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1. Cradleboard definition is - a board or flat framework to which American Indians traditionally and often today bind a child during the infant stage of growth.

Cradleboard, Child

2. Cradleboard with Porcelain Native American Baby, Spring Colors, Traditional Style.

Cradleboard, Colors

3. A Native American child's Cradleboard is often made just before the child is born

Child, Cradleboard

4. The father is very careful in the construction of the Cradleboard because of the belief that a mistake in the construction could cause the child to be born impaired

Careful, Construction, Cradleboard, Could, Cause, Child

5. Each piece of a Native American Cradleboard has significance.


6. What Is a Cradleboard? While there were many tribal variations, the most common carrier in native North America was the Cradleboard

Cradleboard, Common, Carrier

7. By Asia AlsgaardDouglas Limón (Oneida) is an artist in White Bear Lake, Minnesota who is well known for his beadwork, however, he was drawn to Cradleboard construction by the birth of his youngest son Gavino

Cradleboard, Construction

8. Cradleboard Elementary was founded in 1998


9. The construction started in 1997 and the school opened its doors to the Cradleboard children and its surrounding communites in January 1998

Construction, Cradleboard, Children, Communites

10. The first principal of Cradleboard was Barbara Nolan.


11. Cradleboard School is a public elementary school located in Whiteriver, AZ in the Whiteriver Unified School District


12. Cradleboard School is the 959th largest public school in Arizona and the 41,824th largest nationally


13. A Cradleboard was traditionally used to keep the infant close to the mother, to encourage bonding, and left the mothers arms and hands free to work.

Cradleboard, Close

14. The basic design of a Cradleboard is a flat, hard back made of wood, with woven or cloth sides that enveloped the baby, and could be fastened or laced to safely secure her or him

Cradleboard, Cloth, Could

15. The Cradleboard is basically a giant souvenir and gift shop and it's got some cool stuff to look at

Cradleboard, Cool

16. Cradleboard synonyms, Cradleboard pronunciation, Cradleboard translation, English dictionary definition of Cradleboard


17. Other articles where Cradleboard is discussed: Southwest Indian: Socialization and education: Cradles and Cradleboards were used, especially during the first year of life; the Hopi viewed swaddling as the first of many periods of conditioning that helped the individual to gain self-control

Cradleboard, Cradles, Cradleboards, Conditioning, Control

18. Restaurants near The Cradleboard: (0.00 mi) Book Peddler (0.01 mi) Pete's Rocky Mountain Pizza Company (0.02 mi) Madison Crossing Lounge (0.03 mi) Beartooth Barbecue (0.03 mi) The City Creamery; View all restaurants near The Cradleboard on Tripadvisor

Cradleboard, Company, Crossing, City, Creamery

19. Well a Cradleboard, also called a baby carrier or baby board, is a Native American baby carrier

Cradleboard, Called, Carrier

20. Hence why a Cradleboard is not a papoose….


21. Place the tie pad in the front and wrap the ties securely around the Cradleboard once


22. Feb 1, 2019 - I have a thing about Cradleboards


23. Cradleboard use has been associated with increased incidence of developmental dysplasia of the hip


24. It is made with buckskin leather and genuine Silver Tip Fox skin, with dark black leather buckskin, brass studs, hard wood (possibly birch or oak.) The silver fox fur is fashioned around the head ot the Cradleboard to keep the infant warm.


25. The Cradleboard Most Northern Plains Indian Cradleboards feature a hooded cradle bundle made of animal hide

Cradleboard, Cradleboards, Cradle

26. This Cradleboard features soft hand worked deer skin leather, a matching medicine wheel and a beautiful red fox pelt at the top


27. Rock Creek/Cradleboard trail detour in place for ground nesting birds Detour in place until October 31 at Carolyn Holmberg Preserve at Rock Creek Farm

Creek, Cradleboard, Carolyn

28. A section of the Cradleboard Trail at Carolyn Holmberg Preserve at Rock Creek Farm–which is also part of the Rock Creek Trail–is temporarily closed to protect sensitive ground nesting birds

Cradleboard, Carolyn, Creek, Closed

29. The Cradleboard Trail passes between 104th Street and another small pond


30. The Cradleboard Trail ends at the junction with the Mary Miller Trail


31. The Cradleboard protected babies from danger and kept them happy


32. Native American cultures made Cradleboards in many ways, but the basic parts of the Cradleboard stayed the same

Cultures, Cradleboards, Cradleboard

33. The most important part of a Cradleboard was a frame made from wood or woven material.


34. Cradleboard Creations is at 4am Coffee Roasters Cafe

Cradleboard, Creations, Coffee, Cafe

35. Instructions for Cradleboard: Print the PDF file “Cradleboard cardboard template”

Cradleboard, Cardboard

36. To punch hole in the bottom of Cradleboard, fold bottom flap inward then punch.


37.Cradleboards” are the most commonly recognized type of American Indian baby carrier, and as the term implies, include a wooden component that was most frequently a flat backboard.

