crop templates


2. The perfect Crop for any project


3. Crop definition is - a pouched enlargement of the esophagus of many birds that serves as a receptacle for food and for its preliminary maceration; also : an enlargement of the digestive tract of another animal (such as an insect)


4. Free to Crop photo without stretching


5. You can Crop your heart's content, and you won't need to worry about losing image quality in Fotor's photo Cropper

Can, Crop, Content, Cropper

6. Just upload your images and choose the Crop size where you drag to the box's corners, so that any image can fit any size

Choose, Crop, Corners, Can

7. Crop image files online and for free


8. This image Cropper allows you to Crop your image in a custom way

Cropper, Crop, Custom

9. Crop your photo to be ready for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and sharing it with your friends.


10. The Crop Tool in our Photo Editor cuts the hassle from the photo Cropping process

Crop, Cuts, Cropping

11. With an array of pre­-made templates, it's easy to ensure you're using the ideal Crop for all your photos


12. Use our Golden Ratio template for a classic Crop that never disappoints

Classic, Crop

13. Try our Square Crop to flawlessly frame up your image.


14. Crop JPG, PNG or GIF by defining a rectangle in pixels


15. The original FREE picture resize and Crop tool since 2005! Resize, Crop, compress, add effects to your images, photos, and screenshots for free!

Crop, Compress

16. This site is an online, free, and secure web-version video Cropping tool


17. You can easily Crop your video file and delete the parts you don't want

Can, Crop

18. Crop video is a common requirement

Crop, Common

19. Atklāj lielāko ielas apģērbu kolekciju Cropp veikalos un interneta veikalā! Sporta džemperi, T-krekli un džinsa bikses par labākajām cenām

Cropp, Cen

20. Free tool to Crop your image online, Just select or drop your image in tool and adjust the Cropper height and width to fit the Crop area in image, then click Crop image button to cut the image inside Cropper window

Crop, Cropper, Click, Cut

21. Preview of Cropped image is displayed along with download button (both jpg and png format)


22. Aisto 18 inch Riding Crop for Horses, Horse Whip with Double Slapper, Leather Equestrian Jump Bat, Black,Purple 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,113 $9.98 $ 9


23. Crop your video perfectly Don't let your video get cut off 🚫 ️ This video Cropper allows you to cut out your video to the right dimensions online 🐱 If you have a landscape video 🌆 📹 that you'd like to post to your IG Story, use the online video fitter to add padding and resize the whole video in the frame so that it doesn't Crop

Crop, Cut, Cropper

24. One of America’s top restaurants (according to Zagat)…Cleveland’s best restaurant (according to Cleveland’sScene)…and winner of the 2012 Wine Spectator Award of Excellence, Crop Bistro & Bar is located in the heart of Cleveland’s historic Ohio City neighborhood, and features a menu of modern American cuisine, built upon foundations of flavor, freshness, and invention.

Cleveland, Crop, City, Cuisine

25. You can Crop photo online to remove an awkward hand gesture to make the picture more appealing

Can, Crop

26. Using an image Cropper or photo Crop editor to Crop pictures can add a greater impact on the picture, for instance, a long horizontal rectangle or a thin vertical strip

Cropper, Crop, Can

27. Cropping an image to a square indicates formality and


28. Crop Image Free Online Photo Editor


29. Crop definition, the cultivated produce of the ground, while growing or when gathered: the wheat Crop

Crop, Cultivated

30. Black Crop handles appear on the edges and corners of the picture.

Crop, Corners

31. Crop synonyms, Crop pronunciation, Crop translation, English dictionary definition of Crop


32. Cultivated plants or agricultural produce, such as grain, vegetables, or fruit, considered as a group: Wheat is a common Crop

Cultivated, Considered, Common, Crop

33. A Crop is a plant or animal product that can be grown and harvested extensively for profit or subsistence

Crop, Can

34. Crops may refer either to the harvested parts or to the harvest in a more refined state


35. Most Crops are cultivated in agriculture or aquaculture.A Crop may include macroscopic fungus (e.g

Crops, Cultivated, Crop

36. Most Crops are harvested as food for humans or fodder for livestock.


37. What does Crop mean? Crop is defined as to cut, trim, bite or clip

Crop, Cut, Clip

38. (verb) An example of Crop is trimming a 4x6 photo to fit in a 3½x5 frame.


39. The Crop is located a bit to the right of a bird’s breastbone at the end of their esophagus


40. 42 synonyms of Crop from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 67 related words, definitions, and antonyms


41. Crop: the quantity of an animal or vegetable product gathered at the end of a season.


42. You can choose to Crop only certain pages

Can, Choose, Crop, Certain

43. Each page can be Cropped with a different size

Can, Cropped

44. We can automatically determine what is the optimal Crop size so all white margins are removed

Can, Crop

45. Click on 'Auto-Crop' right above the page

Click, Crop

46. Specify precise Crop margins in inches


47. Simply upload a video and draw the Crop rectangle


48. You can even Crop to a specific aspect ratio

Can, Crop

49. This tool can Crop more than 40 video formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, and more

Can, Crop

50. You can always trust us to Crop PDF for free because we always try to provide the best quality files

Can, Crop

51. Our Cropping service is fast and efficient


52. Our Cropper tool is the best solution to Crop PDF file online

Cropper, Crop

53. Free and easy to use online tool for visual PDF document Cropping / changing canvas size

Cropping, Changing, Canvas

54. You can Crop the PDF to a selected area or choose the Auto-Crop option, to try and remove all margins automatically

Can, Crop, Choose

55. You can also use PDF Cropper to increase visible margins, for example, to add space for annotations, by choosing the Extend margins option.

