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1. Corrupt definition is - to change from good to bad in morals, manners, or actions; also : bribe

Corrupt, Change

2. How to use Corrupt in a sentence


3. Corrupt is commonly used as an adjective to describe members of organizations or institutions who engage in illegal or otherwise dishonest practices to benefit themselves

Corrupt, Commonly

4. Some common synonyms of Corrupt are degenerate, iniquitous, nefarious, vicious, and villainous

Common, Corrupt

5. While all these words mean "highly reprehensible or offensive in character, nature, or conduct," Corrupt stresses a loss of moral integrity or probity causing betrayal of principle or sworn obligations

Character, Conduct, Corrupt, Causing

6. City hall was rife with Corrupt politicians

City, Corrupt

7. Corrupt - Comes from Latin corrumpere, "destroy completely," and first meant "to destroy or spoil the flesh, fruit, or organic matter by dissolution or decomposition." See also related terms for spoil

Corrupt, Comes, Corrumpere, Completely

8. Their speech is a dialect called Chabucano—a mixture of very Corrupt Spanish and native tongues

Called, Chabucano, Corrupt

9. THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS JOHN FOREMAN And the degraded society, like the robe which once covered the living body, but is afterwards cast off, is faded and Corrupt. THE ORDINANCE OF COVENANTING JOHN CUNNINGHAM

Covered, Cast, Corrupt, Covenanting, Cunningham

10. Something Corrupt is rotten, spoiled, or out of commission, like a file that makes your computer crash

Corrupt, Commission, Computer, Crash

11. A Corrupt person — a criminal, a crook, or a cookie thief — brings society down with immoral and dishonest behavior. Corrupt goes back to the Latin roots cor-, "altogether," and rumpere, "break."

Corrupt, Criminal, Crook, Cookie, Cor

12. Corrupt is an ability introduced in Madness at the Darkmoon Faire which activates when the user plays a card with a higher mana cost than the Corrupt card's cost while in hand, causing it to transform into a Corrupted card and gain additional effects.

Corrupt, Card, Cost, Causing, Corrupted

13. Corrupt 'Corrupt' is a 7 letter word starting with C and ending with T Crossword clues for 'Corrupt'

Corrupt, Crossword, Clues

14. Corrupted text, like that produced and decoded by this generator, is a result of a Unicode "hack" that takes advantage of the "diacritics" feature, where modifier characters can …

Corrupted, Characters, Can

15. Corrupt is a Unique knife originally awarded to victims of the Data Loss Glitch


16. Upload your file and we'll Corrupt it for you


17. Then you can download and send it to whomever and they'll only be able to open a Corrupted file

Can, Corrupted

18. What kind of files can be Corrupted? Any type of file

Can, Corrupted

19. Venal or dishonest: a Corrupt mayor


20. Containing errors or alterations, especially ones that prevent proper understanding or use: a Corrupt translation; a Corrupt computer file

Containing, Corrupt, Computer

21. Corrupt adjective (BAD) C1 dishonestly using your position or power to get an advantage, especially for money: Both companies are under investigation for Corrupt practices.

Corrupt, Companies

22. Corruption is a form of dishonesty or criminal offense undertaken by a person or organization entrusted with a position of authority, to acquire illicit benefit or abuse power for one's private gain

Corruption, Criminal

23. Corruption may include many activities including bribery and embezzlement, though it may also involve practices that are legal in many countries

Corruption, Countries

24. Political Corruption occurs when an office-holder


25. Users may think there is a problem with the Corrupt text generator; however it just means that the website does not support special characters

Corrupt, Characters

26. The Crossword Solver found 200 answers to the Corrupt crossword clue

Crossword, Corrupt, Clue

27. Just submit your files and we Corrupt them


28. From Dropbox From Google Drive send Corrupt file


29. Please select the file to Corrupt


30. Only Corrupt (Ice-T) stands in MJ's way, resulting into a violent and brutal roller coaster ride of action! Written by Ary Luiz Dalazen Jr

Corrupt, Coaster

31. Synonyms for Corrupt in Free Thesaurus


32. 95 synonyms for Corrupt: dishonest, furrowed, bent, crooked, rotten, shady, fraudulent, unscrupulous

Corrupt, Crooked

33. From Middle English Corrupten, derived from Latin Corruptus, past participle of corrumpō, corrumpere (“to destroy, ruin, injure, spoil, Corrupt, bribe”), from com- (“together”) + …

Corrupten, Corruptus, Corrump, Corrumpere, Corrupt, Com

34. ‘While these benefited, half the money was stolen by Corrupt officials.’ ‘Although the amount paid through companies was a little more, the stories of Corrupt officials extracting money from otherwise honest taxpayers put many people off registering.’

