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1. Definition of Corresponding 1 a : having or participating in the same relationship (such as kind, degree, position, correspondence, or function) especially with regard to the same or like wholes (such as geometric figures or sets) Corresponding parts of similar triangles

Corresponding, Correspondence

2. Corresponding synonyms, Corresponding pronunciation, Corresponding translation, English dictionary definition of Corresponding


3. Accompanying another: a high corporate position and its Corresponding problems

Corporate, Corresponding

4. Corresponding definition, identical in all essentials or respects: Corresponding fingerprints


5. 36 synonyms of Corresponding from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 58 related words, definitions, and antonyms


6. Find another word for Corresponding


7. Corresponding: having qualities in common

Corresponding, Common

8. Find 28 ways to say Corresponding, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Corresponding, Com

9. C2 similar to, connected with, or caused by something else: Company losses were 50 percent worse than in the Corresponding period last year

Connected, Caused, Company, Corresponding

10. As the course becomes more difficult, there's usually a Corresponding

Course, Corresponding

11. Synonyms for Corresponding include correspondent, correlated, matching, commensurate, correlative, equivalent, parallel, related, relative and similar

Corresponding, Correspondent, Correlated, Commensurate, Correlative

12. The Corresponding files are small in size and can be scaled at any resolution without losses

Corresponding, Can

13. Data Corresponding to a web address is encoded in a pattern of black and white squares, called a data matrix

Corresponding, Called

14. Each time an activity is carried out, the residual availability of a nonrenewable resource is decreased by the Corresponding resource demand.

Carried, Corresponding

15. Corresponding objects are those that appear in the same place in two similar situations


16. Angle A on the left is the Corresponding angle to K on the right, because they are in the same location …


17. 6 ways to abbreviate Corresponding


18. How to abbreviate Corresponding? Get the most popular abbreviation for Corresponding updated in 2021


19. Synonyms for Corresponding in Free Thesaurus


20. 32 synonyms for Corresponding: equivalent, matching, similar, related, correspondent

Corresponding, Correspondent

21. Corresponding Angles Definition: Corresponding angles are the angles which are formed in matching corners or Corresponding corners with the transversal when two parallel lines are intersected by any other line (i.e

Corresponding, Corners

22. For example, in the below-given figure, angle p and angle w are the Corresponding angles.


23. Corresponding Sentence Examples On the preparation of the substituted amides from the Corresponding sodamides see A


24. They are violet-red in colour, and on boiling or long standing with dilute acids they pass into the Corresponding

Colour, Corresponding

25. Definition of Corresponding in the dictionary


26. What does Corresponding mean? Information and translations of Corresponding in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Corresponding, Comprehensive

27. Corresponding comes from the Latin roots cor-, meaning "together," and respondere, meaning "to answer." Aside from its meaning of "having similar function and purpose," the adjective can also mean "related" or "accompanying." Type the Corresponding keys …

Corresponding, Comes, Cor, Can

28. As verbs the difference between Corresponding and according is that Corresponding is while according is


29. As adjectives the difference between Corresponding and according is that Corresponding is that have a similar relationship while according is agreeing; in agreement or harmony; harmonious


30. As a noun Corresponding is action of the verb to correspond

Corresponding, Correspond

31. Corresponding in a sentence 1 All rights have Corresponding responsibilities


32. 2 All rights carry with them Corresponding responsibilities

Carry, Corresponding

33. 3 The war, and the Corresponding fall in trade, have had a devastating effect on the country.

Corresponding, Country

34. More When two lines are crossed by another line (which is called the Transversal), the angles in matching corners are called Corresponding angles

Crossed, Called, Corners, Corresponding

35. Example: a and e are Corresponding angles


36. When the two lines are parallel Corresponding Angles are equal.


37. Corresponding definition: parallel ; equivalent Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


38. • Each section is contributed by a different expert in the Corresponding field

Contributed, Corresponding

39. • They represent the thought experiment of choosing a level of gross output and finding the Corresponding scale and diversity.

Choosing, Corresponding

40. ‘The reactive dyes have been characterized by the Corresponding color index names and numbers, the chemical class and reactive groups.’ ‘Their tragic flaw, of course, was the relatively arbitrary assignment of these functions to areas, and the belief in the Corresponding shape of the skull.’

Characterized, Corresponding, Color, Chemical, Class, Course

41. Corresponding translate: correspondiente, correspondiente [masculine-feminine]

Corresponding, Correspondiente

42. A Corresponding author is the individual who, when working on a paper with multiple authors, takes primary responsibility for communicating with the journal you intend to publish in.

