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Looking for sentences with "Continuos"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Feedback 2. Continuous 3. Legal
1. Use continuos Spell Card 4 times. Stage 57. How? Because I've done it in 3 different ways and still didn't get thru. 1st, use card trader effect 4 times (auto prompt). 2nd, use shard of greed 4 times separately but recycling it from graveyard. 3rd, use wonder ballon effect 4 times (by activating by tap). 5. Question: survival analysis with a
2. How to use continuos in a sentence. Example sentences with the word continuos. continuos example sentences.
3. About 8 results found using 'CONTINUOS'. Source: 'Daily Use'. Can't wait for the continuos headlines of project blowouts over the next 10 years. (open, save, copy) . One of the few people who gave him continuos support was Tony Yayo. (open, save, copy)
4. continuos vs Continuous. Continues vs Continuous. continuous . English. Adjective (-) Without break, cessation, or interruption; without intervening time. a continuous current of electricity * 1847 , , Ticknor and Fields (1854), page 90: he can hear its continuous murmur ;
5. Question: survival analysis with a continuos variable. 0. 4.0 years ago by. igor ♦ 12k. United States. igor ♦ 12k wrote: I am trying to correlate survival with a continuous variable (for example, gene expression).
6. Continuo (plural continuos) ( music ) The bass line of music , especially for a keyboard instrument , that continues throughout a work; basso continuo . Translations [ edit ]
7. Definition of continuos in the D dictionary. Meaning of continuos. What does continuos mean? Information and translations of continuos in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
8. Neverthless, if you want to study a specific topic that doesn't need a continuos aproach you may opt to use a clusterization of the variable. Cite. 4 Recommendations. 27th Feb, 2014.
9. Past.b) simple presente e presente continuos.c) present continuos é past continuos.d) present perfect e past continuos. *pfvr me respondam :( * 2- "Temos muito o que comemorar e agradecer. Agradecer a todos do time." Apalavra sublinhada na frase retirada do texto, além do professor, podecompre …

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