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1. Charles Cornwallis led several successful early campaigns during the American Revolution, securing British victories at New York, Brandywine and Camden

Charles, Cornwallis, Campaigns, Camden

2. Cornwallis was the most aristocratic of the British commanders in America

Cornwallis, Commanders

3. Born in Grosvenor Square in London, he was the sixth child and oldest son of Charles, first earl Cornwallis, and Elizabeth Townshend

Child, Charles, Cornwallis

4. Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess and 2nd Earl Cornwallis, in full Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess and 2nd Earl Cornwallis, Viscount Brome, Baron Cornwallis of Eye, (born December 31, 1738, London, England—died October 5, 1805, Ghazipur, India [now in Uttar Pradesh, India]), British soldier and statesman, probably best known for his defeat at Yorktown, Virginia, in the last important campaign …

Charles, Cornwallis, Campaign

5. December 31, 1738 - October 5, 1805 Charles Cornwallis was born on New Years’ Eve to an English ruling class family

Charles, Cornwallis, Class

6. His father Charles, the 5th Baron of Eye, sent Cornwallis to Eton, an exclusive private school, then to a military academy in Turin, Italy.

Charles, Cornwallis

7. Lord Charles Cornwallis was born to an Earl, in London, in the year 1738

Charles, Cornwallis

8. Later he was elected to the House of Commons, and soon to follow he became Earl Cornwallis in his father’s place, upon which he entered into the House of Lords.

Commons, Cornwallis

9. The British American Revolutionary War General Cornwallis (Charles Cornwallis) is famous for being defeated at the Battle of Yorktown; the battle which basically ended the American Revolution.

Cornwallis, Charles

10. Charles Cornwallis (December 31, 1738–October 5, 1805), was a British peer, a Member of the House of Lords and the 2nd Earl of Cornwallis, who was a …

Charles, Cornwallis

11. All students at Cornwallis Academy are allocated into one of our six Houses; Bradbourne, Cobham, Chartwell, Knowlton, Preston and Scotney, which are all named after iconic places of interest in Kent.

Cornwallis, Cobham, Chartwell

12. Cornwallis Island, one of the Parry Islands in the Arctic Ocean, Baffin region, Nunavut territory, Canada

Cornwallis, Canada

13. Located north of Barrow Strait between Devon and Bathurst islands, Cornwallis Island is about 70 miles (115 km) long and 30–60 miles (50–100 km) wide and has an area of 2,701 square miles


14. Born on December 31, 1738, Charles Edward Cornwallis V was an aristocratic of high ranking family

Charles, Cornwallis

15. Charles Earl Cornwallis, the British General Officer Commanding in the South, marched from Winnsborough, South Carolina on January 8, 1781 at the start of his second campaign to conquer North Carolina

Charles, Cornwallis, Commanding, Carolina, Campaign, Conquer

16. Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis (1738-1805) Charles Cornwallis was sympathetic to American views during pre-war political disputes in Parliament but became one of the most prominent British generals during the War for Independence.

Charles, Cornwallis

17. When you set a picture of Cornwallis on your friend's phone background.


18. Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess and 2nd Earl Cornwallis (1738-1805), served as a general in the British Army during the American War for Independence

Charles, Cornwallis

19. Cornwallis held commands in the colonies throughout the duration of the war and was frequently George Washington’s battlefield counterpart.

Cornwallis, Commands, Colonies, Counterpart

20. Based in the City of London and established in 2001, Cornwallis Elt is a market leading recruitment business operating within the financial services, digital & media, professional services and legal sectors

City, Cornwallis

21. Cornwallis’ Cave, a significant natural landmark in this historic turning point, is a cavern full of legend overlooking the York River beachfront that still exists in Historic Yorktown today

Cornwallis, Cave, Cavern

22. The Surrender of Lord Cornwallis is an oil painting by John Trumbull.The painting was completed in 1820, and hangs in the rotunda of the United States Capitol in Washington, D

Cornwallis, Completed, Capitol

23. Legend has it that Cornwallis' Cave (hidden across from the bustling beach) is where the British General retreated to avoid bombardment during the Battle of Yorktown.