Corresponding, Communicating

43. The Corresponding features in the northern hemisphere had almost disappeared by 2011


44. (Cassini Sees Dramatic Seasonal Changes on Titan, NASA) "We knew already that cells need to transcribe new genes in order to recover," explained Corresponding author Denise Montell, UCSB's Duggan Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology.

Cassini, Changes, Cells, Corresponding, Cellular

45. The angles in matching corners are called Corresponding Angles

Corners, Called, Corresponding

46. In this example, these are Corresponding angles: a and e b and f c and g d and h; Parallel Lines


47. When the two lines being crossed are Parallel Lines the Corresponding Angles are equal

Crossed, Corresponding

48. (Click on "Corresponding Angles" to have them highlighted for you.)

Click, Corresponding

49. • The Corresponding figure for modern schools was 15.7 percent


50. • Compared with the Corresponding period last year, average temperatures have been low

Compared, Corresponding

51. • Where files are computerised a Corresponding right of access exists under the Data Protection Act 1984

Computerised, Corresponding

52. Find 28 ways to say Corresponding, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Corresponding, Com

53. Definition and synonyms of Corresponding from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.


54. This is the British English definition of Corresponding.View American English definition of Corresponding.


55. The Corresponding author is the one individual who takes primary responsibility for communication with the journal during the manuscript submission, peer review, and publication process

Corresponding, Communication

56. Corresponding - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


57. Corresponding sides and angles are a pair of matching angles or sides that are in the same spot in two different shapes


58. Look at the pictures below to see what Corresponding sides and angles look like


59. Corresponding Angles – Explanation & Examples Before jumping into the topic of Corresponding angles, let’s first remind ourselves about angles, parallel and non-parallel lines, and transversal lines


60. The store earned 20 percent more this month than it did in the Corresponding [=same] month last year


61. “Robert” is a boy's name, and the Corresponding name for a girl is “Roberta.” [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples


62. « Previous Index Next » ABAP HANA 7.51: BASE, Corresponding & MOVE-Corresponding Operators The BASE operator is used as a baseline for ABAP operations and has multiple uses


63. With help of Corresponding & MOVE-Corresponding Operators, data movement and copying is made easier…

Corresponding, Copying

64. Profits have risen by 15 per cent compared with the Corresponding period last year

Cent, Compared, Corresponding

65. The Redskins lost to the Cowboys in the Corresponding game last year

Cowboys, Corresponding

66. Fewer houses are available, but there is no Corresponding decrease in demand


67. Corresponding to something Give each picture a number Corresponding to its position on the page.


68. 2) Corresponding Exterior Angle: Found at the outer side of the intersection between the parallel lines and the transversal


69. The postulate for the Corresponding angles states, if a transversal intersects two parallel lines, the Corresponding


70. As verbs the difference between Corresponding and equivalent is that Corresponding is (correspond) while equivalent is to make equivalent to; to equal

Corresponding, Correspond

71. As nouns the difference between Corresponding and equivalent is that Corresponding is action of the verb to correspond while equivalent is anything that is virtually equal to something else, or has the same value, force, etc.

Corresponding, Correspond

72. Take out insurance Corresponding to the real value of your watch in order to cover it against any risk of loss or theft

Corresponding, Cover

73. The Corresponding author takes responsibility for the manuscript during the submission, peer review and production process


74. All communication from submission to publication will be with the Corresponding author

Communication, Corresponding

75. The Corresponding author does not need to be the first author or a senior author


76. A Pharmacist Has a Corresponding Responsibility


77. The Corresponding author is the person chosen within the group to be responsible for all contact and correspondence with the periodical they are contacting

Corresponding, Chosen, Contact, Correspondence, Contacting

78. A Corresponding author is typically one of a group of authors who worked on a paper or report that has been submitted to a journal or periodical for review and publication.


79. Corresponding angles in plane geometry are created when transversals cross two lines

Corresponding, Created, Cross

80. Corresponding adjustments require legal approval of voluntary carbon market projects, a link between monitoring and accounting, robust transaction GHG registries, and an agreement between voluntary carbon market standards and national GHG registries

Corresponding, Carbon

81. Corresponding angles are angles that are in the same relative position at an intersection of a transversal and at least two lines


82. If the two lines are parallel then the Corresponding angles are congruent

Corresponding, Congruent

83. The following diagram shows examples of Corresponding angles


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