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1. (= earthenware pot) → vasija f de barro it's a Crock of shit (esp US) → es una sandez, es una gilipollez (Sp), es una pendejada (Andes, Mex), es una huevada (Andes, S


2. (= person) (also old Crock) → carcamal m, vejete/a m/f; (= car etc) → cacharro m B

Crock, Carcamal, Car, Cacharro

3. When purchasing Crocks, covers, and weights separately, keep in mind that the lid size and weight size should match the Crock size

Crocks, Covers, Crock

4. For example, the 1 Gallon Crock has a 1 Gallon Cover and a set of 1 Gallon weights, both sized to fit the 1 Gallon Crock.

Crock, Cover

5. Sometimes referred to as a " Crock of crap " or a " Crock of shit "

Crock, Crap

6. With so many issues faced by today's fundraising coordinators, What a Crock takes a simple, family approach to fundraising

Coordinators, Crock

7. These multi-purpose Crocks are excellent for storing kindling, magazines and newspapers, holding a small Xmas tree, making corned beef, sauerkraut, and pickles, or keeping beverages cold on ice

Crocks, Corned, Cold

8. For a decorative touch, place a round piece of glass on top of the 4-gallon Crock to make a unique end table


9. Crock; Curtis; Daddy Daze; Dennis The Menace; Dustin; Flash Forward; Flash Gordon; Funky Winkerbean; Gearhead Gertie; Hagar The Horrible; Hi and Lois; Intelligent Life; Judge Parker; Katzenjammer Kids; Kevin and Kell; Macanudo; Mallard Fillmore; Mandrake The Magician; Mark Trail; Marvin; Mary Worth

Crock, Curtis

10. A utensil Crock is a small container where you can store your most-used cooking utensils

Crock, Container, Can, Cooking

11. Designed to sit on the counter near your stove, a utensil Crock makes it easy to access your cooking tools without having to go hunting in your drawers.

Counter, Crock, Cooking

12. As the trusted name in slow cooking for nearly 50 years, Crock-pot® puts consumer safety first

Cooking, Crock, Consumer

13. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Crock-pot is voluntarily recalling and replacing the lids of the Crock-pot® 6-Quart Express Crock Multi-Cooker with a manufacture date from July 1, 2017 through October 1, 2018 with date codes K182 through K365 and L001

Consumer, Commission, Crock, Cooker, Codes

14. Crock noun [C] (CAR/PERSON) UK slang

Crock, Car

15. If someone describes something as a Crock of shit, they mean it has no value, is of very poor quality or is completely wrong

Crock, Completely

16. Frankly, I think the whole poem is a Crock of shit


17. All that stuff about us splitting up, it's such a Crock of shit


18. Note: A Crock is a clay jug or storage jar.

Crock, Clay

19. The Crock producing capital of the United States of America is known to be Roseville, Ohio

Crock, Capital

20. Across the world, other cultures developed Crock designs

Cultures, Crock

21. So have no fear, try any shape fermentation Crock you want.


22. Redwing vintage, antique stoneware Crocks, very good condition

Crocks, Condition

23. Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Digital Slow Cooker with Heat Saver Stoneware, Brushed Stainless Steel, SCCPCTS605-S

Crock, Cook, Carry, Cooker

24. Here are quick, easy slow cooker recipes, dinner dishes, and the best Crockpot meals for amazing roasts, meats, soups, and more.

Cooker, Crockpot

25. What does Crock mean? To give off soot or color

Crock, Color

26. Crock (plural Crocks) A stoneware or earthenware jar or storage container

Crock, Crocks, Container

27. Shop for Crock pot at Bed Bath & Beyond


28. Buy top selling products like Crock-Pot® 4 qt


29. Cook & Carry Slow Cooker and Crock-Pot® 8 qt

Cook, Carry, Cooker, Crock

30. If you're looking to switch up your weekly family meals, then it's time to pull out your slow cooker and try some of these delicious Crock-Pot recipes.Not only do these ideas wield insanely tasty dinners, but they also require minimal clean-up, since everything cooks in one mighty vessel: the

Cooker, Crock, Clean, Cooks

31. There are 2855 utensil Crock for sale on Etsy, and they cost $40.85 on average

Crock, Cost

32. The most common utensil Crock material is porcelain & ceramic

Common, Crock, Ceramic

33. Countable noun A Crock is a clay pot or jar.

Countable, Crock, Clay

34. Shop for Crock pot online at Target



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Class, Clearfix, Cash, Crock, Cook, Carry, Cooker, Current

36. Crock'n CLE has helped our busy family eat dinner together again

Crock, Cle

37. Antique Crock - Antique Stoneware Two Gallon Crock - Old Stoneware Utensil Crock - Two Tone Pickling Crock CrocksandCrates

Crock, Crocksandcrates

38. Add to Favorites More colors French Butter Crock, Handmade French Butter Crock, Ceramic Butter Crock, Wheel Thrown Butter Crock, Stoneware

Colors, Crock, Ceramic

39. What a Crock (of shit) An exclamation that something is ridiculous, nonsense, or clearly untrue

Crock, Clearly

40. A: "Going on an all-wheatgrass diet has given me so much more energy and has really improved my mood!" B: "What a Crock of shit


41. "A part of Jarden Corporation, Crock-Pot® products have been helping folks make delicious home-cooked meals for over four decades

Corporation, Crock, Cooked

42. Kohl's has a wide variety of slow cooker options to choose from, with many different styles and brands available, including Crock-Pot slow cookers, Hamilton Beach slow cookers, and KitchenAid slow cookers, so you can be sure you'll find the right option for your specific kitchen needs.

Cooker, Choose, Crock, Cookers, Can

43. ‘The slices are then packed into a Crock, which may first be lined with whole clean leaves.’ ‘She salted beans and onions in a Crock, made jam and pickles, and preserved eggs.’ ‘Some of the houses were smaller than 10 square metres yet were packed with all kinds of wine Crocks, failing to meet the necessary health and sanitation

Crock, Clean, Crocks

44. A Crock is a pottery container sometimes used for food and water, synonymous with the word pot, and sometimes used for chemicals

Crock, Container, Chemicals

45. Derivative terms include Crockery and Crock-pot.

Crockery, Crock

46. A gypsy's Crock is a (traditionally three-legged) cooking pot.

Crock, Cooking

47. Combine the water vinegar, sugar, pepper and onions, in a 6 qt Crock pot and mix well

Combine, Crock

48. Crock is an American comic strip created by Bill Rechin and Brant Parker depicting the French Foreign Legion.Distributed by King Features Syndicate, the strip began in 1975 and ended in May 2012.As of January 2012, it appeared in 250 newspapers in 14 countries.

Crock, Comic, Created, Countries

49. Crock-Pot brand is a well-known and trusted brand, and this Express Crisp multifunction cooker is incredible

Crock, Crisp, Cooker

50. Combine ingredients in Crock pot with cabbage on top

Combine, Crock, Cabbage

51. What is a Crock-Pot? While many people use the term Crock-Pot as a synonym for slow cooker, it’s actually the brand name of the original slow-cooking device introduced back in 1971 by Rival, and now owned by Sunbeam

Crock, Cooker, Cooking

52. Early Crock-Pots — which were first marketed as an easy way to cook beans — were simple appliances.

Crock, Cook

53. Crock-Pot was introduced in the 1970s as one of the first slow cookers for home use

Crock, Cookers

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