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CRITICISM [ˈkridəˌsizəm]

criticism (noun) · criticisms (plural noun)

  • the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes.
Synonyms: censure . condemnation . denunciation . disapproval . disparagement . opprobrium . captiousness . fault-finding . carping . cavilling . chastisement . castigation . upbraiding . berating . abuse . vituperation . scolding . chiding . reproofs . remonstrances . broadsides . strictures . admonishments . recriminations . aspersions . slurs . smears . nitpicking . knocking . panning . slamming . flak . brickbats . knocks . raps . stick . verbal . slagging off . slagging . slating . sledge . contumely . animadversion . objurgation . excoriation . reprobation . arraignment .
  • the analysis and judgment of the merits and faults of a literary or artistic work.
  • the scholarly investigation of literary or historical texts to determine their origin or intended form.
Synonyms: evaluation . assessment . examination . appreciation . appraisal . analysis . judgment . comment . commentary . interpretation . explanation . explication . elucidation . annotation . notation . opinions . views . observations . pronouncements . remarks . notes . scholia .

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1. Criticism definition is - the act of criticizing usually unfavorably

2. How to use Criticism in a sentence.

3. Criticism definition, the act of passing judgment as to the merits of anything

4. 4 synonyms of Criticism from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 13 related words, definitions, and antonyms

5. Find another word for Criticism

6. Criticism: an essay evaluating or analyzing something.

7. Find 79 ways to say Criticism, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

8. Criticism is never fun, whether it's coming from a well-meaning English teacher or from your arch frenemy

9. If the Criticism is meant to be constructive, then you can use it to become a more well-rounded person

10. As Oscar Wilde once said, “Criticism is the only reliable form of autobiography." It tells you more about the psychology of the critic than the people he or she criticizes.

11. Criticism is a part of life, for better or worse

12. Constructive Criticism, on the other hand, is designed to point out your mistakes, but also show you where and how improvements can be made

13. Constructive Criticism should be viewed as useful feedback that can help you improve yourself rather than put you down.

14. Aesthetic Criticism is a part of aesthetics concerned with critically judging beauty and ugliness, tastefulness and tastelessness, style and fashion, meaning and quality of design—and issues of human sentiment and affect (the evoking of pleasure and pain, likes and dislikes)

15. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Criticism crit‧i‧cis‧m / ˈkrɪtɪsɪz ə m / S3 W2 noun [countable, uncountable] 1 CRITICIZE remarks that say what you think is bad about someone or something OPP praise Criticism of My main Criticism of the scheme is that it does nothing to help families on low incomes

16. Despite strong Criticism, the new system is still in place.

17. Howard Stern brushed off Criticism from former show members who spoke to The Post last week, telling his radio audience that he didn’t care

18. Synonyms for Criticism in Free Thesaurus

19. 44 synonyms for Criticism: fault-finding, censure, disapproval, disparagement, stick, knocking

20. Constructive Criticism is a helpful way of giving feedback that provides specific, actionable suggestions

21. Rather than providing general advice, constructive Criticism gives specific recommendations on how to make positive improvements

22. Constructive Criticism is clear, to the point and easy to put into action.

23. The Crossword Solver found 185 answers to the Criticism crossword clue

24. A state that suppresses all freedom of speech, and which by imposing the most terrible punishments, treats each and every attempt at Criticism, however morally justified, and every suggestion for improvement as plotting to high treason, is a state that breaks an unwritten law.

25. Pope wrote “An Essay on Criticism” when he was 23; he was influenced by Quintillian, Aristotle, Horace’s Ars Poetica, and Nicolas Boileau’s L’Art Poëtique

26. Literary Criticism – The analysis of a literary text though various lenses that highlight authorial stance, purpose, and perspective

27. Because Criticism is the first horseman, fighting off your urge to criticize can hold the other horsemen (defensiveness, contempt, and stonewalling) at bay

28. Literary Criticism, the reasoned consideration of literary works and issues

29. Criticism can actually contain gifts that lead to a better version of yourself, even if the person's intentions aren't kind

30. What does Criticism mean? A critical comment or judgment

31. New Criticism was eclipsed as the dominant mode of Anglo-American literary Criticism by the 1970s

32. Feminist Criticism is also concerned with less obvious forms of marginalization such as the exclusion of women writers from the traditional literary canon: "unless the critical or historical point of view is feminist, there is a tendency to underrepresent the contribution of women writers" (Tyson 84)

33. Following Criticism over the disparity between men's and women's training facilities during March Madness, the NCAA revealed an upgraded weight room Saturday for …

34. 12 hours ago · H&M Battered With Criticism in China Over Xinjiang Forced-Labor Stance State media, social-media users and celebrity endorsers lambast fast …

35. Amid all the external debate that the 1619 Project has provoked in the past year, the project led by Nikole Hannah-Jones has also prompted internal Criticism at The New York Times.

36. Taking Criticism can be a difficult thing

37. A proactive approach to Criticism not only shows maturity and a growth mindset; it can head off the panic of unexpected feedback

38. 1 day ago · Biden admin releases photos of crowded migrant processing center at border amid transparency Criticism As Biden admin bars media from border citing COVID concerns, CBP releases photos of Texas

39. The most comprehensive anthology of theory and Criticism, now up-to-date and global

40. The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism is the gold standard for anyone who wishes to understand the development and current state of literary theory

41. Offering 185 pieces (31 of them new) by 148 authors (18 of them new), The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism, Second Edition, is more comprehensive

42.Criticism is particularly objectionable when it is directed toward Church authorities, general or local

43. Criticism definition: Criticism is the action of expressing disapproval of something or someone

44. A Criticism is Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

45. ‘Feminist Criticism has debated what difference it makes, what difference it should make, if the reader is a woman.’ ‘I asked them to write two sentences of alliterative art Criticism.’ ‘Narrative Criticism has made a major impact on study of the gospels.’

46. 13 hours ago · • Germany reversed its plans to impose a hard lockdown over Easter, after widespread Criticism over plans to close churches and shops from April 1 …

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