Use Crook in a sentence


CROOK [kro͝ok]

crook (noun) · crooks (plural noun)

  • the hooked staff of a shepherd:
  • a bishop's crozier.
Synonyms: walking stick . cane . staff . malacca . alpenstock . blackthorn . rattan . crutch . waddy .

crook (verb) · crooks (third person present) · crooked (past tense) · crooked (past participle) · crooking (present participle)

  • bend (something, especially a finger as a signal):
Synonyms: cock . flex . bend . curve . curl . angle . hook . bow .


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1. Verb He Crooked his finger at us and led us to the table

2. The road suddenly Crooked to the left Noun He thinks politicians are just a bunch of Crooks

3. The Crook of his arm The squirrel sat in the Crook of the tree

4. 34 synonyms of Crook from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 111 related words, definitions, and antonyms

5. Crook: a person who has committed a crime.

6. Crook noun (CRIMINAL) [ C ] informal a very dishonest person, especially a criminal or a cheat: These politicians are just a bunch of Crooks.

7. May 18, 2021 Special District Election Important Dates 02/06/21 First day for candidate to file 03/18/21 Last day for candidate to file 03/18/21 Last day for ONLY Crook County School District - Zone 4 candidate to file (see

8. To go Crook, is to be angry or irritated: “Don’t go fucken Crook on me, it’s not my fault”

9. To be a Crook, is to be a criminal or corrupt: “Fucken politicians, they’re a bunch of Crooks”

10.Crook in the guts” is a common description of a stomach upset; “Crook in the head” might describe mental illness.

11. Crook Motor Company is one of the nation's largest heavy truck and trailer dealers

12. Crook County GIS The Crook County GIS Department supports a variety of other departments and agencies with mapping and data needs

13. Crook and Crook is a full service marine and fishing tackle retailer family owned and operated since 1958

14. Crook County School District #1

15. The Crook, crafted with four sticks, allows you to murder leaves, giving you a better chance of getting saplings as well as apples (from oak trees)

16. Also, you can right click on animals with the Crook to pull them towards you.

17. Crook is a historic market town in County Durham, in the North East of England

18. Located a couple of miles north of the River Wear, Crook lies about 9 miles (14.5 km) south-west of the historic city of Durham, 5 miles (8 km) north-west of Bishop Auckland and 2 miles (3.5 km) from Willington.

19. Crook (film) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Crook: It's Good to be Bad is a 2010 Indian Hindi -language action thriller film directed by Mohit Suri and produced by Mukesh Bhatt

20. Crook (September 8, 1828 – March 21, 1890) was a career United States Army officer, most noted for his distinguished service during the American Civil War and the Indian Wars.During the 1880s, the Apache nicknamed Crook Nantan Lupan, which means "Chief Wolf."

21. A Crook is long staff that’s bent at one end, like something you might see a shepherd carrying

22. A Crook can also be a criminal — a person who’s dishonest, or bent, just like the staff

23. The noun Crook entered English in the 13th century as a way to describe the long tool with a hook at one end.

24. Find 28 ways to say Crook, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

25. The Crook Boss was the first tower released that could be unlocked at a certain level, and also the first tower that could be bought with Robux

26. The Crook Boss (especially the Default Level 5 appearance) is a reference to the Mafia City meme

27. The Golden Crook Boss spawns Golden Crooks and Golden Mafias which have golden attire.

28. See 12 authoritative translations of Crook in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

29. Please find attached COVID funds that may be available to 501 c 3 or c 19 charitable organizations and churches in Crook County

30. Skeleteen Shepherd's Costume Crook Staff - Shepherd Gold Wood Like Hook Cane For Cosplay And Dress Up

31. Crook is a Statutory Town in Logan County, Colorado, United States

32. The town was named for General George Crook, officer during the American Civil War and the Indian Wars

33. Crook is located at 40°51′31″N 102°48′4″W / 40.85861°N 102.80111°W / 40.85861; -102.80111 (40.858586, -102.801195).

34. Corrupt police and racially motivated attacks against Indian students complicate a re-located Crook

35. The Crook family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920

36. The most Crook families were found in the UK in 1891

37. In 1840 there were 34 Crook families living in New York

38. This was about 14% of all the recorded Crook's in the USA

39. New York had the highest population of Crook families in 1840.

40. A Crook is a dishonest person or a criminal.

41. The original Crook used the same gun mesh

42. The Level 2 upgrade icon still shows the Crook Boss wielding the Micro UZI

43. George Crook, American army officer in the American Civil War and in the Indian conflicts of the West

44. An Ohio farm boy, Crook attended West Point (1848–52), graduating near the bottom of his class

45. The American army officer George Crook (1828-1890) campaigned against Indians in the southwestern and northwestern United States, but he was also an outspoken champion of Indian rights.

