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1. Definition of Correlate (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : either of two things so related that one directly implies or is complementary to the other (such as husband and wife) brain size as a Correlate of intelligence

Correlate, Complementary

2. To place in or bring into mutual or reciprocal relation; establish in orderly connection: to Correlate expenses and income

Connection, Correlate

3. Correspond, parallel, be connected, equate, tie in Obesity Correlates with increased risk of heart disease and stroke

Correspond, Connected, Correlates

4. Connect, compare, associate, tie in, coordinate attempts to Correlate specific language functions with particular parts of the brain

Connect, Compare, Coordinate, Correlate

5. Synonyms of Correlate (Entry 1 of 2) something that serves to complete or make up for a deficiency in something else the often uneasy relationship between the employer and his Correlate, the employee

Correlate, Complete

6. If two things Correlate, or are Correlated, they are connected, and affect each other: Correlate to sth At this point, the advertising hasn't Correlated to an increase in sales. Correlate (sth) with sth Oil sales …

Correlate, Correlated, Connected

7. GIS Correlates geography to key issues by layering relevant, sometimes seemingly disparate data to achieve clarity on complex situations

Correlates, Clarity, Complex

8. Correlate is designed to give you control and flexibility over your digital files

Correlate, Control

9. Correlate’s unique predictive algorithm generates individualized performance insights that give you a leg up


10. Correlate is lead by a strong team of dedicated and experianced energy management professionals.


11. Correspond, parallel, be connected, equate, tie in Obesity Correlates with increased risk of heart disease and stroke

Correspond, Connected, Correlates

12. Connect, compare, associate, tie in, coordinate attempts to Correlate specific language functions with particular parts of the brain

Connect, Compare, Coordinate, Correlate

13. Correlate with (something) To agree with or correspond to something

Correlate, Correspond

14. Those results just don't Correlate with the data from our previous experiments


15. Does this chart Correlate with the information given in …

Chart, Correlate

16. If two or more facts, ideas etc Correlate or if you Correlate them, they are closely connected to each other or one causes the other Correlate with Poverty and poor housing Correlate with a shorter life expectancy

Correlate, Closely, Connected, Causes

17. Correlate strongly/significantly/closely Lack of prenatal care Correlates strongly with premature birth

Correlate, Closely, Care, Correlates

18. → See Verb table Examples from the Corpus Correlate • Newspaper accounts and official reports from …

Corpus, Correlate

19. Fundamentally, he says, a company needs to understand: what it is insuring, what its liabilities are, what exposures on its balance sheet might be at risk from a specific type of event, what insurance and reinsurance coverage it has, where that is located and how the potential losses Correlate to its insurance for business activities, business

Company, Coverage, Correlate

20. Correlate - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


21. See 5 authoritative translations of Correlate in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

Correlate, Conjugations

22. Scipy.signal.Correlate¶ scipy.signal.Correlate (in1, in2, mode = 'full', method = 'auto') [source] ¶ Cross-Correlate two N-dimensional arrays

Correlate, Cross

23. Cross-Correlate in1 and in2, with the output size determined by the mode argument.

Cross, Correlate

24. Verb If one thing Correlates with another, there is a close similarity or connection between them, often because one thing causes the other

Correlates, Close, Connection, Causes

25. You can also say that two things Correlate.

Can, Correlate

26. You can use the Correlate command to see an overview of the co-occurrence between fields in your data

Can, Correlate, Command, Co

27. Cyber Correlate provides top level Managed Security Services, consulting, testing and IT security solutions in various sectors locally and internationally

Cyber, Correlate, Consulting

28. Cyber Correlate has, and always will, focus in partnering with leading technology and consulting firms to bring the best of breed consulting and high-tech solutions to your doorstep in

Cyber, Correlate, Consulting

29. Correlate (n.) "the secondary term of a relation, that to which something is related," 1640s, perhaps a back-formation from correlation or from Correlate (adj.), …

Correlate, Correlation

30. Inflections of 'Correlate' (v): (⇒ conjugate) Correlates v 3rd person singular correlating v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing." Correlated v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, "He saw the man." "She laughed." Correlated v past p verb, past participle: Verb form used

Correlate, Conjugate, Correlates, Correlating, Correlated

31. Definition of Correlate written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.

Correlate, Count

32. Correlate is a smart life-journal app that helps you understand why are you feeling sick thanks to a scientific algorithm


33. Numpy.Correlate¶ numpy.Correlate (a, v, mode='valid') [source] ¶ Cross-correlation of two 1-dimensional sequences

Correlate, Cross, Correlation

34. The Correlate function computes the linear Pearson correlation coefficient of two vectors or the correlation matrix of an m x n array

Correlate, Computes, Correlation, Coefficient

35. GOM Correlate is an inspection and evaluation software for strain, 3D displacement, 3D deformation, velocity and acceleration


36. Download GOM Correlate for free.


37. Antonyms for Correlate include differ, disassociate, disconnect, dissociate, imbalance, separate, contrast, unlink, detach and disproportion

Correlate, Contrast

38. Then Correlate the device groups to their normal operating schedules


39. [transitive] Correlate something to show that there is a close connection between two or more facts, figures, etc

Correlate, Close, Connection

40. Researchers are trying to Correlate the two sets of figures


41. Property values are negatively Correlated to the tax rate


42. Numpy Correlate() method is used to find cross-correlation between two 1-dimensional vectors

Correlate, Cross, Correlation

43. The Correlate() function which computes the correlation as generally defined in single-processing text is given as: c_{v1v2} [k] = sum_n v1[n+k] * conj(v2[n]) with v1 and v2 sequences being zero-padded where necessary and conj being the conjugate

Correlate, Computes, Correlation, Conj, Conjugate

44. In simpler terms, Python numpy.Correlate


45. Numpy.Correlate¶ numpy.Correlate(a, v, mode='valid') [source] ¶ Cross-correlation of two 1-dimensional sequences

Correlate, Cross, Correlation

46. What does Correlate mean? The definition of Correlate refers to things that go together or relate to each other in some way


47. Correlate: 1 v bear a reciprocal or mutual relation “Do these facts Correlate ?” Type of: agree , check , correspond , fit , gibe , jibe , match , tally be compatible, similar or consistent; coincide in their characteristics v bring into a mutual, complementary, or reciprocal relation “I cannot Correlate these two pieces of information” Type

Correlate, Check, Correspond, Compatible, Consistent, Coincide, Characteristics, Complementary, Cannot

48. Synonyms for Correlate in Free Thesaurus


49. 26 synonyms for Correlate: correspond, parallel, be connected, equate, tie in, connect, compare

Correlate, Correspond, Connected, Connect, Compare

50. Correlate's core product is the K-Map, which stands for Knowledge Map

Correlate, Core

51. The strongest Correlate of depression was perceived poor health; these subjects were almost seven times more likely to be depressed


52. Definition and synonyms of Correlate from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.


53. This is the British English definition of Correlate.View American English definition of Correlate.


54. Correlate (a, v, mode = 'valid') [source] ¶ Cross-correlation of two 1-dimensional sequences

Correlate, Cross, Correlation

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