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1. Synonyms for Conveners include leaders, chiefs, head, principal, bosses, commanders, captains, figureheads, controllers and superiors

Conveners, Chiefs, Commanders, Captains, Controllers

2. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization committed to connection and collaboration to address social impact issues.

Conveners, Committed, Connection, Collaboration

3. Conveners is a healthcare communications, association and event management agency, specialized in maximizing the value of its partners’ networks and events, by using smart technology solutions and strategic industry insights to influence and define the impact of …

Conveners, Communications

4. Fashion Conveners is a coalition of organizations working together to transform the fashion industry into a sustainable ecosystem that respects people and the planet.

Conveners, Coalition

5. The Conveners Group helps mission-driven organizations design engaging conferences that cultivate connection

Conveners, Conferences, Cultivate, Connection

6. Convening the Conveners is a peer-learning network for conference and event organizers in the social impact space

Convening, Conveners, Conference

7. The importance of Conveners within bundles is paramount


8. Not only do the majority – over 57% – of BPCI Model 2 participant hospitals partner with a convener, but those participants that do partner with Conveners choose to participate in a broader range of clinical conditions than providers that carry the entire risk themselves.

Convener, Conveners, Choose, Clinical, Conditions, Carry

9. The Fashion Conveners was conceived as a collaborative space for leading sustainability organizations working with the fashion industry to share and align their work.

Conveners, Conceived, Collaborative

10. Awardee Conveners are responsible for risk of their own bundled payment patients and the bundled payment patients of their partners, regardless of where the patients receive care, Dr

Conveners, Care

11. Read writing from on Medium


12. About the Conveners The Thomas Berry Forum for Ecological Dialogue was founded in 2009


13. It's founders and Conveners include: Dr


14. is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to support the diverse ecosystem of impact-focused Conveners and accelerators to advance their work by offering resources that allow them to convene and collaborate more effectively and efficiently.

Conveners, Convene, Collaborate

15. These leaders – Conveners – unite with a conviction that their unique relationship networks and influence are to be wielded to serve God’s vision for the city

Conveners, Conviction, City

16. The Conveners Group shall normally meet in private


17. The Conveners Group shall not consider any business unless the number of members of the Group who are present is 5 or more and, subject to paragraph 3A, the members present include representatives of 3 or more political parties.

Conveners, Consider

18. Conveners Light Assembly Inc, Abuja, Nigeria


19. Conveners Light Assembly is a church, located in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja in

Conveners, Church, Capital

20. envisions a world where authentic dialogue surfaces solutions to the world’s most pressing problems


21. Co-Conveners Hundreds of participants will gather in the city of Verona for the World Congress of Families XIII

Co, Conveners, City, Congress

22. Some systems are already seeing the payoff from thinking like Conveners


23. Rule 12.1 of Standing Orders deals with the appointment of Conveners and their role and functions


24. Co-Conveners are able to invite a number of their constituents to participate

Co, Conveners, Constituents

25. Co-Conveners are privy to a range of benefits, associated with four possible participation tiers:

Co, Conveners

26. The Communications Director unifies the voice of across channels and is an integral part of the growth and sustainable future of the organization as a whole

Communications, Conveners, Channels

27. We seek a skilled and experienced writer with a growth mindset who will both focus and amplify the impact of the programs we run and the Conveners we serve through them.


28. Back Conveners Fellows & Seminar Members Our Team Conveners Fellows & Seminar Members The Seminar Events Contact

Conveners, Contact

29. Conveners have an average of 1.24 Episode Initiators per Participation Agreement


30. Conveners Scotland's Climate Change Act (2019) requires two independent Conveners to support the Assembly

Conveners, Climate, Change

31. “Obviously, Conveners help a lot in that space by providing that analysis, if you’re not able to do that on your own,” Ritter said, referring to the 834 Conveners (hospitals or risk-bearing partner entities) that coordinate the participation of other providers in BPCI-A.

Conveners, Coordinate

32. Civic & Social Organization San Francisco, CA 585 followers We envision a world where authentic dialogue surfaces solutions to the world's most pressing solutions.

Conveners, Civic, Ca

33. The Fashion Conveners will function as a global coalition, working individually and collectively to accelerate action through high-level partnerships, developing strategies and initiatives across the various sub-sectors of industry

Conveners, Coalition, Collectively

34. The Fashion Conveners works together to reduce redundancy and fragmentation to make it easier for actors across the value chain to accelerate the adoption of more sustainable practices leveraging our network to accelerate the changes our industry needs to ensure an inclusive sustainable future for all.

Conveners, Chain, Changes

35. Conveners listed in the state or province where they reside or convene CWS Games Print the CWS Tri-Fold Information Flyer

Conveners, Convene, Cws

36. The America's Promise is seeking five community Conveners to inspire action on how learning happens

Community, Conveners

37. The Conveners are judges who have water litigation before them


38. Conveners of already proposed workshops will be contacted and asked if they plan to organize a virtual workshop

Conveners, Contacted

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CONVENERS [kənˈvēnər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does covener mean?

1. a person who convenes or chairs a meeting, committee, etc, esp one who is specifically elected to do so: a convener of shop stewards. 2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the chairman and civic head of certain Scottish councils.

What do you mean convener?

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  • Convener (noun) one who convenes or meets with others
  • Convener (noun) one who calls an assembly together or convenes a meeting; hence, the chairman of a committee or other...
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    What does convenor mean?

    Definition of 'convenor'. convenor. A convenor is a trade union official who organizes the union representatives at a particular factory.

    What does convened mean?

    Definition of convene. intransitive verb. : to come together in a body We convened at the hotel for a seminar. transitive verb. 1 : to summon before a tribunal. 2 : to cause to assemble A world council was convened in Paris.

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