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1. is a collaborative project to create and disseminate useful information, tutorial material, and new policy ideas regarding all forms of Copyleft licensing

Copyleft, Collaborative, Create

2. This site itself is licensed under a Copyleft license and has received contributions from experts around the world.

Copyleft, Contributions

3. Verb (used with object) to secure Copyleft for (software, works of art, etc.)


4. Copyleft is a way of using the copyright on the program

Copyleft, Copyright

5. It doesn't mean abandoning the copyright; in fact, doing so would make Copyleft impossible

Copyright, Copyleft

6. The “left” in “Copyleft” is not a reference to the verb “to leave”—only to the direction which is the mirror image of “right”.


7. Copyleft is free software license requiring copyright authors to permit some of their work to be reproduced

Copyleft, Copyright

8. But with Copyleft law, users and authors co-exist

Copyleft, Co

9. The birth of the Copyleft open source license, or the reciprocal license, is one of the most significant milestones in the history of free and open source software (FOSS), and it …


10. 카피레프트(영어: Copyleft) 또는 저좌권(著佐權)은 저작권(영어: copyright 카피라이트 )에 반대되는 개념으로, 저작권에 기반을 둔 사용 제한이 아니라 저작권을 기반으로 한 정보의 공유를 위한 조치이다

Copyleft, Copyright

11. Copyleft is a term coined by the FSF and implies that if you distribute a derivative work of a work under a Copyleft license, you must distribute the derivative under the same license as the original work (it may however be combined with works under a permissive license that is deemed "compatible", read on).

Copyleft, Coined, Combined, Compatible

12. Copyleft is a specific license granted under copyright law, and the international statutes governing copyright law are the mechanisms that establish and protect Copyleft

Copyleft, Copyright

13. Typically, Copyleft is a general license agreement granted by a copyright owner permitting anyone to freely use copyrighted property but under specific terms.

Copyleft, Copyright, Copyrighted

14. An example of a Copyleft license is the GNU General Public License (GPL), which only allows the altered work to be distributed under the original licensing terms


15. Although a Copyleft license encourages derivative works, it also ensures that the works and all their future forms remain free


16. Copyleft is actually a term coined by Richard Stallman (also called RMS) who is the pioneer of the Free Software Movement which ultimately resulted in today's world where people take using FOSS software so much for granted.

Copyleft, Coined, Called

17. Copyleft is the idea and the specific stipulation when distributing software that the user will be able to copy it freely, examine and modify the source code, and redistribute the software to others (free or priced) as long as the redistributed software is also passed along with the Copyleft stipulation.

Copyleft, Copy, Code

18. Copyleft (còn gọi là bản quyền bên trái) là một cách chơi chữ đúp từ chữ copyright trong tiếng Anh có nghĩa là bản quyền, trong đó chữ left (bên trái) phản nghĩa với nghĩa của từ right (bên phải), mặc dù chữ "right" copyright có nghĩa là "quyền lợi" chứ không mang nghĩa "bên phải"

Copyleft, Ch, Copyright

19.   guépard Exhibition Store 2020 2020.7.11 sat - 7.19 sun(16.17 closed) @Copyleft_   #guepard  #ギュパール  

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20. Copyleft(@Copyleft_)がシェアした投稿 - 2020年 7月月8日午 …


21. Copyleft is a subset of open source


22. Contrary to what the term might imply, Copyleft is not the opposite of copyright

Contrary, Copyleft, Copyright

23. In fact, Copyleft is grounded in the concept of copyright, without which Copyleft couldn't exist.

Copyleft, Concept, Copyright, Couldn

24. The Copyleft clauses were written to support copyright laws, not eliminate them

Copyleft, Clauses, Copyright

25. Weak A "strong Copyleft" license, such as the GNU GPL license, applies to all derived works and software


26. Copyleft License means any license that requires, as a condition of use, modification or distribution of Copyleft Materials, that such Copyleft Materials, or other software or content incorporated into, derived from, used, or distributed with such Copyleft Materials: (i) in the case of software, be made available to any third party recipient in a form other than binary (e.g., source code) form

Copyleft, Condition, Content, Case, Code

27. El Copyleft es también un incentivo para que otros programadores se sumen al software libre


28. El Copyleft también ayuda a los programadores que quieran contribuir con mejoras al software libre a obtener permiso para hacerlo.

Copyleft, Contribuir, Con

29. Copyleft describes a group of licenses applied to works such as software, documents, and art


30. Where copyright law is seen by the original proponents of Copyleft as a way to restrict the right to make and redistribute copies of a particular work, a Copyleft license uses copyright law in order to ensure that every person who receives a copy or

Copyright, Copyleft, Copies, Copy

31. A Copyleft license makes it mandatory to distribute all the source code of software based on previous Copyleft work upon release to the public. Copyleft ensures that any attempt by an organization to use open source work in a commercial venture isn’t viable.

