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1. Corduroying meaning Present participle of corduroy.

Corduroying, Corduroy

2. Worse yet, the men had to build over permafrost (permanently frozen ground) that required Corduroying, then dumping truckloads of earth and gravel on top of that to provide a usable road surface


3. The regiment moved on the Carolinas Campaign and performed its full share of marching, foraging and Corduroying

Carolinas, Campaign, Corduroying

4. A list of words that end with Corduroying.We search a large Scrabble dictionary for words ending with the letter or word you enter, and generate all words ending with Corduroying (words with the suffix Corduroying)


5. Also try our list of Words that start with Corduroying, and words that contain Corduroying, and Synonyms of Corduroying.

Corduroying, Contain

6. Corduroying - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with Corduroying and much more


7. The word Corduroying uses 11 letters: c, d, g, i, n, o, o, r, r, u, y


8. Corduroying is playable in: Words With Friends 21


9. The 15th participated in the Union retreat after the disastrous “Mud March” of January 1863, Corduroying the muddy roads with logs to enable the army’s bogged-down wagons and artillery to return safely to camp

Corduroying, Camp

10. Employed in double-Corduroying the marshes, so that I have no fears even of bad weather


11. Corduroying Total Number of words made out of Corduroying = 206 Corduroying is an acceptable word in Scrabble with 18 points.Corduroying is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 21 points


12. Corduroying is a 11 letter long Word starting with C and ending …


13. Encountered bad road which required Corduroying


14. It was stated that the contractor has started Corduroying the approaches in order to prevent deterioration but the constant rains are hindering …

Contractor, Corduroying, Constant

15. Moreover, flesh remnant, contamination with dirt, flay cut/hole and Corduroying were the most frequently observed defects on hides and skins in Arsi Negele districts [26]

Contamination, Cut, Corduroying

16. Corduroying involved chopping trees down by hand, layering logs across the muskeg along the intended area of the road, and pouring fill over the logs

Corduroying, Chopping

17. Corduroying the Roads to Corinth and General Buell's Army Crossing Lick Creek on the Way to Corinth September 20, 1862 Harper's Weekly Enrolling the Citizens, Troops Crossing to Covington, and Preparations for Defense at Cincinnati--Citizens in the Trenches …

Corduroying, Corinth, Crossing, Creek, Citizens, Covington, Cincinnati

18. Corduroying (current term) corduroylike corduroys cordwain cordwainer: cordwaineries cordwainers cordwainery cordwains cordwood cordwoods cordy pulse cordycepin cordyline cordylines: Literary usage of Corduroying

Corduroying, Current, Corduroylike, Corduroys, Cordwain, Cordwainer, Cordwaineries, Cordwainers, Cordwainery, Cordwains, Cordwood, Cordwoods, Cordy, Cordycepin, Cordyline, Cordylines

19. If the electrical discharge occurs while the bearing is in motion, with a full fluid film, a washboard effect or grooves appear on the entire bearing raceway and is called fluting or Corduroying

Called, Corduroying

20. He oversaw the construction of the three new roads Buell’s army made, the Corduroying of the roads, as well as the construction of the earthworks the partially encircled the town

Construction, Corduroying

21. Small boardwalks and the application of wood chips and “Corduroying,” a practice of laying logs of uniform length side by side into a muddy base, have decreased the trails’ seasonal muddiness

Chips, Corduroying

22. Corduroying As everybody but us Swedes from the back-of-beyond probably knows, there is a verb: to corduroy

Corduroying, Corduroy

23. For the information of the uninitiated, I must tell them that Corduroying a road is placing two or three tiers of trees along, like a railroad track; and then across those others are laid, and the interstices filled in with earth


24. Corduroying the Roads to Corinth and General Buell's Army Crossing Lick Creek on the Way to Corinth

Corduroying, Corinth, Crossing, Creek

25. CAPTAIN: In reply to your request for an estimate of the amount of bridging and Corduroying done by the pioneer corps of the several divisions of this army corps, I have the honor to invite your attention to the reports of division commanders, herewith transmitted, and a consolidated estimate prepared for the information of the commanding

Captain, Corduroying, Corps, Commanders, Consolidated, Commanding

26. The roads were nearly impassable, and before advancing roads had to be constructed by Corduroying

Constructed, Corduroying

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