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1. The Cranes are some of the largest birds in North America and they have some of the widest wingspans of all the birds on the North American continent

Cranes, Continent

2. There are two types of Cranes; the Whooping Crane which is the largest and one of the most endangered birds in the world and the other is the Sandhill Crane, which has a sub-species known as the

Cranes, Crane

3. Found in several scattered areas of North America, Sandhill Cranes reach their peak abundance at migratory stopover points on the Great Plains


4. Cranes are, by far, one of the most diverse categories of heavy equipment

Cranes, Categories

5. These machines are typically distinguished between tower Cranes, which stay in one place for long periods of time, and mobile Cranes, which are mounted onto commercial trucks, crawlers, or other rough-terrain vehicles.

Cranes, Commercial, Crawlers

6. Grove is the world leader in mobile Cranes


7. For nearly a century, Grove has delivered best-in-class performance and groundbreaking technology through its range of rough-terrain, all-terrain, truck-mounted, military, industrial and telescoping crawler Cranes

Century, Class, Crawler, Cranes

8. The short story “Cranes,” published in 1953, was written by Hwang Sun-won, …


9. Without the energy gained along the Platte, Cranes might arrive at their breeding grounds in a weakened condition — where food may be limited until the spring growing season begins

Cranes, Condition

10. The Platte River region has a variety of habitats that support Cranes


11. Grove rough terrain Cranes are designed to handle the toughest jobsite conditions with lift capacities ranging from 30 t to 150 t (30 USt to 165 USt)

Cranes, Conditions, Capacities

12. The range of Liebherr mobile Cranes extends from 35-tonne models to a heavy duty crane with a load capacity of 1,200 tonnes

Cranes, Crane, Capacity

13. High-speed all-terrain mobile Cranes and telescopic truck-mounted Cranes, compact Cranes and heavy duty lattice boom Cranes are used all over the world.

Cranes, Compact

14. Altec Cranes feature superior safety benefits and display Altec’s dedication to provide customers value through crane safety, productivity and regulation compliance

Cranes, Customers, Crane, Compliance

15. These Cranes are half the weight of other hand-winch Cranes with similar capacity and can be lifted from their base for easy transport

Cranes, Capacity, Can

16. They're also known as davit Cranes


17. Cranes are especially an integral part of the construction sector and are used for heavy construction work and all kinds of lifting tasks

Cranes, Construction

18. Our industrial overhead Cranes represent high-level KoneCranes quality starting from a single component all the way to an entire process

Cranes, Component

19. Chain hoist Cranes With its robust design, smooth controls, and lifting capacity of up to 5 tons, the chain hoist crane is a strong link in your manufacturing process.

Chain, Cranes, Controls, Capacity, Crane

20. Cranes Hoists Direct offers many different products, brands, capacities, spans and options for freestanding jib Cranes, wall mounted jib Cranes, davit Cranes, pneumatic Cranes, portable Cranes, gantry Cranes, bridge Cranes, truck mounted Cranes, and tripod Cranes.We also have the ability to custom engineer single girder overhead Cranes and double girder overhead Cranes, including top …

Cranes, Capacities, Custom

21. Cranes are among the most endangered families of birds in the world, with eleven of the fifteen species threatened with extinction


22. Despite threats from rapid development and habitat loss, poisoning, hunting and more, Cranes continue to unite people throughout the world through their charisma and symbolism of fidelity and longevity.

Cranes, Continue, Charisma

23. Cranes As a dedicated crane dealership, Cropac carries a full range of Cranes available to suit your specific needs

Cranes, Crane, Cropac, Carries

24. Whatever your location, international or local, let our experienced sales team help you choose from our vast selection of new and used Cranes to help you find the right machine for the job.

Choose, Cranes

25. Cranes Development depends on infrastructure and infrastructure on heavy machineries


26. Of all the heavy machines, Cranes construction machines acquire an important position as they are involved in the building and maintenance of huge projects.

