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1. Browse our large variety of customarily designed Craftsmanships, and even special requests manufactured to your desires

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2. Our hand designed, American, Craftsmanships guarantees high quality wood and metal


3. Synonyms for Craftsmanships include workmanships, artistries, expertises, techniques, masteries, crafts, arts, artisanships, handiworks and skills

Craftsmanships, Crafts

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6. Craftsmanships Building a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, so we understand the importance of developing a place that is resilient and unique


7. Our factory owned is dedicated to provide the best quality Craftsmanships to every pieces so that they will last a lifetime and be with your family forever.


8. WORKFLOW produces and directs different kinds of creative projects from Craftsmanships to digital technologies

Creative, Craftsmanships

9. Craftsmanship (usually uncountable, plural Craftsmanships) The quality of being a craftsman

Craftsmanship, Craftsmanships, Craftsman

10. Our Craftsmanships Gold Smithing & Engraving Accra, Ghana Hand-batiking Accra, Cape Coast, & Tsatsoe, Ghana Hand-painting Accra, Ghana Bespoke tailoring Accra & Cape Coast, Ghana Recycled Glass Beading Somanya, Ghana Bogolanfini Mudcloth Mali & Burkina Faso Basket Weaving Bolgatanga, Ghana Indigo Dyeing

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11. Granite city’s Craftsmanships Granite City’s attention to every detail, no matter how small, is the key to making every project perfect

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12. Developing essential life skills, through different Craftsmanships, individuals build confidence to recognise their full potential and abilities

Craftsmanships, Confidence

13. Thanks to another TV show Man at Arms which focused on Craftsmanships of various blacksmiths from around the world


14. Looking for Craftsmanships? Find out information about Craftsmanships


15. An artist skilled in the techniques of an art or craft Collins Discovery Explanation of Craftsmanships

Craft, Collins, Craftsmanships

16. Synonyms for Craftsmanships in Free Thesaurus


17. offers 15,503 Craftsmanships products

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18. A wide variety of Craftsmanships options are available to you,


19. As far as Craftsmanships is concerned, the magazine should be solid without a flimsy spring and no rattling of any kind

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20. SHANG XIA is a brand dedicated to create a contemporary Chinese art of living, through a unique encounter between the Chinese cultural heritage, the finest Chinese Craftsmanships, and a 21st

Create, Contemporary, Chinese, Cultural, Craftsmanships

21. Craftsmanships Total Number of words made out of Craftsmanships = 1213 Craftsmanships is a 14 letter long Word starting with C and ending with S


22. 13 letter Words made out of Craftsmanships


23. Alex Manley finished with a Bachelor's in Studio Art, with an interdisciplinary focus of Craftsmanships, and Art History


24. A homecoming trip had her reconnect with her grandma, her hometown and traditional Craftsmanships she grew up with that are dying out


25. When Seiko internationally launched its Presage sub-collection a couple of years ago, the goal was clear: offering a classic approach of watchmaking and a focus on traditional Craftsmanships, still at a relatively accessible price

Collection, Couple, Clear, Classic, Craftsmanships

26. We have an ARTISAN SPACE from @[111334163676578:274:JR artesanías] Don't stop visiting us and take a nice memory of representative Craftsmanships of our beautiful magical town


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28. It is a far reaching importance of spaces and Craftsmanships with an Orthodox Christian character that encompasses heavenly places and their plans similarly as illuminated sytheses and extent of things (crosses, cups, licenses, images, etc) which were used for the custom (public love), for learning, or which basically imparted the severe

Craftsmanships, Christian, Character, Crosses, Cups, Custom

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CRAFTSMANSHIPS [ˈkraf(t)smənˌSHip]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does craftsmanship mean to you?

craftsmanship - The quality of what a person does. Craftsmanship is most admired when a person creates with skill or dexterity, usually with the hands, whether with or without tools. Craftsmanship. Aptitude, skill, and manual dexterity in the use of tools and materials.

What does the name craftsmanship mean?

/ ˈkræfts·mənˌʃɪp / skill at making things, or the skill with which something was made or done: The craftsmanship of the Tiffany lamp was superb. (Definition of craftsmanship from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What is meant by craftsmanship?

Craftsmanship Definition. Craftsmanship in art means a skill or dexterity exhibited by a person for creating an artistic work with hands. The work may be done using tools or by not using it. It is a quality which may be admired.

What does craftspersonship mean?

craftspersonship (Noun) The body of activities, skills, techniques, knowledge, and expertise pertinent to (a) particular craft (s). Etymology: on the pattern of craftsmanship.

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