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1. Countersignatures can be provided by the other party in a deal, by accountants, lawyers, notaries, doctors, religious leaders, or other professionals

Countersignatures, Can

2. Understanding Countersignatures .


3. Countersignatures synonyms, Countersignatures pronunciation, Countersignatures translation, English dictionary definition of Countersignatures


4. Many formal documents call for Countersignatures

Call, Countersignatures

5. In a classic example of a case where Countersignatures are used, when people apply for insurance and a policy is generated, they sign the policy to accept it, and a representative of the insurance company countersigns to indicate that the contract for the policy is valid and has been approved by an agent

Classic, Case, Countersignatures, Company, Countersigns, Contract

6. Countersignatures are used to provide an additional level of control to arrangements that could potentially involve the loss of a large amount of money.

Countersignatures, Control, Could

7. An outline of the specific parameters for review of Countersignatures


8. Countersignatures is one of the acceptable forms of authentication methods that follows federal, state and third-party


9. Countersignatures—A signature or initials only as the countersignature for a company or business on any document is acceptable

Countersignatures, Countersignature, Company

10. Countersignatures should be used as required by state law (i.e graduate nurse who is not licensed therapy assistants, etc.)


11. Call CryptMsgCountersign to add the countersignature or Countersignatures

Call, Cryptmsgcountersign, Countersignature, Countersignatures

12. PKCS #7 Signed Documents and Countersignatures


13. Countersignatures are given by the co-owners entering their user passwords on the Countersignatures screen; this screen is displayed automatically when a function is invoked that requires Countersignatures from co-owners of the security profile concerned.

Countersignatures, Co, Concerned

14. Information explaining why Countersignatures are required for passport applications


15. RE: Countersignature by resident licensed agent for sale of marine insurance Question Presented: May an authorized insurer sell marine insurance policies directly to consumers without obtaining Countersignatures of resident licensed

Countersignature, Consumers, Countersignatures

16. MyCase eSignature makes the process of preparing and signing routine case and intake documents simple and seamless.This includes documents that need signatures from multiple clients, Countersignatures and text fields for data collection

Case, Clients, Countersignatures, Collection

17. Countersignatures exist for authentication


18. Countersignatures are important when, for example, a lawyer prepares and digitally signs a legal document and then sends to his client, expecting the client to confirm agreement with the terms contained in the document

Countersignatures, Client, Confirm, Contained

19. (2) requires Countersignatures; (3) prohibits the solicitation of insurance in this state by a nonresident or the payment of commissions to a nonresident; or (4) prohibits a nonresident from acting as a surplus or excess lines agent.

Countersignatures, Commissions

20. (a) Wherever any statute requires that any bond issued by a public body be signed, manually by two or more officers or other individuals, all signatures and Countersignatures may be printed, lithographed, engraved, or otherwise mechanically reproduced except that one of said signatures or Countersignatures to the bonds shall be manually affixed


21. Kovacheva's stance regarding the Countersignatures was enjoys the support of former Constitutional Court judge Todor Todorov, former Justice Minister Miglena Tacheva, Maya Manolova from the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and Lyutvi Mestan from the ethnic Turkish Movement for …

Countersignatures, Constitutional, Court

22. E-mail does not support multiple signatures or Countersignatures (generally)


23. Implementing Act 101 and 101 Countersignatures Posted on March 10, 2014 by pspa The State Board of Medicine / State Board of Osteopathic Medicine are implementing changes to effectuate Act 100 /101 of 2013 (related to physician requirements for countersigning patient records completed by a physician assistant).

Countersignatures, Changes, Countersigning, Completed

24. What does Countersignatures mean? Plural form of countersignature

Countersignatures, Countersignature

25. "One of the Countersignatures is not valid. the file may have been altered" and "the timestamp signature and or certificate could not be verified or is malformed" Same Sys files copied to other 2012R2 system, certificate shows valid timestamp

Countersignatures, Certificate, Could, Copied

26. Countersignatures will still be accepted from any person working for a partner organisation who meets the usual criteria for countersignatories

Countersignatures, Criteria, Countersignatories

27. Section 680A.410 - Countersignatures: Property and casualty insurance 1

Countersignatures, Casualty

28. Countersignatures You must get a countersignature if your appearance has changed and you cannot be recognised from your existing passport

Countersignatures, Countersignature, Changed, Cannot

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COUNTERSIGNATURES [ˌkoun(t)ərˈsiɡnəCHər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does countersigning mean?

countersign(Noun) a second signature added to a document to affirm the validity of the signature of the first person. countersign(Verb) to add a second signature to a document, affirming the validity of the signature of another person.

What is a conformed signature?

Conformed Signature. A conformed signature is a typed signature that is used to validate a contract. Generally, parties would sign the contract the old-fashioned way, by signing the document in front of one another. However, in today's day and age, most contracts involve conformed signatures that are typed, dated,...

What is a counter signer?

To countersign is to sign on the opposite side of an instrument already signed by some other person or officer, in order to secure its character of a genuine paper; as a bank note is signed by the president and countersigned by the cashier. A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier.

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