Cornwallis, Cave

24. James Cornwallis (1743-1824), 4th Earl Cornwallis was a British clergyman, and peer, Dean of Canterbury (1775-1781), Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry (1781-1824), Dean of Windsor (1791-1794), Dean of Durham (1794-1824) Charles Cornwallis (1774-1823), 2nd Marquess Cornwallis British peer, Master of the Buckhounds between 1807 and 1823

Cornwallis, Clergyman, Canterbury, Coventry, Charles

25. What does Cornwallis mean? 1st Marquis Cornwallis 1738-1805; Eng


26. Surrender of the British General Cornwallis to the Americans, October 19, 1781 These three documents—a map, a manuscript, and a print—tell the story of the surrender of British commander Charles Cornwallis to American General George Washington

Cornwallis, Commander, Charles

27. Cornwallis Road Animal Hospital


28. This Cornwallis is number 51 AE shoes I bought in the last few years


29. Definition of Cornwallis in the dictionary


30. What does Cornwallis mean? Information and translations of Cornwallis in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Cornwallis, Comprehensive

31. Earl Cornwallis occupied Georgia and South Carolina, and was posed to capture North Carolina

Cornwallis, Carolina, Capture

32. Cornwallis sailed with orders to rein them in and again get the East India Company’s budget under control

Cornwallis, Company, Control

33. Alas, it soon became evident that Cornwallis was no longer the vigorous man who had arrived in 1786, able to bring order and decency to Britain’s colonial policy and win a crucial war.

Cornwallis, Colonial, Crucial

34. Sir John Cornwallis was born circa 1490.2 He was the son of Sir William Cornwallis and Elizabeth Stanford.3 He married Mary Sulyard, daughter of Edward Sulyard and Anne Norris.2 He died in 1544.1 He was Steward of the Household to the Prince of Waleslater King Edward VI.1 He lived at Broome, Suffolk, England.4

Cornwallis, Circa

35. Charles Cornwallis, second earl and first marquess Cornwallis, was born on 31 December 1738 and died on 5 October 1805

Charles, Cornwallis

36. The Cornwallis Papers Volume 1 The Campaigns of 1780 and 1781 in The Southern Theatre of the American Revolutionary War [Saberton, Ian] on

Cornwallis, Campaigns, Com

37. The Cornwallis Papers Volume 1 The Campaigns of 1780 and 1781 in The Southern Theatre of the American Revolutionary War

Cornwallis, Campaigns

38. Cornwallis Academy is part of Future Schools Trust


39. Cornwallis synonyms, Cornwallis pronunciation, Cornwallis translation, English dictionary definition of Cornwallis


40. Charles First Marquis Cornwallis

Charles, Cornwallis

41. Lord Cornwallis has gotten a bum rap in America


42. Cornwallis and the British Army in Hillsborough, February 1781 : Charles Earl Cornwallis, painting by Thomas Gainsborough, 1783 : British General Charles Earl Cornwallis and his approximately 1,900-man British army occupied Hillsborough beginning February 19, 1781, after pursuing General Nathanael Greene into Virginia, and prior to the Battle of Guilford Courthouse (and after securing the

Cornwallis, Charles, Courthouse

43. Delivery & Pickup Options - 29 reviews of Pita Delite - Cornwallis "If it is on or belongs on a pita, this is the place


44. By contrast, Cornwallis and the British largely squandered their advantages with aimless strategy, sluggish campaigning and internal dissension

Contrast, Cornwallis, Campaigning

45. Cornwallis manor is an amazing building


46. Its name refers to the then Governor-General of India, Charles Marquess Cornwallis

Charles, Cornwallis

47. Cornwallis, CHARLES, first Marquis and second Earl Cornwallis (1738–1805), governor-general of India, and lord-lieutenant of Ireland, the sixth child and eldest son of Charles, first earl Cornwallis, was born in Grosvenor Square on 31 Dec

Cornwallis, Charles, Child

48. The family of Cornwallis was established at Brome Hall, near Eye, in Suffolk, in the course of the

Cornwallis, Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cornwallis mean?

a petty gangster or ruffian. The British still held New York when Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown in October 1781. After all, Cornwallis ' surrender only deprived Britain of 8,000 of its 42,000 troops in North America (p. 74). Cornwallis himself remained in Yorktown, pleading indisposition but perhaps unable to face the triumph of revolution.

What does Charles first Marquis Cornwallis mean?

(kôrn-wŏl′ĭs, -wô′lĭs), Charles First Marquis Cornwallis. 1738-1805. British military leader who commanded forces in the Carolinas and Virginia during the American Revolution. His surrender at Yorktown in 1781 signaled the eventual defeat of Britain.

Who was charles cornwallis?

Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis, KG, PC (31 December 1738 – 5 October 1805), styled Viscount Brome between 1753 and 1762 and known as The Earl Cornwallis between 1762 and 1792, was a British Army general and official. In the United States and the United Kingdom he is best remembered as...

What did Cornwallis do against Cumberland?

Cumberland's campaign was later described by one historian as one of unrestrained violence. Cornwallis ordered his men to chase off livestock, destroy crops and food stores. Against Cornwallis' orders, there was an incident in which some of soldiers raped and murdered non-combatants to intimidate Jacobites from further rebellion.

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