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1. Crit Museum The Crit Museum is committed to protecting and safeguarding tribal antique collections either stored or displayed and educating tribal members, the community and tourists about the Colorado River Indian tribal history and as a resource for departments, Crit enterprises and organizations.

2. In gaming, Crit is short for Critical hit.A Critical hit is an attack (usually lucky or random) that inflicts a huge amount of damage to or outright kills an enemy

3. While a staple of contemporary video games, the term Critical hit got its start in the forebear of video games: tabletop games.

4. Crit: (krit) [Shortening of hematoCrit ] Slang for hematoCrit.

5. Crit is part of the largest private rehabilitation program for children in the world, which has served more than 110,000 people in both the United States and Mexico

6. Definition of Crit in the dictionary

7. What does Crit mean? Information and translations of Crit in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …


9. The Crit Program is funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) R25DA013582

10. Related to Chief Resident Immersion Training (Crit) Program in Addiction Medicine

11. 2021 Crit Tournament Team Standings will be posted here periodically, so please check frequently

12. What Does a Crit Do? When you roll a Critical hit, you keep your original damage roll and roll all of the dice again

13. For example, Bertha rolls a Critical hit on a Greataxe swing

14. Crit was established in March 1865, in the Territory of Arizona and did not include any California land

15. Moore noted that Public Law 88-302 was enacted by Congress as a means to settle claims that Crit had asserted before the Indian Claims Commission.

16. Crit (countable and uncountable, plural Crits) Criticism

17. A proponent of Critical legal studies

18. (slang, role-playing games) A Critical hit

19. Crit (third-person singular simple present Crits, present participle Critting, simple past and past participle Critted)

20. \$\begingroup\$ There is also the spell Ice Knife, from the Elemental Evil supplement, that involves both a to-hit roll that can Crit and a saving throw for half-damage against its secondary effect (but the secondary damage is contingent on a successful hit); Same situation as monsters with poison attacks

21. Crit was developed in the Department of English at The University of Texas at Austin by Professors Phillip Barrish, Evan Carton, Coleman Hutchison, and Frank Whigham, and Ph.D

22. Critical strike chance is the chance that a basic attack of a champion Critically strikes

23. Every champion starts with 0% Critical strike chance, and level-ups do not increase the Critical strike chance.

24. Critical strike chance can be increased with items and abilities; it stacks additively, and each bonus point acquired directly affects its statistic.

25. The Crit race, although extremely dynamic, is one of several multi-level events in the 2013 Cherry-Roubaix three day lineup

26. Criterium or Crit, bicycle race; Critic or Critique; Crit Luallen, Kentucky Auditor of Public Accounts and potential 2008 United States Senate candidate; Criţ, a village in Buneşti Commune, Braşov County, Romania; Colorado River Indian Tribes (Crit); Centro de Rehabilitación Infantil Teletón (Crit); HematoCrit, a measure of proportion in blood volume

27. The Crit-Line blood chamber is a sterile, single-use, disposable, optical cuvette designed for use with the Crit-Line IV monitor's sensor clip during acute and chronic hemodialysis therapy to non-invasively measure hematoCrit, percent change in blood volume and oxygen saturation

28. Crit was developed in the Department of English at The University of Texas at Austin by Professors Phillip Barrish, Evan Carton, Coleman Hutchison, and Frank Whigham, and Ph.D

29. Crit is a product of a Course Transformation Grant generously funded by

30. Crit Recreation, Parker, Arizona

31. Crit Recreation (SDP-Rec) events and information posted here.

32. The Colorado River Indian Tribes (Crit) is proposing federal legislation authorizing the Crit to lease, exchange and store underground a portion of its consumptively used decreed Colorado River water allocation off of its reservation, within the Lower Basin of the State of Arizona.

33. ‘That good Crit seems to coalesce around genres we're not currently taking seriously seems less about Criticism and more about the way it's currently being practiced.’ ‘Past incarnations have included journaling teaching, and an attempt at journaling straight lit and cultural Crit.’

34. Crit Damage can be increased by equipping artifacts and weapons that provide a bonus to it

35. Some characters, such as Keqing, gain Crit Damage by leveling up

36. The Crit General Access Lab will be open with reduced capacity, but the Crit Help Desk will maintain a virtual presence Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m

37. After Critical Role, everyone needs to take a second to breathe and process

38. Talks Machina brings Critical Role cast members together with host Brian Wayne Foster to chat about the latest happenings on the hit show, answer audience questions, and more.