46. 8, 1828, on a farm near Taylorsville, Ohio, George Crook was appointed to the U.S

47. ‘the man's a Crook, he's not to be trusted’ ‘Bernie's team work hard to catch thieves, whether car Crooks or shoplifters.’ ‘The sport, if that's what it is, has seen way more than its fair share of gangsters and con men and other Crooks.’

48. Crook & Crook Fishing, Electronics and Marine Supplies, Miami, FL

49. Crook, in brass musical instruments, detachable piece of metal tubing inserted between the mouthpiece and the main tubing or in the middle of the tubing to lengthen the air column produced

50. Crooks were in use at least by about 1600 and were used extensively by the late 18th century.

51. Crook is home to some of the most kind-hearted folks around

52. Named after General George Crook, this town was settled by a group of Hollanders bent on farming the dry prairie lands

53. Although the venture failed, later farming took hold, and today Crook's modern industry remains rooted in agriculture

54. ‘the man's a Crook, he's not to be trusted’ ‘Bernie's team work hard to catch thieves, whether car Crooks or shoplifters.’ ‘The sport, if that's what it is, has seen way more than its fair share of gangsters and con men and other Crooks.’

55. Yes, Crook & Marker drinks are Certified Organic according to federal government standards and carry the USDA Organic seal on their labels

56. Be Crook on (one) To be irritated or displeased by one

57. Well, of course I'm Crook on them for not inviting me to the party! Wouldn't you be? See also: Crook, on by hook or (by) Crook In any way possible

58. What does Crook mean? A person who steals, lies, cheats or does other dishonest or illegal things; a criminal

59. The Crook and flail, which were carried by the pharaoh to all public appearances and among the most famous symbols from ancient Egypt, symbolized the power and majesty of the king

60. As adjectives the difference between sick and Crook is that sick is in poor health while Crook is (australianew zealandslang) bad, unsatisfactory, not up to standard

61. As nouns the difference between sick and Crook is that sick is sick people in general as a group while Crook is a bend; turn; curve; curvature; a flexure

62. As verbs the difference between sick and Crook

63. Crook & Marker brings you spiked and sparkling refreshment with a variety of triumphant tastes.

64. We, the employees of the Crook County, Wyoming Assessor’s Office, have a primary mission to maintain the property assessment system in a way that is equitable, fair, and uniform to all citizens of Crook County and at the same time meet all constitutional and statutory requirements.

65. The Crook of the cane [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples

66. By hook or by Crook — see 1 hook

67. General Crook’s autobiography covers the period from Crook’s graduation from West Point in 1852 to June 18, 1876, the day after the famous Battle of the Rosebud

68. The editor has supplemented it with other material, some from the Crook diaries and letters and contemporary clippings, on the other years of …

69. Crook & Chase One listen and you'll know why THIS is your home for big stars and big hits! Award-winning broadcasters Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase come to you from Nashville's famous Music Row with the best in country music!

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What does Crook mean?

noun The definition of a crook is a bend in something. Crook is defined as a person who is dishonest and who steals things (such as money) that belong to others.

What does Crook mean in Urban Dictionary?

Crook definition, a bent or curved implement, piece, appendage, etc.; hook. See more.

What does Crook and Nanny mean?

crook and nanny (Noun) A very small place; mistaken form of nook and cranny Etymology: By spoonerism from nook and cranny, and by association with the more common words crook and nanny. crook and nanny (Noun)

What does Crooks mean?

Crook is defined as a person who is dishonest and who steals things (such as money) that belong to others. An example of a crook is someone who creates an identity theft scheme in order to steal money from people.

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