Can, Cropper, Choosing

56. Drag a rectangle on the page you want to Crop


57. If necessary, drag the corner handles of the Cropping rectangle until the page is the size you want

Corner, Cropping

58. Double-click inside the Cropping rectangle

Click, Cropping

59. The “Set Page Boxes” dialog box opens, indicating the margin measurements of the Cropping rectangle and the page to be Cropped

Cropping, Cropped

60. The Crop tool is in the Crop group on the far right of this new tab


61. To Crop a picture: Select the picture to be Cropped

Crop, Cropped

62. Position the Cropping handle over an edge or corner

Cropping, Corner

63. A simple online tool for Cropping and slicing animated GIF, WebP, and PNG images


64. Just upload the GIF and use your mouse or trackpad to select the part of the image you want to Crop


65. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for CropiPic - Crop

Customer, Compare, Cropipic, Crop

66. Crop - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


67. LASLULU Crop Tops Workout Tops Loose Sleeveless Cropped Muscle Tank Open Back Shirts Gym Exercise Clothes for Women 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 $13.99 $ 13

Crop, Cropped, Clothes

68. The Crop tool and technique is an essential part of the photo editing workflow


69. From Photoshop Elements 13 onwards, the Crop tool automatically displays four ready-to-use suggestions


70. You can choose the best Crop for your needs from one of them.

Can, Choose, Crop

71. A very simple online Crop tool for video files


72. Crop and trim MP4 or WebM files, up to 100MB


73. Upload video and select the area you want to Crop.


74. Cropping is the removal of unwanted outer areas from a photographic or illustrated image


75. Naked Wardrobe x Lori Harvey Front Cutout Off the Shoulder Crop Top (Regular & Plus Size) $40.00 (8) Free Delivery

Cutout, Crop

76. Alice + Olivia Delaina Imitation Pearl Embellished Long Sleeve Crop Top


77. COTTON CITIZEN Tokyo Tie Dye Crop Tee

Cotton, Citizen, Crop


Up to3%cash back
 · Crop Tops; Activating these elements will cause content on the page to be updated

Class, Clearfix, Cash, Crop, Cause, Content

79. If the Crop area size is unspecified, it will use PNG graphic file's width and height


80. The reCrop option allows you to fine-tune your Cropping process


81. If reCropping is enabled, then the original image you're Cropping will be replaced with the Cropped one.

Cropping, Cropped

82. Crop stands for Children's Religious Oriented Program

Crop, Children

83. Crop insurance costs reflect revenue Crop protection at 80% coverage for a typical farm in Central Iowa

Crop, Costs, Coverage, Central

84. The machine operations assumed are based on the 2000 Crop Production Practices Survey conducted by the Iowa Agricultural Statistics Service and Iowa State University Extension and

Crop, Conducted

85. SDSU Extension will be taking its Crop clinics off road this winter to deliver a series of virtual Crop Hour webinars

Crop, Clinics

86. CST, participants are invited to take their coffee break online to hear the latest in Crop management and agronomic research from SDSU Extension.

Cst, Coffee, Crop

87. To Crop a picture into a circle, triangle, or other shapes in PowerPoint, simply: Select the picture you want to Crop to shape

Crop, Circle

88. Open the Cropping Tool dropdown


89. Select the Circle shape (or other shapes) Click the Crop tool again or …

Circle, Click, Crop

90. Here’s the guide on how to Crop a PDF with PDF Candy: add a file to the tool (use the “Add file” button or drag and drop the file into the browser window), move the vertical and horizontal dotted lines on the borders of the uploaded file preview to set the new borders for the document layout and press the “Crop

Crop, Candy

91. The Crop Journal is a bi-monthly, international, peer-reviewed research journal covering all aspects of Crop sciences, including Crop genetics, breeding, agronomy, Crop physiology, germplasm resources, grain chemistry, grain storage and processing, Crop management practices, Crop biotechnology, and biomathematics

Crop, Covering, Chemistry

92. This program calculates premiums, evaluates insurance payments, and provides historical data useful when making Crop insurance decisions for multiple Crops

Calculates, Crop, Crops

93. Estimates are for Crops in midwest and southeast states that are harvested in 2020.…


94. The Crop Image tool is a moveable, resizeable rectangle that you can position over the image and perform the Crop operation interactively using the mouse

Crop, Can

95. When the Crop Image tool is active in a figure, the pointer changes to cross hairs when you move it over the target image

Crop, Changes, Cross

96. Using the mouse, you specify the Crop rectangle by clicking and

Crop, Clicking

97. (a) The tables in this section are to be used in conjunction with § 180.40 to establish Crop group tolerances

Conjunction, Crop

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CROP [kräp]

crop (noun) · crops (plural noun)

crop (verb) · crops (third person present) · cropped (past tense) · cropped (past participle) · cropping (present participle)

  • cut (something, especially a person's hair) very short.
  • remove part of (a photograph or other image) in order to produce a better picture or to fit a given space.
Synonyms: cut . clip . trim . snip . shear . shave . pare . prune . fleece . lop . dock . remove . detach . cut off . hack off . take off . shorten . barber . tonsure .
  • (of an animal) bite off and eat the tops of (plants).
Synonyms: feed on . eat . pasture . ruminate .
  • harvest (plants or their produce) from a particular area.
  • sow or plant (land) with plants that will produce food or fodder, especially on a large commercial scale.
Synonyms: harvest . reap . mow . gather . collect . pick . pluck . take in . glean . garner . cull .