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conventions (plural noun)

  - a way in which something is usually done, especially within a particular area or activity.

  - an agreement between countries covering particular matters, especially one less formal than a treaty.

  - a large meeting or conference, especially of members of a political party or a particular profession.


custom, practice, habit, tradition, routine, rule, rite, ritual, observance, ordinance,

"Convention" in Example Sentences

1. The convention was kept secret, pital but the last clause leaked out and caused the bitterest arr as- feeling among the people of Turin, who would have asf red to been resigned to losing the capital provided it were La ~rence, transferred to Rome, but resented the fact that it was un to be established in any other city, and that the conntion was made without consulting parliament.
2. Various important political conventions have met in Cincinnati, including the national Democratic convention of 1856, the national Liberal-Republican convention of 1872, the national Republican convention of 1876, and the national Democratic convention of 1880, - by which, respectively, James Buchanan, Horace Greeley, R.
3. A convention was called so that the delegates could vote on the laws. 🔊 The convention will be held in the meeting hall so that the company big wigs can discuss important issues. 🔊 Without a place to hold the convention, the assembly had to cancel the meeting. 🔊 A convention is planned for next month, with the assembly being held from
4. Use convention in a sentence - Example Sentences for convention . convention dictates that the oldest son in Japanese society cares for the parents when they are old. Either he or I have to attend the convention. A convention of medical practitioners was held to discuss new developments in the treatment of HIV.
5. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "convention "A convention of medical practitioners was held to discuss new developments in the treatment of HIV. The crowd hurled insults at the governor as he came out of the convention center. The convention is being held in a downtown hotel.
6. The modern convention is to use the old calendar for the date and month while using the new for the year. The convention has several protocols, which amend the convention framework. Article 7 incorporates the legal principle nullum crimen, nulla poena sine lege into the convention .
7. convention definition is - agreement, contract. How to use convention in a sentence. agreement, contract; an agreement between states for regulation of matters affecting all of them…
8. 15 sentence examples: 1. A constitutional convention was elected to try to agree on a new form of government. 2. Without realizing it Macmillan trespassed on the modern constitutional convention. 3. To be sure, even the great Constitutional Conventio
9. Use "convention" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. convention in a sentence. Convention; The convention on. The convention is. convention of the OAC. say at this convention. the convention behind me. eaters
10. convention definition: The definition of a convention is a meeting or assembly of people who share a common interest or a convention is a method, practice, rule or custom. (noun) An example of convention is a national meeting of English teachers. An ex
11. The Word "Convention" in Example Sentences Page 1. 804300 The convention voted. Source_VOA 804301 The convention voted again. Source_VOA 807155 The convention opened as planned. Source_VOA 802330 They called a special convention. Source_VOA 22428 There was a convention last month.

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