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1. Conventionally: as in traditionally


2. ə l.i / in a way that is traditional and ordinary: Not all Conventionally grown fruits are vulnerable to pests


3. She is not Conventionally beautiful, but there is something very attractive about her.


4. The field comprised a mosaic of Conventionally-tilled and rye-mulched plots, surrounded by fields of maize, soybeans, alfalfa hay and mixed hardwood forest

Comprised, Conventionally

5. From the Cambridge English Corpus Eleven patients in this series received Conventionally

Cambridge, Corpus, Conventionally

6. Conventionally; frequently; generally; habitually; naturally; normally; regularly; routinely; traditionally; usually; wontedly


7. Examples of Conventionally in a Sentence Sam Mitchell just : You commit so much effort to try and slow Steph Curry down and he still scores( 46) points, you sit there and wonder, if you don't do those things and you just try to play him Conventionally , he might get 60.

Conventionally, Commit, Curry

8. Conventionally Yours was so easy to devour


9. ‘careers Conventionally followed by women’

Careers, Conventionally

10. ‘the atlas is divided Conventionally into six continents’

Conventionally, Continents

11. Conventionally attractive people are the people who most people would find attractive


12. The tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Victoria’s Secret Angel-type person would be Conventionally attractive


13. The dark-haired, two day-old beard and perfectly coiffed hair on tall athletic guys would be Conventionally

Coiffed, Conventionally

14. ‘careers Conventionally followed by women’

Careers, Conventionally

15. ‘the atlas is divided Conventionally into six continents’

Conventionally, Continents

16. ‘Organic wheat here sells for 11.6 cents a pound, compared with about 3.3 cents a pound for Conventionally grown wheat.’.

Cents, Compared, Conventionally

17. The unit of power, called Conventionally a horse-power, is 550 foot-pounds per second, or 33,000 foot-pounds per minute, or 1,980,000 foot-pounds per hour.

Called, Conventionally

18. Conventionally dressed Though not Conventionally pretty (= not pretty according to generally accepted ideas of what is pretty), she dressed with flair


19. In a way that follows what is traditional or the way something has been done for a long time Conventionally grown food …


20. The fact that English is spelt Conventionally and not phonetically makes the art of recording speech almost impossible


21. In truth, the actors were all too Conventionally honest, too unsocialized, to subvert their underlying motives


22. It was incased in a smoking jacket of velvet, and his neck was Conventionally clad in collar and cravat.

Conventionally, Clad, Collar, Cravat

23. Synonyms for Conventionally in Free Thesaurus


24. 1 antonym for Conventionally: unConventionally


25. What are synonyms for Conventionally?


26. Another way to say Conventionally? Synonyms for Conventionally (other words and phrases for Conventionally).


27. Conventionally grown food (= grown according to conventional methods) Gross National Product (GNP) is Conventionally used to indicate economic development

Conventionally, Conventional

28. See Conventionally in the Oxford Learner's Dictionary of Academic English


29. Conventionally-mechanized coal winning technology 普通机械化采煤工艺 Be Conventionally indirect 利用规约性间接手段 Conventionally fixed obligation 约定俗成的义务 discipline Conventionally 按常规训练 …

Conventionally, Coal

30. I should, if I had deliberated, have replied to this question by something Conventionally vague and polite; but the answer somehow slipped from my tongue before I was aware—"No, sir." (Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë) A fetus that does not grow beyond the 10th percentile of Conventionally accepted weight for gestational age

Conventionally, Charlotte

31. Looking for Conventionally? Find out information about Conventionally


32. Bridge another word for Explanation of Conventionally


33. He was charming, he was Conventionally handsome, becoming more and more unConventionally handsome as his career took its toll

Charming, Conventionally, Career

34. "Conventionally Yours is a sweet, emotional, and uniquely quirky romance where first and even fifth impressions can be terribly wrong, and having only one bed can sometimes be the perfect opportunity to find out what they're missing."

Conventionally, Can

35. According to DuPont, valves lined with the Conventionally used material "fail relatively quickly because chloroprene permeates the lining and causes it to swell." Because Teflon NXT has a higher creep resistance and stiffness, the Gar-Seal valve provides superior long-term sealing action, says DuPont.

Conventionally, Chloroprene, Causes, Creep

36. People still wore their hair short and dressed Conventionally


37. Though not Conventionally pretty , she dressed with flair


38. Gross National Product is Conventionally used to indicate economic development


39. The words Conventional and Conventionally have synonymous (similar) meaning

Conventional, Conventionally

40. Understand the difference between Conventional and Conventionally.

Conventional, Conventionally

41. In global terms, Conventionally grown oilseed rape is the second most important vegetable oilseed after soybean, accounting for 14% of total oilseed production at 40 Mt in 2000 (Weiss, 2000)


42. Definition of Conventionally (adverb): in the conventional way

Conventionally, Conventional

43. Definition and synonyms of Conventionally from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.


44. This is the British English definition of Conventionally.View American English definition of Conventionally.


45. Organic and Conventionally Grown Food


46. A University of Washington study finds people are more apt to believe sexual harassment claims by women who are young, “Conventionally attractive,” …

Claims, Conventionally

47. Conventionally (comparative more Conventionally, superlative most Conventionally) Ordinarily, by convention

Conventionally, Comparative, Convention

48. 2000: BBC News website, Organic food 'no healthier' read at on 14 May 2006 - The carrots tested were: an organic British carrot, an organic carrot from abroad and a Conventionally grown carrot

Carrots, Carrot, Conventionally

49. Antonyms: unConventionally, nonConventionally

50. Conventionally pretty: not Conventionally pretty: There has been research done on what people find most attractive in others - and it has to do with symmetry


51. I also think that Conventionally pretty is kind of a reference to the "all american girl next door".


52. Differences in richness and community composition of rhizosphere fungi between organic and Conventionally managed fields were also correlated with shade, soil acidity, and nitrate and copper availability

Community, Composition, Conventionally, Correlated, Copper

53. The most obvious sign that you’re attractive is if other people who are Conventionally attractive want to date you


54. Consumer perception of organic cow milk is associated with the assumption that organic milk differs from Conventionally produced milk

Consumer, Cow, Conventionally

55. Conventionally - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


56. Forum discussions with the word(s) "Conventionally" in the title:


57. Conventionally teriminin İngilizce İngilizce sözlükte anlamı ordinarily, by convention in a conventional manner; "he usually behaves rather Conventionally" In a conventional manner according to custom, according to accepted norms; formally

Conventionally, Convention, Conventional, Custom

58. The image to the left shows a typical connection between our timber truss and a Conventionally framed wall

Connection, Conventionally

59. Energy is Conventionally measured in calories as well as in joules

Conventionally, Calories

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CONVENTIONALLY [kənˈvenSH(ə)nəlē]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for conventionally?

Some common synonyms of conventional are ceremonial, ceremonious, and formal. While all these words mean "marked by attention to or adhering strictly to prescribed forms," conventional implies accord with general custom and usage and may suggest a stodgy lack of originality or independence.

What is conventional definition?

Conventional is defined as someone or something widely accepted, or something related to a convention. An example of conventional is a bride wearing white on her wedding day. An example of conventional is the use of pesticides when growing fruits and vegetables.

What is conventional synonyms?

conventional(adj) following accepted customs and proprieties. "conventional wisdom"; "she had strayed from the path of conventional behavior"; "conventional forms of address". Synonyms: established, ceremonious, schematic, formal.

What is the definition of conventions?

con·ven·tion. Use convention in a sentence. noun. The definition of a convention is a meeting or assembly of people who share a common interest or a convention is a method, practice, rule or custom.

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