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1. Criminently meaning (US) An expression of annoyance or surprise.

2. Eng.) An expression of annoyance or surprise ""Criminently!" Bean's voice rang out so that all the listening room could hear him

3. "They's baout thutty slant-eyed rats in hyar […]"" page 198: ""Criminently," said Crumley

4. [interjection] An expression of annoyance or surprise Example sentences with "Criminently", translation memory The Community legislator has the power to take the criminal-law measures that are necessary to guarantee the full effectiveness of the rules it lays down on the protection of intellectual property.

5. It’s another variant of that mild oath Criminently, also rendered as criminetly, criminitlies, crimenightie, criminy, crime in Italy, and several other versions, all which are substitutes for exclaiming Christ! or Christ Almighty! This is part of a complete episode.

6. According to a website I found, Criminently is a perversion of the word 'criminy'. Criminy is a minced oath which is what you say when you can't really say bad words. Criminy

7. (US) Alternative spelling of Criminently.

8. A great memorable quote from the Robin Hood movie on - Sheriff of Nottingham: "Criminently", Trigger! Point that peashooter the other way

9. Eng.) Alternative spelling of Criminently "I can't help it

10. Listen to music from Criminently’s library (23 tracks played)

11. One of the reasons why criminy was perverted to Criminently may be that the word "crimine" is Italian for "crime"

12. Criminently! - But, Thomas, Madame will be so worried

13. (US) Alternative spelling of Criminently

14. En.wiktionary.2016 [interjection] Alternative spelling of [i]Criminently[/i] Example sentences with "criminetly", translation memory

15. Or see related: Criminently Go to

16. This video shows you how to pronounce Criminently

17. Geeminently, and Criminently, and criminy, and Jiminy Cricket, too, are all nonsensical euphemisms for "Jesus Christ" as an exclamation

18. Criminently Grocer's Price Tag, Front: Grocer's Price Tag, Back: Walking out of Freddie's a week or so ago with a grocery cart full of groceries and I hear a beeping sound

19. Criminently! 8 years ago In the "Inside Probe" episode, it is stated that Camden County is in the Central Time Zone

20. Sheriff of Nottingham : Criminently, now I know why your mama called you "Nutsy"

21. Criminetly: Alternative spelling of <xref>Criminently</xref>

22. I mean, Criminently, it has a flying saucer! The display is overflowing with surprising little moments, that will make your heart flutter with joy and oh God what is Death doing here?!

23. Sheriff of Nottingham : Criminently, Trigger! Point that peashooter the other way

24. The two most common spellings of this word are Criminently and criminitly, but neither are real words

25. Criminently lovanenty wellaway Jesus Christ OMG absolutely Mississippi fairy snuff afternoon ermergerd dearie me knock on wood gardyloo deary me arigato nota bene hoity-toity LOL Abyssinia lol lol mamma mia bada bing bada boom cowabunga

26. "Criminently," Trigger! Point that peashooter the other way

27. Criminently, that's 43 years ago

28. Criminently this time of year always about does me in

29. Criminently! Each weekday morning, I make four breakfasts, two cups of coffee, and one lunch between 6:45 and 7:30

30. Criminently this time of year alw

31. Criminently this time of year alw

32. Criminently, when my mother worked elections there were heavy canvas & leather & metal bags with numbered seals & locks so that poll-workers from both major parties had to seal them up & transport them (so they woukdn’t end up like FrankenBallots found in the trunk of a rusting car down by the river weeks after voting day…found just in time

33. From Nah Hamshah – Where we had Criminently! Reply; Taitia August 7, 2017

34. Stiletto: Criminently, Mushu! Point that rifle the other way

35. But Criminently, when that happens BRING ON ANOTHER DECKHAND! That left 30 of us to one 19 year old punk foul-mouthed immature kid acting as deckhand who was next to useless - got more help from the cook! I wish I knew how to include photos, so I could show you exactly how they tied my setup - looked like a kindergartener tied it!

36. What movie is the following quote from:"I love you.""I know.", What movie is the following quote from:"Criminently Trigger! Put that peashooter down!", What movie is the following quote from:"You fell victim to one of the classic blunders – the most famous of which is “never get involved in a land war in Asia” – but only slightly less well-known is this: ‘Never go in against a

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