Cradleboards, Commonly, Carrier, Component

38. Cradleboard Antique This Antique Cradleboard is ready for display in your home! It is in remarkably good condition for its age, as the crafter made it around the turn of the 20th century

Cradleboard, Condition, Crafter, Century

39. Activity #1, Cradleboard Then and Now In class have students complete a chart that identifies parts of the Cradleboard and then evaluate the pluses and minuses of the Cradleboard and current baby carriers

Cradleboard, Class, Complete, Chart, Current, Carriers

40. Navajo Cradleboard is a traditional protective carrier for kids

Cradleboard, Carrier

41. How Navajo Cradleboards Are Made


42. The Cradleboard Teaching Project is a continual learning process, and a lot of fun too: improving the curriculum, and learning from fellow educators at teachers conferences, in classrooms, and online, as machines become better, easier to use, and more available to teachers and children.

Cradleboard, Continual, Curriculum, Conferences, Classrooms, Children

43. Http://www.ed-digenoustraditions.caThe Cradleboard or in the Ojibway language “Tikinaagan” have been used for generations to carry infants while keeping babi

Cathe, Cradleboard, Carry

44. ‘Until he was able to walk, an Iroquois baby spent his days secured to a Cradleboard.’ ‘Other uses of the area include historical occupancy for farming and use of willow to make Cradleboards.’ ‘For good luck the umbilical cord was sown into a small hide pouch and attached to the Cradleboard.’

Cradleboard, Cradleboards, Cord

45. Compare Details Cradleboard School has the smallest elementary school student body size in the Whiteriver Unified District (4394)

Compare, Cradleboard

46. The Cradleboard, West Yellowstone, Montana


47. A Cradleboard is a device traditionally used by Indigenous peoples to secure babies in place (typically for the first year or so) while their parents travelled, worked or were otherwise occupied


48. In most historical Plains cultures, a new mother’s relatives made a Cradleboard for the baby

Cultures, Cradleboard

49. Wakeah Jhane, 22, from the Comanche Nation in Oklahoma, is an artist, aspiring midwife, and, quite possibly, one of the youngest Cradleboard makers out there

Comanche, Cradleboard

50. Jhane was not carried in a Cradleboard when she was a baby, but her little sister was.

Carried, Cradleboard

51. The following lesson was written by Howard Kimewon and Margaret Noodin to enrich a Cradleboard making workshop at the 15th Annual Language and Culture Camp in Manistee, Michigan led by Judy Pamp

Cradleboard, Culture, Camp

52. Shop for Cradleboard art from the world's greatest living artists


53. All Cradleboard artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee


54. Choose your favorite Cradleboard designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more!

Choose, Cradleboard, Cases

55. Cradleboard Cover Panel, 1810–30, United States, Minnesota or North Dakota or South Dakota, Eastern Sioux, Native-tanned skin, birchbark, quill, Kiowa woman and her baby, lying in a Cradleboard

Cradleboard, Cover

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CRADLEBOARD [ˈkrādlˌbôrd]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does cradleboard mean?

Definition of cradleboard. : a board or flat framework to which American Indians traditionally and often today bind a child during the infant stage of growth.

What are cradleboards used for?

Cradleboards are used for the first few months of an infant's life, when a portable carrier for the baby is a necessity.

What is the purpose of a cradleboard?

The cradleboard can then be carried in the mother's arms, worn on her back like a backpack for travel, propped up on the ground like a baby chair, or secured to a sled or travois for longer journeys. After horses were introduced to the Americas, cradleboards in some tribes began to be designed to hang off the side of a horse as well.

Are cradleboards good for babies?

No. Being wrapped up tightly is soothing to infants, and most cultures have traditionally used some form of swaddling. Most American Indian cradleboards were intended only for young, nursing babies. Older babies were usually attached to the cradleboard with their hands free, so that they could play with a toy as they traveled.

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