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1. Credibility definition is - the quality or power of inspiring belief


2. How to use Credibility in a sentence.


3. The quality of being believable or worthy of trust: After all those lies, his Credibility was at a low ebb.


4. The quality, capability, or power to elicit belief: "The scandals posed a crisis of Credibility for collegiate athletics" (Taylor Branch)

Capability, Crisis, Credibility, Collegiate

5. The fact that someone can be believed or trusted: His arrest for lewd behaviour seriously damaged his Credibility as a religious leader

Can, Credibility

6. He complained that we had tried to undermine his Credibility within …

Complained, Credibility

7. Find 20 ways to say Credibility, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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8. Credibility Capital Surpasses $100 Million in Total Funding

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9. Credibility method serves to limit fluctuations, this method acquired its name because it was the first


10. The Limited Fluctuation Method, also known as Classical Credibility, is the most widely-used Credibility method because it can be relatively simple to apply

Classical, Credibility, Can

11. Outside North America, this method is sometimes referred to as American Credibility.


12. The definition of Credibility is the quality of being trustworthy or believable


13. The New England Journal of Medicine is an example of a publication with a high degree of Credibility


14. ‘Being published lends instant Credibility among your target audience.’ ‘Once one publication has written about you, you gain instant Credibility with others.’ ‘The defense questions the Credibility of the witness, who was 14 years old at the time.’ ‘The process of this prize lacks scientific Credibility and integrity.’


15. Credibility is a noun that speaks to plausibility or believableness, so the star witness at your trial or the person writing your recommendation letter should certainly have it

Credibility, Certainly

16. Be careful though, because someone with Credibility isn't necessarily telling the truth.

Careful, Credibility

17. Naturally, the leader's Credibility plays a big part in whether those they're leading trust and rely on them


18. The major legal application of the term Credibility relates to the testimony of a witness or party during a trial.Testimony must be both competent and credible if it is to be accepted by the trier of fact as proof of an issue being litigated.

Credibility, Competent, Credible

19. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Credibility cred‧i‧bil‧i‧ty / ˌkredəˈbɪləti / noun [uncountable] 1 BELIEVE the quality of deserving to be believed and trusted damage/undermine somebody’s Credibility (as something) The scandal has damaged his Credibility as a leader

Contemporary, Credibility, Cred

20. Credibility of There are serious questions about the Credibility of these reports


21. The Credibility of two of the leading actors of American monetary policy today is somewhat threadbare, to say the least


22. This was a case of a deputy shirt-fronting her leader with an ultimatum and forcing a decision that would come close to wrecking the government's environmental Credibility.

Case, Come, Close, Credibility

23. 41 synonyms and near synonyms of Credibility from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 49 antonyms and near antonyms


24. Find another word for Credibility


25. Credibility: the quality of being believed or accepted as true, real, or honest


26. Credibility Capital is focused on a borrower-friendly user experience, offering monthly pay term loans to US small businesses

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27. Nbkc bank, Credibility Capital partner to expand digital growth Whatever your level - from line supervisor to CEO - you have to be able to deliver the …

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28. Credibility is context-dependent, and an expert in one situation may be incompetent in another

Credibility, Context

29. Credibility-enhancing actions include: Highlighting your own experience and qualifications.


30. Credibility: A Multidisciplinary Framework So0 Young Rieh University of Michigan David R


31. Danielson Stanford University Introduction This chapter reviews the theoretical and empirical literature on the concept of Credibility and its areas of application relevant to information science and technology, encompassing several disciplinary approaches.

Chapter, Concept, Credibility

32. Credibility definition: If someone or something has Credibility , people believe in them and trust them


33. Credibility is the foundation of leadership: This is the inescapable conclusion we have come to after more than thirty years of research into the dynamics of the relationship between leaders and constituents

Credibility, Conclusion, Come, Constituents

34. The latest tweets from @BCredibility

35., Malibu, California

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36. Why Credibility is Important to a Leader


37. Without Credibility, a leader will have no willing followers


38. Leaders must focus on building and maintaining both personal and professional Credibility


39. It is almost like Credibility is the summation of your character, knowledge, experience, competence, and integrity.

Credibility, Character, Competence

40. Our understanding and perceptions of source Credibility significantly drive how we process health and risk messages, and may also influence relevant behaviors


41. Source Credibility is believed to be impacted by both perceptions of source trustworthiness and expertise, and the effect of Credibility on changes in attitudes and behavior has been studied for decades in the persuasion …

Credibility, Changes

42. Credibility is critical to both the prosecution and defense in a criminal case

Credibility, Critical, Criminal, Case

43. Witness Credibility can also affect defense theories such

Credibility, Can

44. Credibility (n.) "quality of being credible, capacity or condition of being believed, just claim to credit," 1590s, from Medieval Latin credibilitas, from Latin credibilis (see credible)

Credibility, Credible, Capacity, Condition, Claim, Credit, Credibilitas, Credibilis

45. Credibility gap is 1966, American English, in reference to official statements about the Vietnam War.


46. Page: Evaluating the Credibility of Your Sources - Remember, your use of sources is a means of supporting the argument you make


47. Credibility is a terrific follow-up to Kouzes and Posners previous book


48. Credibility is the quality, capability, or power to elicit belief or a capacity for belief

Credibility, Capability, Capacity

49. For example, the Credibility of a witness may be attacked through questions asked of the witness


50. In the simplest terms, Credibility comes from the head and trust comes from the heart

Credibility, Comes

51. The Difference Between Credibility and Trust


52. Credibility is evident in a case study or an advanced degree.

Credibility, Case

53. Websites create an interesting challenge in evaluating Credibility and usefulness because no two websites are created the same way

Create, Challenge, Credibility, Created

54. “Partial” Credibility In classic Credibility theory, an experience study can be given “partial” Credibility and weighted with another known and fully credible data source

Credibility, Classic, Can, Credible

55. Credibility Theory: Tools, policies, and procedures used by actuaries when examining data in order to estimate risk


56. Credibility theory uses mathematical models and …


57. Definition of Credibility written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.

Credibility, Count

58. When Credibility becomes a logic unto itself for using military force, it crowds out debate on more concrete aims and whether or not the campaign is likely to achieve them

Credibility, Crowds, Concrete, Campaign

59. And if the aim of a campaign is to uphold Credibility, then anything short of absolute victory and unconditional capitulation is a self-defined failure.

Campaign, Credibility, Capitulation

60. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the Straining Credibility (3 7) crossword clue

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61. 2 days ago · Credibility


62. The WHO must now demonstrate its autonomy from China’s political agenda if it is to salvage its Credibility as the pre-eminent global health authority

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