39.Crit Group is an amazing program

40. During Crit Group seeds of ideas were planted, and I think the residual changes in my practice are going to be the best part

41. Thank you!” Crit Group 2020 Co-Leaders

42. The Crit'R·Call is an open-reed style, designed to operate like a voice box

43. EMCrit 294 – Acute Crit Care Grand Rounds with Josh Farkas

44. PulmCrit Wee – Therapeutic anticoagulation for COVID ICU patients: Is the heparin vial half empty, or half full? March 13, 2021.

45. Established Crit Lodge for the elderly and the First Crit Museum in 1956 in the Crit Tribal building

46. Skill gem Crit; Bear Trap Bear Trap Trap, Spell, Duration, Physical Mana Cost: (6-23) Can Store 3 Use(s) Cooldown Time: 4.00 sec Cast Time: 1.00 sec Critical Strike Chance: 6.00% Effectiveness of Added Damage: 260% Requires Level 4 Throws a trap that damages and immobilises a single enemy for a duration based on how much damage was dealt

47. The Collaboration for Research Integrity and Transparency (Crit) is an inter-disciplinary initiative with a goal to enhance the quality and transparency of the research base for medical products

48. While no longer actively grant funded, Crit continues to pursue selective research, advocacy, and litigation to ensure that the clinical evidence that

49. Keystone Lethal Tempo Just all around good for Master Yi, works extremely well with both on-hit and Crit builds, the attack speed uncap and bonus means more dps from your wuju style

50. Dark Harvest This one is superb and on Crit Yi I take this …

51. For two high-level characters with equal values of Crit and Block, the new Crit/Block formulas result in a 75% chance to Crit and a 25% chance to Block

52. Overall this creates a “Crit fail” chance – that is, the combined chance that in two subsequent random rolls, either the attacker fails to Crit, or the defender successfully blocks – of

53. Los Crit tienen como objetivo la independencia funcional en las actividades de la vida diaria, así como la inclusión social y educativa

54. En todos los Crit se atienden a niñas, niños y adolescentes de 0 a 18 años de edad con discapacidad neuromusculoesquelética, y a sus familias.

55. This page is about spell Critical strikes only

56. For physical, see Critical strike.Spell Critical strike (often abbreviated as "spell Crit") is when a spell or magical effect (most damaging spells, healing spells, some damage over time effects) has an increased effect

57. To see your chance to Critically strike with spells, open your character pane and view your spell stats

58. Crit only really starts to out-scale atk % when both Crit rate and Crit damage become high, but it's pretty competitive and even slightly better if one of the Crit numbers is bad

59. But if you're stuck in lower Crit numbers, atk % might actually give you a better boost to your damage.

60. The Defining Crit Characteristic: Lots of Turns

61. The single defining aspect of a Crit is a lot of turns

62. Power (short for Critical Power) is a Combat statistic

63. When you hit a Critical strike, this stat will deal additional damage to your enemy

64. A Critical strike in itself does additional damage to an enemy

65. A special sound plays when hitting a Critical strike, and the damage numbers that pop up show the greater damage amount.

66. Crit Damage is double the value of Crit Rate on gear and that is roughly the ideal ratio you should have in order to maximize your damage

67. #genshinimpact #animerpg #openworldJoin me today to Showcase My Crit damage/Rate buildsFollow my Page for more content:

68. From what I know, Crit = 2 normal hits

69. With that said, its not very wise to jump and Crit only to be combo'ed 3-4 hits

70. To get a Crit off, you need to have the perfect timing, and be able to put the opponent in a combo or just hit them before they hit you after you Crit them

71. Crit Help Desk provides a number of services including email, wireless Internet access, password support, and coordination of computer resources and information for administrative, academic, and student users within the SAIC community

72. The Crit Epic SMG can be obtained by continuously tipping Moxxi in Sanctuary III

73. Each tip of any size has a small chance to mail the Crit SMG to the player

74. The Crit (BL3) is a Datamined Epic SMG from Borderlands 3 and can not be obtained legitametly

75. The Save Editor is the only way to get the Crit (BL3)

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What does the name Crit mean?

User Submitted Meanings. A submission from Singapore says the name Crit means "Baby" and is of Arthurian Legend origin.

What does Crit mean?

The definition of crit is short for criticism, critic or critique. An example of crit is a class about Literary Criticism referred to as Lit Crit. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

What is does "Crit" do?

Crit is gaming slang for a "critical hit," which is a blow that does a great amount of damage to an opponent. Crit is also bicycle slang for "criterium," a closed-circuit bicycle race.

What does crit chance mean?

Answer from: KatsaCat. Crit chance (or critical chance) is when your cat does double or more of usual damage. It is very useful, and the breads help this chance.

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