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2. Crest definition is - a showy tuft or process on the head of an animal and especially a bird


3. How to use Crest in a sentence.


4. Crest definition, the highest part of a hill or mountain range; summit


5. Crest Cinema Center 16505 5th Avenue NE Shoreline, WA 98155 (206) 363-6339

Crest, Cinema, Center

6. Some people have a type of scleroderma called Crest syndrome (or limited scleroderma)

Called, Crest

7. Crest Whitening Emulsions can be applied in seconds and starts working instantly for a teeth whitening experience that’s easier than ever

Crest, Can

8. A peek at life at Cedar Crest Academy

Cedar, Crest

9. FirCrest School provides support to about 200 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a residential setting

10. Its employees take pride in providing excellent care and service to the individuals who reside at FirCrest.


11. Crest is an international not-for-profit accreditation and certification body that represents and supports the technical information security market

Crest, Certification

12. Crest provides internationally recognised accreditations for organisations and professional level certifications for individuals providing penetration testing, cyber incident response, threat

Crest, Certifications, Cyber

13. Crest synonyms, Crest pronunciation, Crest translation, English dictionary definition of Crest


14. 24 synonyms of Crest from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 26 related words, definitions, and antonyms


15. Crest: the highest part or point.


16. Crest, located in Astoria, OR, is a community organization specializing in environmental planning and habitat restoration for fish and wildlife

Crest, Community

17. Crest offers expertise in habitat restoration project design, funding, management, implementation and monitoring with the goal of improving and enhancing the natural resources that are essential to the


18. Crest (calcinosis, Raynaud phenomenon, esophageal dysmotility, sclerodactyly, and telangiectasia) syndrome is a member of the heterogeneous group of sclerodermas, and its name is an acronym for the cardinal clinical features of the syndrome.[1, 2] In 1910, Thibierge and Weissenbach described the first case report of what was later called CRST (calcinosis cutis, Raynaud phenomenon

Crest, Calcinosis, Cardinal, Clinical, Case, Called, Crst, Cutis

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20. Eagle Crest offers the perfect Central Oregon resort escape during featuring 3 golf courses, spa facilities, indoor sports facilities, horseback riding, biking trails, nearby outdoor adventure activities on the Deschutes River, and more

Crest, Central, Courses

21. The Crest LED Accelerator Light weakens tough stains for more effective whitening below the enamel surface, accelerating the whitening power of Crest 3DWhitestrips


22. Crest is an acronym for the clinical features that are seen in a patient with this disease

Crest, Clinical

23. Crest is the central securities depository for markets in the United Kingdom and for Irish stocks

Crest, Central

24. Crest is a UK-based central securities depository that holds UK equities and UK gilts, as well as Irish equities and other international securities.

Crest, Central

25. It was named after its securities settlement system, Crest, and has been owned and operated by Euroclear since 2002


26. The name Crest is not an acronym


27. Crest allows shareholders and bondholders to hold assets in a dematerialised, i.e


28. Thank you for visiting Crest Cars

Crest, Cars

29. The all-new Crest Whitening emulsions is a breakthrough formula featuring a thin layer of 5x more active peroxide droplets suspended in a hydrating base whitening your teeth with virtually no sensitivity


30. Crest is known for their selection of oral care products, including a number of items used to increase the whiteness of your smile

Crest, Care

31. Homeowners Association for Covington Crest HOA

Covington, Crest

32. Crest WHITENING EMULSIONS You've never seen teeth whitening like this! The all-new Crest Whitening Emulsions is a breakthrough formula


33. For a wide assortment of Crest visit today

Crest, Com

34. Crest Pro-Health uses dentist-inspired solutions for better dental check-ups

Crest, Check

35. SHOP PRODUCTS WHITEN AND TRANSFORM YOUR SMILE For a smile that lets you shine, there's Crest 3D White


36. SHOP PRODUCTS GET HEALTHY-LOOKING SMILES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Crest Complete protects teeth from cavities from everyday sugar

Crest, Complete, Cavities

37. Crest-2 is intended to compare the two procedures to intensive medical management with drugs and lifestyle modification in patients without recent stroke and without stroke warning signs

Crest, Compare

38. The Razor Crest was a gunship used by the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin


39. Crest® Performance Alerts from The NPD Group gives you accurate, chain-specific transaction and share trends in a convenient dashboard format, within days of the close of each week

Crest, Chain, Convenient, Close

40. Wildwood Crest Tourism: Tripadvisor has 30,286 reviews of Wildwood Crest Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Wildwood Crest resource.


41. Launched in 2012, Crest was formed to address Malaysia’s E&E needs to grow the Research, Development and Commercialisation (R&D&C) ecosystem through market driven collaborative R&D and Talent Development

Crest, Commercialisation, Collaborative

42. While Crest is industry-led, its member representation is the triple helix of Government, Industry and Academia.


43. Be on the Crest of a wave To be experiencing a particularly successful period


44. Right after I got married, I got a big promotion at work, so I'm really on the Crest of a wave at the moment! See also: Crest, of, on, wave on the Crest of a wave Experiencing a particularly successful period


45. The Crest of Courage (勇気の紋章, Yuuki no Monshou?) is embodied by Taichi "Tai" Kamiya.Its emblem is a stylized sun

Crest, Courage

46. It is the first Crest found, appearing in a cave wall after the DigiDestined flee Etemon's attacks and allowing them to escape the collapsing cavern

Crest, Cave, Collapsing, Cavern

47. Crest: [ krest ] a projection, or projecting structure or ridge, especially one surmounting a bone or its border


48. Ampullar Crest ( ampullary Crest ) the most prominent part of a localized thickening of the membrane that lines the ampullae of the semicircular ducts , covered with neuroepithelium containing

Crest, Covered, Containing

49. The Crest was able to keep the gates open for thirty-five years before having to close them forever in 1998

Crest, Close

50. In 2003 the Crest was dismantled after being closed for five years.

Crest, Closed

51. Crest Hotel Suites accepts these cards and reserves the right to temporarily hold an amount prior to arrival

Crest, Cards

52. Introducing Crest’s best whitening technology – Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Light


53. Crest Healthcare is constantly delivering new solutions to the facilities it serves and support resources for them

Crest, Constantly

54. Crest definition: The Crest of a hill or a wave is the top of it


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56. 40 Crest Classic Whitestrips Teeth whitening strips 20 pouch

Crest, Classic

57. Crest Whitestrips Professional Effects 3D White 20 Strips 10 Treatments, No Box.


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