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CONVIVIALDC [kənˈvivēəl]

convivial (adjective)

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4. NW; (202) 525-2870;

5. On O Street NW at 8th Street: Convivial (; tel

6. For additional information or to pre-order a Bastille Day Picnic, please visit or call 202-525-2870

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8. Convivial’s Father’s Day Picnic for Two is available for preordered online via or by calling (202) 525-2870

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What does convivial mean?

Convivial definition is - relating to, occupied with, or fond of feasting, drinking, and good company. How to use convivial in a sentence. Did You Know?

What is convivial nature?

Definition of convivial : relating to, occupied with, or fond of feasting, drinking, and good company a convivial host a convivial gathering formal : of or relating to social events where people can eat, drink, and talk in a friendly way with others

What is another word for convivial?

Synonyms for convivial. cheerful. clubby. festive. genial. hearty. jolly. jovial. lively.

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