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1. Covent Garden a large square in London, so called because originally it was the garden of a monastery

Covent, Called

2. Covent (noun) a convent or monastery Etymology: [OF

Covent, Convent

3. Covent m (oblique plural covenz or Coventz, nominative singular covenz or Coventz, nominative plural Covent) convent (residence of nuns)

Covent, Covenz, Coventz, Convent

4. Covent Garden is one of London’s most popular shopping neighbourhoods, home to a wide range of world-class fashion, beauty and lifestyle stores

Covent, Class

5. The new ventilator has been dubbed the Dyson Covent and the UK government has ordered 10,000 units. Ventilators will be ready starting from April, a Dyson spokesperson told CNN, which is very fast

Covent, Cnn

6. The latest tweets from @chrisCovent


7. The Covent-19’s approach is to challenge current practices in medical device innovation, design, and manufacturing economics, by developing life-saving equipment in an open source, crowdsourced, highly affordable, and royalty-free manner

Covent, Challenge, Current, Crowdsourced

8. Introducing the Covent Challenge

Covent, Challenge

9. In an email to staff, the inventor said his eponymous company had designed theCovent at the request of Boris Johnson, and promised to donate 5,000 to the international relief effort

Company, Covent

10. 🥂 A Piazza de Covent Garden foi construída em 1630 e é aqui onde vários artistas de rua se apresentam em um mix de lojas de marcas renomadas e feira de artesanato

Coven, Constru

11. Those Covent Garden ladies will have nowhere to turn when they're released, so they'll most likely will end up back on the streets again


12. Someone needs to tell young Reginald that a woman with a reputation as a Covent Garden lady has no place being brought into this celebrated family.

Covent, Celebrated

13. The Covent A series is designed for relatively clean gas applications, and it offers high efficiency, low noise performance at minimum cost

Covent, Clean, Cost

14. Covent Garden is a district in London, on the eastern fringes of the West End, between St Martin's Lane and Drury Lane


15. It is associated with the former fruit-and-vegetable market in the central square, now a popular shopping and tourist site, and with the Royal Opera House, itself known as "Covent Garden".

Central, Covent

16. For the best and freshest flowers in Cincinnati, Covent Garden Florist has exactly what you’re looking for! Check out our wide selection of flower arrangements to make your next occasion memorable.

Cincinnati, Covent, Check

17. Covent Green is a single-family home community in Lithonia, Georgia, built between 1987 and 1996

Covent, Community

18. The average annual property tax for Covent Green is $1,225


19. Covent Green is located south and west of Marbut Road on Covent Court, Cranford Court and Denham

Covent, Court, Cranford

20. Meme Expert Well known @twitch partner Live 6 nights a week 👇🏻


21. Covent AS er din leverandør av energieffektive og miljøvennlige luftbehandlingsanlegg til landbasert industri, offshore og marine.


22. The #1 Best Value of 54 places to stay in Covent Garden (London)


23. Travelodge London Covent Garden


24. #2 Best Value of 54 places to stay in Covent Garden (London)


25. #3 Best Value of 54 places to stay in Covent


26. Covent Garden Sinfonia (known as the Orchestra of St Paul's until June 2017) is a professional chamber orchestra resident at the Actors' Church

Covent, Chamber, Church

27. In addition to a concert series in Covent Garden, the orchestra gives performances all around the UK and makes regular visits to the Southbank Centre , Cadogan Hall and St John's, Smith Square .

Concert, Covent, Centre, Cadogan

28. Covent Garden is a rather cool, growing area of London's West End which includes many popular attractions including Leicester and Trafalgar Square, as well as Covent Garden market and a cool selection of shops, stalls and places to eat, including one of two flagship Apple Stores, which is probably my favourite Apple branches in London, a huge

Covent, Cool

29. The Covent costs more than the other two Camp Chef ovens, this is a long term investment due to the long life of a Camp Chef oven

Covent, Costs, Camp, Chef

30. Do yourself a favor and spend a few dollars more to buy this model, as a long term camp chef oven user you will not be disappointed with the Covent model

Camp, Chef, Covent

31. Covent Garden, square in the City of Westminster, London

Covent, City

32. Adjacent to the former market site stands the Royal Opera House (Covent Garden), home of Britain’s


33. View deals for The Resident Covent Garden, including fully refundable rates with free cancellation

Covent, Cancellation

34. Mysteries of Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom


35. Covent Garden Piazza and Central Market, (tube: Covent Garden)

Covent, Central

36. Covent Garden is a covered shopping mall with shops predominantly selling clothing, but also gifts and cosmetics

Covent, Covered, Clothing, Cosmetics

37. Covent Garden covers the area that includes the Royal Opera House, Neal’s Yard and the former fruit and vegetable market building

Covent, Covers

38. In 1974 the fruit and vegetable market was relocated to the New Covent Garden Market in Nine Elms.


39. At its best, Covent Garden Market can be a beehive of activity, with up to 3 levels of shops, bars, pubs and restaurants to explore

Covent, Can

40. Having a look around one of my favourite London locations, the main piazza at Covent Garden.Be sure to subscribe for more content (^_^)

Covent, Content

41. Palm Court is the quintessential Parisian-style brasserie in the heart of Covent Garden

Court, Covent

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Covent?

Covent Cov"ent (k?v"ent), n. [OF. covent, F. couvent. See Convent.] A convent or monastery. [Obs.] --Bale. [1913 Webster] Covent Garden, a large square in London, so called because originally it was the garden of a monastery.

What does convent mean?

Definition of convent. (Entry 1 of 2) : a local community or house of a religious order or congregation especially : an establishment of nuns.

What does a covenant with God mean?

Within the gospel, a covenant means a sacred agreement or mutual promise between God and a person or a group of people. In making a covenant, God promises a blessing for obedience to particular commandments. He sets the terms of His covenants, and He reveals these terms to His prophets.

What does the word covenant mean in the Bible?

The Hebrew term for covenant is berit, meaning “to bond or fetter.” It is translated into Greek as syntheke, “binding together” or diatheke, “will, testament.” In the Bible, then, a covenant is a relationship based upon mutual commitments. It typically involves promises, obligations, and rituals.

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