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1. City Council is made up of 26 members: the Mayor, who is elected city-wide, and 25 Councillors who are elected in each ward across the city

City, Council, Councillors

2. The group that hosts the conversation Uplands residents and their Uplands Councillors.

Conversation, Councillors

3. Councillors The Governor's Council is composed of eight individuals elected from districts, and the Lieutenant Governor who serves ex officio.

Councillors, Council, Composed

4. Councillors are addressed as " Councillor " followed by their names

Councillors, Councillor

5. Councillors are voted in by the local community every four years to represent them on local public issues

Councillors, Community

6. The Deputy-Mayor is elected every twelve months by the Councillors.


7. Councillors; Country: Name: Albania: Prof R

Councillors, Country

8. Councillors Our Councillors provide leadership, vision and set strategic direction as well as make policy decisions on behalf of and for the benefit of you and our community

Councillors, Community

9. As democratically elected representatives, Councillors are also advocates for the community

Councillors, Community

10. Councillors The Council is a body of nine members who are elected for a four year term to carry out duties under the provisions of the Local Government Act and Regulations

Councillors, Council, Carry

11. Agra mayor Naveen Jain said, “After a complaint that husbands of two Councillors went on an official study tour to Andamans, orders have been issued to probe the matter in detail

Complaint, Councillors

12. Synonyms for Councillors in Free Thesaurus


13. What are synonyms for Councillors?


14. Councillors are paid a salary for their work


15. Many of Gwynedd's Councillors have published annual reports that mention their activities during the year


16. To facilitate the involvement of Councillors, members of the public, users of facilities and services and council staff in the development, improvement and co-ordination of local government to raise funds for local purposes by the fair imposition of rates, charges and fees, by income earned from investments and, when appropriate, by borrowings

Councillors, Council, Co, Charges

17. Rockhampton Regional Council consists of the Mayor and 7 Councillors who each represent separate divisions from within the Region

Council, Consists, Councillors

18. The South Burnett Regional Council is comprised of one mayor and six divisional Councillors

Council, Comprised, Councillors

19. The divisional Councillors each represent a division


20. Councillors » Local Government Entities » Local Authorities » Councillors


21. Information about Birmingham's elected Councillors


22. The House of Councillors (参議院, Sangiin) is the upper house of the National Diet of Japan.The House of Representatives is the lower house.The House of Councillors is the successor to the pre-war House of Peers.If the two houses disagree on matters of the budget, treaties, or designation of the prime minister, the House of Representatives can insist on its decision.

Councillors, Can

23. The City of Greater Dandenong has 11 Councillors whose role is to represent the interests of residents and ratepayers

City, Councillors

24. The Mayor is elected each year by the Councillors


25. For more information about the role of local government and the specific roles of our Councillors and Mayor visit the Role of Local Government page.


26. Note: Councillors have social media accounts that they use to express their own personal views and not necessarily those of council

Councillors, Council

27. Each and every one of our Councillors has already successfully promoted change – and they come from a vast variety of countries and backgrounds

Councillors, Change, Come, Countries

28. Councillors' Discretionary Funds


29. The record of Allowances paid to Councillors is in a different format to previous years


30. Councillor (plural Councillors) (British spelling) A member of a council

Councillor, Councillors, Council

31. Profiles of Mayor and Councillors Conduct and performance of Councillors Councillor related policies and documents

Councillors, Conduct, Councillor

32. Invite the Mayor or Councillors


33. The Councillors have since had their salaries reinstated, but are now arguing they should be reimbursed for the duration of the 13-month sanction for a total of about $30,000 each — which


34. Lack of BAME Councillors 'perpetuating racial inequality and disadvantage' in the UK, says report


35. Councillors are voted in by residents every four years, to represent the community and make decisions regarding a large range of issues

Councillors, Community

36. Moonee Valley is made up of three wards - Rose Hill, Buckley and Myrnong, and each ward is represented by three Councillors.


37. Yarra is represented by 9 Councillors who were elected on 6 November 2020 to serve for a 4 year term


38. Who is the mayor? Yarra’s new Councillors have elected Cr Gabrielle de Vietri as Mayor and Cr Claudia Nguyen as Deputy Mayor for 2020/21

Councillors, Cr, Claudia

39. Yarra is divided into 3 geographic wards each ward is represented by 3 Councillors


40. The MBHS Students' Councillors is a body of student leaders whose job is to advocate for and defend the rights of their peers


41. The Hawks have swooped on another three eThekwini Municipality ANC ward Councillors who have been arrested for a slew of corruption charges in connection with the alleged R400 million Durban Solid

Councillors, Corruption, Charges, Connection

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COUNCILLORS [ˈkouns(ə)lər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What do councillors mean?

Definition of councillor : a member of a council : a member of a group of people appointed or elected to make laws or give advice : a member of a council : a member of a council

What is the difference between councillor and councillor?

Councilor/Councillor: councillor is merely a variation of the word councilor, an alternative spelling that is preferred outside the U.S. It refers to a member of a council, such as a city council. The counselor definition refers to a public official who is responsible for creating rules and laws within their jurisdiction.

What does city councillor mean?

city councillor, a member of a city council. Origin: Alteration of counsellor, by assimilation with council. A councillor or councilor is a member of a local government council, such as a city council. Often in the United States, the title is councilman or councilwoman. Rank popularity for the word 'councillor' in Written Corpus Frequency: #789

What is the correct spelling for councillor?

Councilor/Councillor : councillor is merely a variation of the word councilor, an alternative spelling that is preferred outside the U.S. It refers to a member of a council, such as a city council or city council official.

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