Corrupt, Companies

35. Using data from a variety of sources, Best Life produced a state ranking of the most- and least-Corrupt states in the U


36. In the worlds of politics and big business, Corruption is a huge issue, and


37.Corrupt customs officials have helped the drug trade to flourish

Corrupt, Customs

38. • It's generally impossible to compress such files - the program sees each overlay as Corrupt data

Compress, Corrupt

39. • a Corrupted file • In the 1970s, the city's police force was among the most Corrupt in the nation

Corrupted, City, Corrupt

40. • In fact, it would seem to contain the seeds from which Corrupt

Contain, Corrupt

41. Word forms: Corrupts, Corrupting, Corrupted 1

Corrupts, Corrupting, Corrupted

42. Adjective Someone who is Corrupt behaves in a way that is morally wrong, especially by doing dishonest or illegal things in return for money or save the nation from Corrupt politicians of both parties.


43. Corrupt - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


44. Corrupt Loomians are extremely rare special variants of Loomians that can either be encountered in the wild or appear in certain set encounters

Corrupt, Can, Certain

45. 1 Mechanics 2 Chance Boosting 2.1 Roaming Charm and LoomiBoost 3 Set Encounters 4 Drops 5 References In areas that Wild Loomians are encountered, the chances of a Wild Loomian being Corrupt

Chance, Charm, Chances, Corrupt

46. Her books include the Fall Away Series, Corrupt, and Misconduct, due out December 1, 2015


47. Corrupt, verb transitive [Latin , to break.] Literally, to break, separate or dissolve


48. What does Corrupt mean? The definition of Corrupt is dishonest or deteriorated


49. (adjective) An example of Corrupt used as an adjective is a corr

Corrupt, Corr

50. Corrupt (v.) mid-14c., "deprave morally, pervert from good to bad;" late 14c., "contaminate, impair the purity of; seduce or violate (a woman); debase or render impure (a language) by alterations or innovations; influence by a bribe or other wrong motive," from Latin Corruptus, past participle of corrumpere "to destroy; spoil," figuratively "Corrupt, seduce, bribe" (see Corrupt (adj.)).

Corrupt, Contaminate, Corruptus, Corrumpere

51. 7 hours ago · And if the Corrupt Politicians Act is signed into law, things will only become worse


52. Top scoring countries on the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) like Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland are not immune to Corruption

Countries, Corruption, Cpi

53. While the CPI shows these public sectors to be among the cleanest in the world, Corruption still exists, particularly in cases of money laundering and other private sector Corruption.

Cpi, Cleanest, Corruption, Cases

54. If you have downloaded the file that is Corrupt, try downloading the file again


55. Sometimes while a file is downloaded it can become Corrupt or may have not downloaded properly

Can, Corrupt

56. If the file is repeatedly Corrupted by the same program, make sure you have the latest updates for that program installed


57. Save Corrupt mm2 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed


58. Indians mock their Corrupt politicians relentlessly, but they regard their honest politicians with silent suspicion


59. The Ten Most Corrupt Politicans in U.S


60. Corrupt definition: Someone who is Corrupt behaves in a way that is morally wrong , especially by doing Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


61. Corruption in China post-1949 refers to the abuse of political power for private ends typically by members of the Communist Party of China (CPC), who hold the majority of power in the country

Corruption, China, Communist, Cpc, Country

62. Corruption is a very significant problem in China, impacting all aspects of administration, law enforcement, healthcare and education

Corruption, China

63. Since the Chinese economic reforms began, Corruption has been

Chinese, Corruption

64. "PTI challenged this Corrupt system and brought about a visible change in each and every field and sector of governance in accordance with the expectations of the general public," he said and regretted that the Corrupt rulers of past were pointing fingers at the …

Challenged, Corrupt, Change

65. The Knapp Commission, which investigated Corruption in the New York City Police Department in the early 1970s, divided Corrupt officers into two types: meat-eaters, who "aggressively misuse their police powers for personal gain", and grass-eaters, who "simply

Commission, Corruption, City, Corrupt

66. Whenever Corrupt Official becomes blocked, defending player discards a card at random

Corrupt, Card

67. Corrupted Conscience (5) Enchantment — Aura Enchant creature

Corrupted, Conscience, Creature

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