Copyleft, Code, Commercial

32. Copyleft: Pragmatic Idealism; II-2-1


33. For example, Free-software licenses that use “weak” Copyleft include the GNU Lesser General Public License and the Mozilla Public License


34. Examples of non-Copyleft (“permissive”) free-software licenses include the X11 license, Apache license, and the BSD licenses.


35. Is that Copyleft is the philosophy of using copyrights to enforce freedom of information, especially software source code while copyright is (uncountable) the right by law to be the entity which determines who may publish, copy and distribute a piece of writing, music, picture or other work of authorship.

Copyleft, Copyrights, Code, Copyright, Copy

36. Copyleft definition: a form of licensing that imposes fewer restrictions on the use of a work than copyright Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Copyleft, Copyright

37. Copyleft(中文翻譯包括:著作傳 、著佐權 、「版權屬左」、「版權左派」、「公共版權」 等 ),源自自由軟體運動,是一種利用現有著作權(英語: copyright )體制來保障用户软件自由使用权利的授權方式,可以了解為允許他人使用、傳播但加了一些少規則。 在自由軟體许可证中增加Copyleft條款

Copyleft, Copyright

38. Copyleft synonyms, Copyleft pronunciation, Copyleft translation, English dictionary definition of Copyleft


39. Synonyms for Copyleft in Free Thesaurus


40. What are synonyms for Copyleft?


41. Copyleft licenses work like permissive licenses with a catch: they require sharing and licensing the source code for new software built with Copyleft-licensed software as open software, too

Copyleft, Catch, Code

42. For this reason, Copyleft licenses are sometimes called “share-alike” licenses, though “Copyleft” is the term you’ll hear most in software.

Copyleft, Called

43. Copyleft is a distinguishing feature of some free software licenses


44. Many free software licenses are not Copyleft licenses because they do not require the licensee to distribute derivative works under the same license


45. Copyleft is a type of license that attempts to ensure that the public retains the freedom to use, modify, extend and redistribute a creative work and all derivative works (i.e., works based on or derived from it) rather than to restrict such freedoms.

Copyleft, Creative

46. Copyleft is a see also of copywrong

Copyleft, Copywrong

47. As nouns the difference between Copyleft and copywrong is that Copyleft is the philosophy of using copyrights to enforce freedom of information, especially software source code while copywrong is (nonce) the unethical use of, or disregard for, copyright law

Copyleft, Copywrong, Copyrights, Code, Copyright

48. As a verb Copyleft is to license under a Copyleft


49. Under Copyleft, the author claims a copyright on the work and makes a statement in the form of a license that other people have the right to use, modify, and share the work so long as their modified versions are put under that same license and that anyone receiving a copy of the work — whether modified or not — must also be given these same

Copyleft, Claims, Copyright, Copy

50. Copyleft Isn’t Limited to Just Permission; Many people have a misconception that Copyleft license is like a permissive license that bestows users with the freedom to do whatever they want


51. Well, the fact is that Copyleft undoubtedly grants liberty but at the same time, imposes users to fulfill some demands.


52. Both Copyleft and permissive licenses license allow users to freely copy, distribute, and change the software that use them

Copyleft, Copy, Change

53. Copyleft is an option derived within the domain of copyright laws itself, providing a little bit of freedom and liberty, that allows users to modify and distribute the software and the program, which was surely not possible with the traditionally copyrighted programs

Copyleft, Copyright, Copyrighted

54. It would not be wrong to conclude that the concept of Copyleft will create

Conclude, Concept, Copyleft, Create

55. Find Copyleft stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection

Copyleft, Collection

56. Copyleft, a play on the word "copyright," is the practice of offering users of a work the right to freely distribute and modify the original work, but only under the condition that the derivative works be licensed with the same rights.

Copyleft, Copyright, Condition

57. The foregrounding of diverse discursive registers, the explicit acknowledgement of her dependence on source texts and her commitment to Copyleft practices, together forge a fragile network of dialogue and exchange, of quiet affiliation and solidarity, and of resistance.

Commitment, Copyleft

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COPYLEFT [ˈkäpēˌleft]

copyleft (noun)

  • an arrangement whereby software or artistic work may be used, modified, and distributed freely on condition that anything derived from it is bound by the same condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does copyleft mean?

“Copyleft” refers to the notion that certain computer programs and software can be passed on to other users. These users may then be granted access to the program, software, or source code in terms of:

Is copyleft a general concept?

Copyleft is a general concept, and you can't use a general concept directly; you can only use a specific implementation of the concept. In the GNU Project, the specific distribution terms that we use for most software are contained in the GNU General Public License. The GNU General Public License is often called the GNU GPL for short.

Is copyleft free software?

Copyleft is free software license requiring copyright authors to permit some of their work to be reproduced. With copyright law, authors have complete control over their materials.

What is the difference between copyright and copyleft?

In some respects, copyleft is similar to a copyright license, in that it allows a person or party to use copyrighted material. However, licenses often revolve around one-time usages, whereas copyleft has more to do with the rights involved with the reproduction and reusing of programs.

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