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COURTEOUS [ˈkərdēəs]

courteous (adjective)

  • polite, respectful, or considerate in manner.
Synonyms: polite . well mannered . civil . respectful . deferential . well behaved . well bred . gentlemanly . chivalrous . gallant . ladylike . genteel . cultivated . gracious . obliging . kind . considerate . pleasant . cordial . genial . affable . thoughtful . urbane . well spoken . formal . proper . polished . refined . decorous . courtly . civilized . tactful . discreet . diplomatic . decent . mannerly . discourteous . rude .

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1. Courteous definition is - marked by polished manners, gallantry, or ceremonial usage of a court

2. How to use Courteous in a sentence

3. Synonym Discussion of Courteous.

4. It was Courteous of him to write a letter of thanks.

5. Courteous definition, having or showing good manners; polite

6. Some common synonyms of Courteous are chivalrous, civil, gallant, and polite

7. While all these words mean "observant of the forms required by good breeding," Courteous implies more actively considerate or dignified politeness

8. Clerks who were unfailingly Courteous to customers When can chivalrous be used instead of Courteous?

9. Any slight attention, or an apology made for crushing or incommoding you, is best acknowledged by a Courteous bow, in silence

10. THE LADIES' BOOK OF ETIQUETTE, AND MANUAL OF POLITENESS FLORENCE HARTLEY His manner was easy and polished and Courteous now, but that it could be very different Jessie knew to her cost.

11. The definition of Courteous is a polite and considerate person

12. An example of Courteous is someone letting a pregnant woman go ahead of them in line for the restroom.

13. Courteous is a crossword puzzle clue

14. Courteous is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted over 20 times

15. Please be Courteous of others is advice to be taken "inwardly"; it is advising its recipient to be mindful, to think of the actions that others might take

16. Being Courteous in an opening statement is a great way to set the foundation for a strong customer–advisor interaction

17. Welcome to Courteous K9, located in Rochester, Minnesota! We believe well behaved dogs add the most joy and happiness to your life

18. As adjectives the difference between polite and Courteous is that polite is well-mannered, civilized while Courteous is showing regard or thought for others; especially, displaying good manners or etiquette

19. Polite polite He was always such a polite child. Courteous Although she often disagreed with me, she was always Courteous. respectful He was respectful towards his elders.

20. Courteous & Cool Now Offers Virtual Classes

21. The adjective Courteous comes from the Old French word curteis, which means “having courtly bearing or manners.” Courtly described the court — nobles who hung around the castle, the entourage of kings and queens

22. Learner's definition of Courteous [more Courteous; most Courteous] : very polite in a way that shows respect The clerks were helpful and Courteous.

23. A Courteous act or Courteous acts that contribute to smoothness and ease in dealings and social relationships

24. A Courteous manner, and graceful offer of service are valued highly when offered, and the giver loses nothing by her civility

25. THE LADIES' BOOK OF ETIQUETTE, AND MANUAL OF POLITENESS FLORENCE HARTLEY Any slight attention, or an apology made for crushing or incommoding you, is best acknowledged by a Courteous bow, in silence.

26. Someone who is Courteous is polite and respectful to other people

27. He was a kind and Courteous man

28. My friend's reply was Courteous but firm

29. Synonyms: polite, civil, respectful, mannerly More Synonyms of Courteous

30. He is considerate of others' feelings and Courteous in his behavior

31. Product description Spice up any attire with this Courteous-ly feisty pump from Bandolino

32. See authoritative translations of Courteous in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

33. Synonyms for Courteous in Free Thesaurus

34. 27 synonyms for Courteous: polite, civil, respectful, mannerly, polished, refined, gracious, gallant

35. Being Courteous is when an individual displays politeness

36. In various social situations, people have to be Courteous to others

37. For instance, a salesperson that is assisting clients is usually very Courteous

38. Courteous definition: exhibiting courtesy and politeness synonyms: nice, gracious, polite antonyms: impolite, ungraciousness, present, future

39. She was unfailingly Courteous and helpful

40. He was a kind and Courteous man

41. The hotel staff are friendly and Courteous

42. I was Courteous but didn't encourage conversation

43. Definition of Courteous (adjective): polite, especially in a formal way

44. Definition and synonyms of Courteous from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

45. This is the British English definition of Courteous.View American English definition of Courteous.

46. Examples from Classical Literature They are not concentrative, and they are not infallibly Courteous, as men are

47. Whence our old word beldam, the more Courteous meaning of which is all but lost in its ironical one

48. He converses with Don Juan and a couple of other blas mortals, uttering Shavian iconoclasms with an air of Courteous boredom.

49. The Courteous manager adjusted the air conditioner when I complained about the heat

50. When I stay at the luxury hotel, the Courteous staff always addresses me by name

51. Ellen was sent to a finishing school to learn how to be Courteous and sociable.

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53. Courteous definition is - marked by polished manners, gallantry, or ceremonial usage of a court

54. How to use Courteous in a sentence

55. Synonym Discussion of Courteous

56. Use Courteous in a sentence - Example Sentences for Courteous Her children are generally very Courteous

57. Why is it important to be Courteous? Read how some children responded and what the Bible teaches us about how courtesy is an expression of love

58. I was, however, Courteous enough to hear you out and I hope that our colleagues will be similarly appreciative of the manner in which you chose to address the House

59. A Courteous reply see thesaurus at polite Examples from the Corpus Courteous • Probably Inchbad and the others would be extremely friendly and entirely Courteous

60. • The letter is short and Courteous

61. • Indeed, when he so wished, the young Edward could be dazzlingly Courteous and charming.

62. If you respect people and treat them in a Courteous manner, you will discover they will respond in kind and remain a loyal customer.: Jenson had fallen in step with her, walking by her side, talking in a Courteous manner, like a father would talk to a daughter.: He approached me in a Courteous manner and we both realized that we lived in the same apartment complex right across from each other.

63. Courteous means to show respect for others

64. Hence Courteous detachment means a respectful level of seperation

65. Courteous, polite crossword clue? Find the answer to the crossword clue Courteous, polite

66. Another word for Courteous: polite, civil, respectful, mannerly, polished Collins English Thesaurus

67. Courteous (adjective) can have two prefixes:dis- and un-

68. When dis- and un- are prefixed to Courteous, we get the words: disCourteous unCourteous both of which are adjectives

69. UnCourteous means disCourteous and disCourteous means ‘lacking in court

70. ‘a Courteous young man’ ‘But you can at least be polite, Courteous and respect the fact that your views are very different to theirs.’ ‘Andrew was a very gentle, Courteous

71. Ex: However compassionate, Courteous, and unpressed for time one is, it becomes necessary to move on to other duties

72. * disCourteous = maleducado, descortés, irrespetuoso

73. Definition of Courteous in the dictionary

74. What does Courteous mean? Information and translations of Courteous in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

75. Here are some ways the main character in this video was Courteous and the good results that were achieved because of that

76. Courteous Canine Dock Diving, Lutz, Florida

77. A Courteous Communications is a live answering service founded in 1986 in a small office located in the heart of Central Florida

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