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CONVERGENCE [kənˈvərjəns]

convergence (noun) · convergency (noun) · convergences (plural noun) · convergence zone (noun) · convergence zones (plural noun)

  • the process or state of converging.
  • the tendency of unrelated animals and plants to evolve superficially similar characteristics under similar environmental conditions.
Synonyms: junction . fork . branching . intersection . interchange . confluence . crossing . crisscrossing . vertex . apex .

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1. Medical Definition of Convergence 1 : an embryonic movement that involves streaming of material from the dorsal and lateral surfaces of the gastrula toward the blastopore and concurrent shifting of lateral materials toward the middorsal line and that is a process fundamental to the establishment of …

2. 4 synonyms of Convergence from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 13 related words, definitions, and antonyms

3. Find another word for Convergence

4. Convergence: the coming together of two or more things to the same point

5. Convergence is an annual convention for fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy in all media: a 4-day event with more than 6,000 members, and the premiere event of our kind in the upper Midwest

6. Join us August 5-8, 2021 in Minneapolis, MN for Convergence 2020: The Stuff of Legends!

7. Convergence members are part of a global community of institutions and businesses dedicated to driving capital to where it is needed most

8. With any Convergence LMS option, you'll be using the most advanced training tools on the market to automate workforce training, increase knowledge, and improve performance for you entire team. Convergence LMS - Deliver cutting-edge training with our flagship software and eLearning platform.

9. In this section we will discuss in greater detail the Convergence and divergence of infinite series

10. Convergence is building the Kansas and Missouri electrical, lighting and A/V Industry’s most capable, seasoned and enthusiastic team

11. Free series Convergence calculator - test infinite series for Convergence step-by-step This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience

12. Convergence PLATFORM We provide a complete cloud-based solution for Admissions, Group Sales, Development, Education, Retail and Food & Beverage

13. Convergence (evolutionary computing), a means of modeling the tendency for genetic characteristics of populations to stabilize over time Convergence (routing), the status of a set of routers having the same knowledge of the surrounding network topology Convergence (SSL), a distributed replacement for the CA system used by Secure Sockets Layer

14. The hospital featured in Convergence is called Kairos Medical Center

15. Convergence built a significant portfolio with product development projects. Convergence Industry can help to improve existing systems or translate your idea into a functional and complete system.

16. He argues that at some point between the late 1980s and the turn of the century, a Convergence of societal trends took us into a new regime of time that he calls “presentism.” HUMANITY IS STUCK IN SHORT-TERM THINKING

17. Convergence is when two or more things come together to form a new whole, like the Convergence of plum and apricot genes in the plucot.

18. Convergence in a horizontal wind field indicates that more air is entering a given area than is leaving at that level

19. To compensate for the resulting "excess," vertical motion may result: upward forcing if Convergence is at low levels, or downward forcing (subsidence) if Convergence

20. It’s an action called Convergence

21. Convergence is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to help promote dialogue and solve problems across the political divide on issues of national consequence

22. The Convergence of sequences of random variables to some limit random variable is an important concept in probability theory, and its applications to statistics and stochastic processes.

23. What does Convergence mean? The definition of Convergence refers to two or more things coming together, joining together or evolving into one

24. Convergence insufficiency (CI) is an eye disorder where your eyes don’t move at the same time

25. Convergence is the coming together of two different entities, and in the contexts of computing and technology, is the integration of two or more different technologies in a single device or system

26. A good example is the Convergence of communication and imaging technologies on a mobile device designed to make calls and take pictures - two

27. Convergence accommodation See Convergence accommodation

28. Accommodative Convergence That component of Convergence which occurs reflexly in response to a change in accommodation.It is easily demonstrated by having one eye fixate from a far point to a near point along its line of sight, while the other eye is occluded

29. I rented The Coming Convergence online at Amazon and watched it, then I immediately ordered a copy of the DVD to watch again and share

30. Divergence vs. Convergence An Overview

31. Convergence generally means coming together, while divergence generally means moving apart

32. In the world of finance and trading, Convergence and divergence

33. ‘The Convergence of politics, business, culture, law and higher education are its strengths.’ ‘The Convergence of communications processing is an issue.’ ‘It was also realised that globalisation is not a homogeneous process, but contains a striking paradox in that it brings about both Convergence

34. Convergence insufficiency (CI) is a vision disorder

35. Convergence describes the way our eyes move together and point inward when we look at near objects

36. Convergence was a proposed strategy for replacing SSL certificate authorities, first put forth by Moxie Marlinspike in August 2011 while giving a talk titled "SSL and the Future of Authenticity" at the Black Hat security conference

37. IT Convergence offers Global ERP services which include Technology Implementation & Advisory, Cloud Applications, CMS, Testing, and Education.

38. Convergence definition: The Convergence of different ideas , groups, or societies is the process by which they Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

39. Convergence was founded in 2013 by former executives of JP Morgan, Apollo Global, GlobeOp Financial, BISYS, Fidelity Alternative Investments, Bank of America, Arthur Andersen, KPMG, and MFS Investments who sought to fill a void in data, research and analytics coverage of the Alternative Investments space.

40. Media Convergence is the joining of several distinct technologies into one

41. Convergence, Consistency, and Stability Definition A one-step finite difference scheme approximating a partial differential equation is a convergent scheme if for any solution to the partial differential equation, u(t,x), and solutions to the finite difference scheme, vn i, such that v0 i converges to u 0(x) as i∆x converges to x, then vn

42. Media Convergence, phenomenon involving the interconnection of information and communications technologies, computer networks, and media content.It brings together the “three C’s”—computing, communication, and content—and is a direct consequence of the digitization of media content and the popularization of the Internet.Media Convergence transforms established industries, services

43. Get the free "Convergence Test" widget for your website, blog, Wordpress, Blogger, or iGoogle

44. Convergence (countable and uncountable, plural Convergences) The act of moving toward union or uniformity

45. We built a homestead at the Convergence of two rivers; The intersection of three electron beams for red, green and blue onto a single pixel in a CRT

46. Series Convergence Tests: Dirichlet’s Test

47. IT/OT Convergence is the integration of information technology ( IT ) systems used for data-centric computing with operational technology ( OT ) systems used to monitor events , processes and devices and make adjustments in enterprise and industrial operations.

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