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1. Cranial definition is - of or relating to the skull or cranium

Cranial, Cranium

2. How to use Cranial in a sentence.


3. Cranial synonyms, Cranial pronunciation, Cranial translation, English dictionary definition of Cranial


4. Cranial [kra´ne-al] pertaining to the cranium or to the head end of the body; in humans, a synonym of superior

Cranial, Cranium

5. Cranial nerves nerves that are attached to the brain and pass through the openings of the skull; see anatomic Table of Nerves in the Appendices


6. There are 12 pairs of Cranial nerves, symmetrically arranged so that they are distributed mainly


7. Cranial definition, of or relating to the cranium or skull

Cranial, Cranium

8. Cranial neuropathies are caused by damage to one or more Cranial nerves

Cranial, Caused

9. The causes of Cranial neuropathies include poorly controlled diabetes or high blood pressure, head injuries, infections, strokes, and brain tumors.

Causes, Cranial, Controlled

10. Cranial sacral therapy may be able to provide relief for certain conditions, with the strongest evidence supporting it as a treatment for conditions like headaches

Cranial, Certain, Conditions

11. Cranial Technologies is the only company in the world completely dedicated to the research, diagnosis and treatment of plagiocephaly, commonly called flat head syndrome

Cranial, Company, Completely, Commonly, Called

12. Cranial nerves are concerned with the head, neck, and other facial regions of the body

Cranial, Concerned

13. Cranial nerves arise directly from the brain in contrast to spinal nerves and exit through its foramina

Cranial, Contrast

14. Most of the Cranial nerves originate in the brain stem and pass through the muscles and sense organs of the head and neck.


15. Founded in 1986, Cranial Technologies is the only company in the world dedicated to treating infants with plagiocephaly, a condition where a baby develops a flat spot on the head

Cranial, Company, Condition

16. The 7th (facial) Cranial nerve is evaluated by checking for hemifacial weakness

Cranial, Checking

17. Twelve Cranial nerves extend from your brain and brain stem, responsible for helping you control different motor and sensory functions

Cranial, Control

18. Cranial nerves facilitate communication between the brain and other parts of the body, mainly to the head and neck region

Cranial, Communication

19. Cranial nerves come in pairs on both sides of the brain and brain stem.

Cranial, Come

20. When it comes to treating your baby’s Cranial asymmetry, we know you want the best care possible, which is why we established the nation’s largest and most prestigious network of Cranial Asymmetry Remolding Experts, known as the CARE Network.

Comes, Cranial, Care

21. With over 200 certified orthotists specializing in Cranial care at more than 260 locations across the

Certified, Cranial, Care

22. The Cranial nerves are 12 pairs of nerves that can be seen on the ventral (bottom) surface of the brain

Cranial, Can

23. Some of these nerves bring information from the sense organs to the brain; other Cranial nerves control muscles; other Cranial nerves are connected to glands or internal organs such as the heart and lungs.

Cranial, Control, Connected

24. The nerves that originate in ‘Cranium'(area inside the skull) and connect the brain with various parts of human body i.e trunk, neck and head are considered as Cranial nerves There are total of 12 Cranial nerves that serve either as sensory, motor or both purposes and they are named accordingly to their respective functions.

Cranium, Connect, Considered, Cranial

25. Cranial electrical stimulation (CES) is a non-invasive method of applying low-intensity electrical current to the head

Cranial, Ces, Current

26. It is related to but distinct from other forms of transCranial electrical stimulation including electroconvulsive therapy, transCranial direct current stimulation (tDCS),


27. Cranial: [ kra´ne-al ] pertaining to the cranium or to the head end of the body; in humans, a synonym of superior

Cranial, Cranium

28. Cranial nerves nerves that are attached to the brain and pass through the openings of the skull; see anatomic Table of Nerves in the Appendices


29. There are 12 pairs of Cranial nerves, symmetrically arranged so that they are


30. Cranial cruciate ligament injury is a very common orthopedic injury in dogs

Cranial, Cruciate, Common

31. Cranial bone anatomy can be confusing when we consider the various terms used to describe different areas

Cranial, Can, Confusing, Consider

32. The cranium is the sum of the Cranial and facial bones, as well as the bony part of the larynx.

Cranium, Cranial

33. Twelve pairs of Cranial nerves emerge from the underside of the brain, pass through openings in the skull, and lead to parts of the head, neck, and trunk


