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Looking for sentences with "Counselor"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Adviser 2. Consultant 3. Guide 4. Mentor 5. Confidant 6. Confidante 7. Instructor 8. Coach 9. Teacher 10. Tutor 11. Guru 12. Expert 13. Specialist 14. Therapist 15. Psychologist 16. Psychiatrist 17. Analyst 18. Psychotherapist 19. Healer 20. Shrink ...21. Mentor 22. Guide 23. Consultant 24. Confidant 25. Confidante 26. Aide 27. Helper 28. Instructor 29. Coach 30. Trainer 31. Teacher 32. Tutor 33. Guru 34. Consigliere 35. Barrister 36. Lawyer 37. Attorney 38. Advocate 39. Brief 40. Educator 41. Tutor 42. Instructor 43. Pedagogue 44. Schoolteacher 45. Schoolmaster 46. Schoolmistress 47. Master 48. Mistress 49. Governess 50. Educationalist 51. Educationist 52. Coach 53. Trainer 54. Lecturer 55. Professor 56. Don 57. Fellow 58. Reader 59. Academic 60. Guide 61. Mentor 62. Guru 63. Sophist 64. Dominie 65. Pandit 66. Teach 67. Beak 68. Doctor 69. Schoolman 70. Usher 71. Preceptor See more »
1. I went to a counselor for guidance on my career
2. Confidentiality is implicit in your relationship with a counselor
3. His elder sister had been his guidecounselorand friend
4. He handled his responsibilities as a counselor in an intelligent and caring fashion
5. "Kids think they're invincible" said the school's drug counselor
6. We talked to a counselor also
7. Will is training to become a certified counselor
8. You are an employee assistance counselor
9. Talking to a counselor can be a cathartic experience
10. Haste is a poor counselor Alexandre Dumas 
11. The counselor handed me the paper
12. The counselor would then electronically graze the categorical pots of money
13. For the one principal and one guidance counselor to have constant contact with all our kids would be an impossibility
14. Father: A counselor from your school called today and told me a lot of students have been taking drugs
15. It may be a guidance counselor who is interested in getting the school to develop strategies to help work-inhibited students
16. Talk to your counselor about the best way to handle this and follow his or her advice
17. In high school her counselor advised her either to go to vocational school or to stay home
18. From time to time the counselor might reflect back to the child what is happening
19. A school counselor helped Jason resolve a conflict with one of his teachers
20. The counselor spoke her name and she looked up her eyes red in the half-light
21. The donor then must meet with a counselorsentencedictcom who breaks the news
22. Miss Guthridge tells Miss Peterson the guidance counselor that vocational aptitude tests are meaningless
23. Thus an Ohio guidance counselor was disciplined for telling a school secretary that two of the students she was counseling were homosexual
24. Your first step should be to talk to a teacher or school counselor
25. Spider was a big brother a mentor a guidance counselor that put the whole world in his hands
26. We can read the books children are reading find out what happens in class ask what the guidance counselor said
27. A series of meetings were held where the principal counselor school psychologistsentencedictcom and teachers met with the parents
28. As bishop of Sykeon Theodore used his capacities as a marriage counselor
29. With parental approval all the students elected to meet with the counselor in lieu of another subject or study hall
30. Steve Ricchetti: counselor of the president. Ricchetti, another Biden confidant, was under consideration for chief of staff, a position that ultimately went to Ron Klain.
31. Apply for Substance Use counselor at A Safe Haven Foundation Enter your email to apply with your existing LinkedIn profile, or to create a new one. Email. Continue. Welcome back.
32. 107+1 sentence examples: 1. I went to a counselor for guidance on my career. 2. Confidentiality is implicit in your relationship with a counselor. 3. His elder sister had been his guide,counselor,and friend. 4. He handled his responsibilities as a co
33. The Sr. Substance Use counselor provides substance abuse services and consultation as a member of a mobile multi-disciplinary treatment team. Responsibilities: - Responsible for integrating dual-recovery treatment - Works with both mental health and substance abuse in conjunction with the tasks of other team members. - Conducts assessments for substance abuse services - Conducts treatments in
34. counselor definition is - a person who gives advice or counseling. How to use counselor in a sentence.
35. Substance use counselor david parisi licsw, mladc 603-528-6060. course outline •introductions •overview of core functions •screening •intake •orientation •assessment •treatment planning •counseling •case management •crisis intervention •client education •referral
36. The average salary for a Substance Abuse counselor is $18.96 per hour in United States. Learn about salaries, benefits, salary satisfaction and where you could earn the most.
37. The mission of CADTP’s substance use disorder counselor certification program is to provide quality certification, at a reasonable cost, with a focus on customer service. (800) 464-3597 [email protected]
38. Try this free addiction counselor practice test to see what's on a licensing or certification exam for counselors who work with substance addiction. Most states require that an addiction counselor be certified or licensed. Organizations such as the National Board for Certified counselors (NBCC) and the National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals (NCC AP) provide education and
39. Search and apply for the latest Substance use disorder counselor jobs in Richmond, VA. Verified employers. Competitive salary. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. Job email alerts. Free, fast and easy way find a job of 1.511.000+ postings in Richmond, VA and other big cities in USA.
40. Substance Abuse counselor The substance abuse counselor is a mental health counselor specializing in treating patients who have a chemical dependency on drugs or alcohol. Whether counseling addicts or those who fear they will become addicts, a substance abuse counselor works with their client to help them overcome their dependency and become
41. Addiction counselor Study Guide. Mometrix Academy is a completely free CAADAC certification resource provided by Mometrix Test Preparation. If you find benefit from our efforts here, check out our premium quality Addiction counselor study guide to take your studying to the next level.
42. From there, it's important to work with a counselor, supportive family members, have an addiction intervention or use a support group to get the problem under control. 0 Seeking help from a drug or alcohol counselor beforehand for advice, and even including the professional in the intervention, can make the intervention more effective.
43. National Certified Addiction Counselor, Level I (NCAC I) National Certified Addiction Counselor, Level II (NCAC II) Master Addiction counselor (MAC) These credentials are suited to varying degrees of knowledge and formal training, based on the skill set of the substance use disorders professional.
44. 6,250 Substance Use counselor jobs available on I. Apply to Substance Abuse Counselor, counselor and more!
45. A substance abuse counselor is a support system for people with drug and alcohol problems, eating disorders and other behavioral issues. They teach individuals how to modify their behavior with the intention of full recovery. Because clients are susceptible to relapses, many substance abuse counselors work with clients on an on-going basis.
46. Substance abuse is a major social problem and concern for counselors. It is the most prevalent mind disorder encompassing some 40% of the diagnoses in the DSM-IV, the number one continuing health problem, and the number one prison problem in the United States. Yet, school, rehabilitation, and mental health counselor education programs do not require expertise in this area as a prerequisite to
47. Exam Information. There are four license classifications available in the field of substance-use disorder counseling in Utah. They are: Certified Substance-Use Disorder counselor (CSUDC), Substance-Use Disorder counselor (SUDC), Certified Advanced Substance-Use Disorder counselor (CASUDC), and Advanced Substance-Use Disorder counselor (ASUDC).

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