Cranes, Construction

27. Cranes were once so common in Britain that 204 were served roasted at a banquet for the Archbishop of York in 1465

Cranes, Common

28. We know Cranes are crucial to your daily offshore platform and vessel operations, which is why NOV offshore Cranes are built for durability in even the harshest environments

Cranes, Crucial

29. Tower Cranes in action: Tower Cranes impress with their reliable work even under extreme conditions

Cranes, Conditions

30. Tower Cranes and Mobile Construction Cranes

Cranes, Construction

31. Liebherr is the world's largest supplier of tower Cranes


32. Expertly Maintained Used Cranes for Sale from our Fleet


33. Rough Terrain Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Tele-Crawlers, All Terrain Cranes, Truck Cranes, Tower Cranes, Construction Hoists, Boom Truck Cranes, Carry Deck Cranes, Telehandlers and …

Cranes, Crawler, Crawlers, Construction, Carry


Up to3%cash back
 · Gantry Cranes

Class, Clearfix, Cash, Cranes

35. Gantry Cranes from Northern Tool are ideal in workplaces where heavy lifting is central to business operations

Cranes, Central

36. Jib Cranes mount to your truck’s trailer bed or floor and feature a 360° swiveling crane and manually telescoping boom

Cranes, Crane

37. Portable manual davit Cranes rotate 360° and feature …


38. RUGCEL Winch 0.5T Folding Truck-Mounted Crane with Electric Winch 3500 lb 12V, Painted Steel 1100 lb Pickup Truck Jib Cranes 360 Swivel 2.9 out of 5 stars 6 $430.99 $ 430

Crane, Cranes

39. International Cranes and Specialized Transport is the official magazine of the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association

Cranes, Carriers

40. Cranes offers Valet Parking and is available open to close, 7 days a week for $12

Cranes, Close

41. Cranes will begin delivery from April and will complete in full during 2021

Cranes, Complete

42. Read more: of 66 Terex Rough Terrain Cranes ordered by Tecno Gru, Italy


43. Davit Cranes that work hard in more places When it comes to equipment for heavy-duty lifting and positioning, Thern has a wide variety of solutions for just about any application

Cranes, Comes

44. Workstation Cranes, Jib Cranes, Gantry Cranes and Heavy Lifting by Cleveland Tramrail

Cranes, Cleveland

45. Gorbel Work Station Cranes guarantee increased productivity with the ability to span up to 30 ft


46. From free standing to floor-supported to wall bracket configurations, Gorbel I-beam Jib Cranes are synonymous with quality, safety and performance, with

Configurations, Cranes

47. Cranes is a brand new restaurant - opened in Feb about a month before the shutdown due to COVID

Cranes, Covid

48. Cranes For any lifting job IronPlanet offers you hundreds of Cranes


49. Buy and sell used mobile Cranes, crawler Cranes and all terrain Cranes from top manufacturers including Grove, Terex, Link-Belt, Liebherr, Manitowoc, and more.

Cranes, Crawler

50. Lorry Cranes make an impression thanks to their operator friendliness and high level of cost efficiency

Cranes, Cost

51. Epsilon Timber & Recycling Cranes


52. Epsilon Timber & Recycling Cranes


53. Follow the company, established in 1980, which has spent many years as the world's leading manufacturer of Cranes for timber handling,recycling applications and

Company, Cranes

54. Tower Cranes have become a fixture amongst city skylines throughout the world

Cranes, City

55. Tower Cranes are generally fixed to the ground on a concrete slab

Cranes, Concrete

56. Different types of tower Cranes include Top-Slewing, Bottom-Slewing, Flat-Top Tower Cranes, Hammerhead Tower Cranes, Self Erecting Tower Cranes and Luffing Jib Tower Cranes.


57. "Taller Cranes are needed for efficiently handling cargo that arrives on ultra-large container ships," DeNike said

Cranes, Cargo, Container

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CRANES [krān]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a crane and a derrick?

As nouns the difference between crane and derrick. is that crane is a large bird of the order gruiformes'' and the family ''gruidae having long legs and a long neck which it extends when flying while derrick is a device that is used for lifting and moving large objects.

What is the meaning of the word Crane?

Definition of crane. (Entry 1 of 5) 1 : any of a family (Gruidae of the order Gruiformes) of tall wading birds superficially resembling the herons but structurally more nearly related to the rails. 2 : any of several herons.

What is the species of cranes?

Crane Identification. There are fifteen species of Crane including the Black Crowned Crane, Black-necked Crane, Blue Crane, Brolga, Common Crane, Demoiselle Crane, Grey Crowned Crane, Hooded Crane, Red-crowned Crane, Sandhill Crane, Sarus Crane, Siberian Crane, Wattled Crane, White-naped Crown, and Whooping Crane.

What is the meaning of a crane bird?

Throughout Asia, the crane is considered as a bird of happiness and prosperity. The Japanese, Chinese, and Korean traditions relate it to longevity and fidelity. Let's look at what symbolism this ancient bird holds on its wings.

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