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Looking for sentences with "Crewman"? Here are some examples.

1. Glenn Jeffers was a helicopter crewman throughout one of the worst times to serve with a combat division
2. With damaged aircraft and a wounded crewman Ramsay had to navigate back avoiding any possible danger spot
3. If one crewman is slain then the remaining crew can just about cope without reducing the rate of fire
4. If one crewman is slain the other two can just about get by without reducing the rate of fire
5. A crewman was instructed to keep the skipper illuminated with the searchlight for the duration of the long tow to safety
6. Mr Glennie and crewman Rick Hellriegel wrote diaries during the trip
7. One crewman attempted to red-flag the driver who seemed oblivious to the caution signs
8. However if two crewmen are slain the remaining crewman will be unable to maintain the normal rate of fire
9. Because of that Lowther and another crewman named Massey took Russell's ships and left him at headquarters
10. Also bullets " one crewman -year-old Thomas Urbik wrote in an email to his mother "We are barricaded in the engine room and so far no one is hurt
11. The Platoon HQ Stryker ESV with only one crewman a driver will use its MG if a passenger is aboard to man it
12. One crewman has been killed An American navy ship is helping fight the fire and rescue the crews
13. Helen is the younger sister of Sydney crewman Sub-Lieutenant Allen James King and she was just when her family heard Allen was lost at sea
14. Carried by Crewmen the crewman Wrench is a much weaker version of the Engineer Wrench
15. One of the most recent victims to be found was Ignacio Camacho a crewman aboard the Iliana
16. US spokesman Vince Crawley declined to give the location of the crash and also would not say how the rescued crewman was picked up or where he was taken
17. Although luck had smiled on his expedition it was a testament to his foresight and good judgment that not a single crewman had died
18. When only years old Tong first sailed through the gorges as a crewman On that trip his boat was dashed to pieces
19. Rackham was considered to be a coward by his crew and was often teased for it One day he became mad and challenged the biggest meanest pirate crewman to a sword duel
20. an aspiring writer who knocked on Hemingway's door in Key West seeking advice and was co-opted as a crewman
21. Despite several mishaps—including a polar bear attack that ended with one crewman bitten and two dogs dead—the first two years of the journey were oddly easy
22. They seized six vessels within a week including a freighter with American crewman on board about km miles off the Somali coast
23. The -month investigation finally in March led to two key recommendations: that searches should be conducted for the wreckage of the Sydney – and the crewman now dubbed the Unknown Sailor
24. I pasted contingency plan in corridor besides I wrote cards for every crewman
25. In emergency case only with the consent of the crewman in the light of safety regulations shall the use of mobile phone be allowed
26. Persons of doctor take ship that all parts travel specially he it think crewman diagnose the illness as from go to travel around the world take risks everywhere
27. Definition of crewman : a member of a crew Examples of crewman in a Sentence Eight crewmen were wounded in the attack.
28. The Platoon HQ Stryker ESV with only one crewman a driver will use its MG if a passenger is aboard to man it: 12. One crewman has been killed An American navy ship is helping fight the fire and rescue the crews: 13. Helen is the younger sister of Sydney crewman Sub-Lieutenant Allen James King and she was just when her family heard Allen was
29. crewman was an enlisted rank of often limited responsibility or entry level duties, used by service organizations in various cultures, including Starfleet. In Klingonese, this rank was comparable to the rank of bekk in the Klingon Defense Force. (DS9: " Sons and Daughters ")
30. The U.S. Army M1 Armor crewman works as part of a team to operate armored equipment and fire weapons to destroy enemy positions. During combat, their role is to operate tanks and amphibious assault vehicles to engage and destroy the enemy.
31. Crewman™ AS20B features a 9 gallon solution tank and 11 gallon recovery tank with a 20" single disk scrub head Other standard features include a rugged weighted squeegee assembly which removes water and helps reduce slip and fall injuries and user friendly controls A pad driver, battery pack, and charger are included.
32. AWRs go through NACCS and Rescue Swimmer Schools as well, then split off into their own pipeline from there. Going to A-School (13 weeks), FRAC(about 1 year long), SERE (2 weeks). AWRs perform the same jobs as regular AIRR crewman (AWS) as well as locating submarines using acoustics sensors, which has earned them the nickname "Subhunters".
33. The Aircrewman Program is a six-year enlistment program guaranteeing an initial flying assignment as a flight crewmember in fixed wing or helicopter aircraft and provides for training via various Class “A” Schools for a specific service rating within the Naval Aircrewman (AW) general rating.
34. The M1A1 Tank crewman performs various duties incident to the operation and maintenance of the Marine Corps tanks, to include tactical employment, firing and maneuvering.
35. A nonimmigrant crewman is barred from adjusting status. [1] This bar applies to an alien serving as a crewman who is permitted to land as a D-1 or D-2 nonimmigrant, as shown on the alien’s Arrival/Departure Record (Form I-94) or Crewman’s Landing Permit (Form I-95), and by the corresponding visa contained in the crewman’s passport. The bar also applies to an alien who was admitted as a C-1 nonimmigrant to join a crew.
36. crewman definition, a member of a crew. See more.
37. Definition of crewman noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage.
38. Definition of crewman in the D dictionary. Meaning of crewman. What does crewman mean? Information and translations of crewman in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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