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1. Cringest meaning (archaic) Second-person singular simple present form of cringe.

Cringest, Cringe

2. Top Fifteen Cringest things gamers and gaming execs say Uploaded 02/02/2021 in ftw As a gamer you hear and say some pretty cringy stuff, here's a list of the most cringe worthy things.

Cringest, Cringy, Cringe

3. Cringest / Gold 3 24LP / 6W 4L Win Ratio 60% / Camille - 4W 1L Win Ratio 80%, Ekko - 3W 0L Win Ratio 100%, Yasuo - 2W 1L Win Ratio 67%, Viego - 2W 0L Win Ratio 100%, Yone - …

Cringest, Camille

4. Post the Cringest most embarrassing shit to ever be recorded in the history of music - "/mu/ - Music" is 4chan's imageboard for discussing all types of music.


5. What was the most Cringest way you asked your crush out and it some how worked? Close

Cringest, Crush, Close

6. What was the most Cringest way you asked your crush out and it some how worked? 0 comments

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does what does "cringe" mean?

Definition of cringe (Entry 2 of 2) : a cringing act specifically : a servile bow : to feel disgust or embarrassment and often to show this feeling by a movement of your face or body : to make a sudden movement from fear of being hit or hurt

What does cringe mean slang?

“Cringe” is generally the word used to describe a very awkward and uncomfortable situation. For example, a comedian going on stage and totally bombing(US slang for when a comedian is not funny) would be considered cringe.

What does cringe mean in Urban Dictionary?

Urban Dictionary: Cringe. Before the internet trolls changed the meaning of this word, "cringe" was a verb used to express embarrassment or disgust. Now, this word is mostly used to define something that you dislike or do not understand.

What does word make you cringe?

The word "cringy" comes from the word "cringeworthy," as in, something that is so awkward and unpleasant that it literally makes you cringe to think about it. By the way, "cringing" is basically synonymous with "wincing," "recoiling," and "shuddering."

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