34. Thus, the olfactory nerve is the 1st Cranial nerve, and the hypoglossal nerve is the 12th


35. There is mounting evidence that Cranial nerve involvement in COVID-19 represents autoimmunity, as in GBS cases

Cranial, Covid, Cases

36. Cranial nerve lesion within the brainstem (eg, multiple sclerosis (MS))? Cranial nerves may be affected singly or in groups and knowledge of which nerves are involved helps locate the lesion


37. Some of the causes of Cranial nerve lesions are given below, after …

Causes, Cranial

38. Once again, Cranial offer us a suite of a handful of songs (four to be precise)


39. The Cranial nerves are twelve pairs of nerves from the central nervous system

Cranial, Central

40. The Cranial nerves are loosely based on their functions


41. In this summary, we discuss the nomenclature of the Cranial nerves and supply some background information that might make it easier to understand the nerves and their function.


42. Cranial Nerve 1- Olfaction This patient has difficulty identifying the smells presented


43. Cranial Instability better known as Cranial Cervical Instability (CCI) is a medical condition characterized by injury and instability of the ligaments that hold your head onto the neck (1)

Cranial, Cervical, Cci, Condition, Characterized

44. Cranial NERVE X: VAGUS The only Cranial nerve that extends beyond the head and neck Fibers emerge from the medulla via the jugular foramen The vagus is a mixed nerve Most motor fibers are parasympathetic fibers to the heart, lungs, and visceral organs Its sensory function is in taste Paralysis leads to hoarseness Total destruction incompatible


45. Which Cranial nerve is involved with looking down and looking down to the sides? trochlear (IV) the trochlear nerve nucleus is located in the


46. Sixth Cranial nerve palsy affects the lateral rectus muscle, impairing eye abduction


47. The palsy may be secondary to nerve infarction, Wernicke encephalopathy, trauma, infection, or increased intraCranial pressure, or it may be

48. Cranial Unwinding is based on the research of the brain, spine, dural tube, and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)

Cranial, Cerebrospinal, Csf

49. Cranial neuritis is a possible neurological manifestation of coronavirus-2 pneumonia

Cranial, Coronavirus

50. It sometimes involves Cranial nerves, and rarely, it can involve multiple Cranial nerves

Cranial, Can

51. We aimed to study clinical presentations of Cranial nerve involvement in herpes zoster infection

Clinical, Cranial

52. We included patients who had the diagnosis of herpes zoster infection and Cranial nerve involvement


53. What is the Cranial cruciate ligament (CCL)? The Cranial cruciate ligament (known as the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, in humans) is one of several ligaments in the stifle (knee) that connect the femur (thigh bone) to the tibia (shin bone)

Cranial, Cruciate, Ccl, Connect

54. The CCL has 3 main functions: (1) prevent Cranial displacement of the tibia in…

Ccl, Cranial

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57. In this lesson I introduce you to the 12 Cranial nerves! These are the nerves that originate from various parts of the brain and primarily impact parts of ou


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CRANIAL [ˈkrānēəl]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does cranial mean in medical dictionary?

Cranial: 1. Pertaining to the cranium or skull. 2. Toward the head. As opposed to caudad. The eye is cranial to the jaw. For a more complete listing of terms used in medicine for spatial orientation, please see the entry to "Anatomic Orientation Terms".

What is the definition of cranial?

English Language Learners Definition of cranial. medical : of or relating to the bones of the head that cover the brain : of or relating to the skull or cranium.

What does cranial nerves mean?

Definition of cranial nerve. : any of the nerves that arise in pairs from the lower surface of the brain one on each side and pass through openings in the skull to the periphery of the body and that comprise 12 pairs in reptiles, birds, and mammals and usually 10 in fishes and amphibians.

What is the function of the cranial nerve?

Cranial nerves are responsible for the control of a number of functions in the body. Some of these functions include directing sense and motor impulses, equilibrium control, eye movement and vision, hearing, respiration, swallowing, smelling, facial sensation, and tasting.

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