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CONTINGENT [kənˈtinjənt]

contingent (adjective)

  • subject to chance.
  • (of losses, liabilities, etc.) that can be anticipated to arise if a particular event occurs.
Synonyms: chance . accidental . fortuitous . possible . unforeseen . unforeseeable . unexpected . unpredicted . unpredictable . unanticipated . unlooked-for . random . haphazard . predictable .

contingent (noun) · contingents (plural noun)

  • a group of people united by some common feature, forming part of a larger group.
  • a body of troops or police sent to join a larger force in an operation.
Synonyms: group . party . body . band . set . deputation . delegation . mission . detachment . unit . division . squadron . section . company . corps . cohort . bunch . gang . unit . detail . squad . troop . outfit . task force . crew . patrol . section . formation . squadron . flight . division . platoon . company . corps . regiment . brigade . battalion . force . garrison . legion .

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1. Contingent definition is - dependent on or conditioned by something else

2. How to use Contingent in a sentence

3. Synonym Discussion of Contingent.

4. Contingent definition, dependent for existence, occurrence, character, etc., on something not yet certain; conditional (often followed by on or upon): Our plans are Contingent on the weather

5. Contingent synonyms, Contingent pronunciation, Contingent translation, English dictionary definition of Contingent

6. Liable but not certain to occur; possible: "All salaries are reckoned on Contingent as well as on actual services"

7. 4 synonyms of Contingent (on or upon) from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 18 related words, definitions, and antonyms

8. Find another word for Contingent (on or upon)

9. Contingent (on or upon): determined by something else

10. Contingent means the seller of the home has accepted an offer—one that comes with contingencies, or a condition that must be met for the sale to go through

11. Definition of Contingent in the dictionary

12. What does Contingent mean? Information and translations of Contingent in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

13. "Contingent with No Kick-out" means that the seller won't be accepting more offers; however, if the current offer falls through, the listing will be switched back to Active and the seller will accept new offers

14. Learn the differences between Contingent and pending.

15. The word Contingent denotes that there is no present interest or right but only a conditional one which will become effective upon the happening of the designated condition

16. A Contingent remainder is the right to possess property after the death of a person who holds a life

17. A Contingent offer means that an offer on a new home has been made and the seller has accepted it, but that the final sale is Contingent upon certain criteria that have to be met.

18. Not all Contingent offers are marked as a contingency in the real estate listing

19. The adjective Contingent can be used to describe something that can occur only when something else happens first

20. Making money is Contingent on finding a good-paying job.

21. At Contingent Magazine, we believe that history is for everyone, that every kind of history is worthwhile, and that historians should be paid for their work

22. A Contingent beneficiary is a beneficiary of proceeds or a payout if the primary beneficiary is deceased or unable to be located

23. A Contingent beneficiary can be named in an insurance contract or

24. The Contingent is a venture nonprofit that addresses many of the largest injustices and vulnerabilities facing Oregonians today

25. At a time when the status quo is a divided society, The Contingent becomes an enduring and essential group of people standing in the gap and creating new leaders to confront the challenges ahead.

26. Find 43 ways to say Contingent, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

27. Contingent (adj.) late 14c., "depending upon circumstances, not predictable with certainty, provisionally liable to exist," from Old French Contingent or directly from Latin Contingentem (nominative contingens) "happening; touching," in Medieval Latin "possible, Contingent," present participle of contingere "to happen to one, befall, come to pass," originally "to touch" (see contact (v.)).

28. What Does Contingent Mean in Real Estate? When searching for a home for sale, you may have encountered a variety of different sales statuses online.Beyond just “for sale” and “closed,” you may have also seen other common sales statuses such as “pending” or “Contingent.” These phrases indicate where in the sales process the home is in

29. A thing that is Contingent in its nature establishes the fact of a non-Contingent existence.

30. An imperative is a practical rule by which an action, otherwise Contingent in itself, is made necessary.

31. So the theories in the empirical sciences are Contingent in the sense that they could have been otherwise.

32. Department of Labor defines Contingent workers as independent contractors or freelancers as opposed to employees

33. Contingent houses can exist under a few different types of statuses that qualify them as “Contingent.” The multiple listing service (MLS) is a real estate marketing and advertising company that helps home buyers browse listings online

34. MLS can use different terminology when describing Contingent statuses, so we will define these terms for you.

35. Necessary being, therefore, ontologically and objectively precedes the Contingent, since the latter has the sole ultimate reason both of its intrinsic consistency (possibility) and of its actual existence in the former — actus absolute prœcedit potentiam

36. In the order, however, of man's knowledge, the Contingent falls primarily under experience.

37. A Contingent job offer, also called a conditional job offer, allows employers to secure qualified job candidates

38. Contingent job offers can occur for permanent positions.

39. Contingent means conditional, dependent on chance, occuring dependent on circumstance

40. When used in this sense, Contingent is an adjective

41. When used as a noun, Contingent means a group of military people or police, or a group of people of a certain characteristic within a larger group

42. For instance, an American national political convention is comprised of Contingents of delegates from each

43. As with a Contingent property, a home that is active under contract is one where the buyer and the seller have agreed to terms, but the deal is still in its early stages and may not come to fruition

44. Think of Contingent and primary beneficiaries as individuals standing in line

45. The Contingent beneficiary is behind that person and can only move forward if the primary beneficiary steps aside

46. A Contingent beneficiary is "Plan B."

47. If you get an offer that's Contingent on the sale of your buyer's home, you'll most likely want to pass.

48. A Contingent liability is a potential liability that may or may not occur

49. The relevance of a Contingent liability depends on the probability of the contingency becoming an actual liability, its timing, and the accuracy with which the amount associated with it can be estimated.

50. There are Contingent offers, Contingent listings, home sale contingencies, appraisal contingencies, financing contingencies, and so on

51. So what does “Contingent” really mean? In real estate, “Contingent” is a status indicating that the seller has accepted a buyer’s offer that includes contingencies, or in layman’s terms, specific

52. Contingent relies on a tried and tested combat system

53. Contingent Annuitant: Someone designated by an annuitant to receive the annuitant’s payments when the annuitant passes away

54. When an annuity has a Contingent

55. Source: (Serenethos / Shutterstock) Contingent: The deal hinges on certain conditions “Contingent” usually means that you, the seller, have accepted an offer, but the offer is Contingent on fulfilling certain criteria.Now, keep in mind that there are approximately 600 MLSs across the United States, all which have slightly varying rules on listing statuses.

56. A Contingent house is still available for other offers, but the new buyer will have to wait an additional 3-5 days to find out if their offer is accepted

57. (Sometimes this waiting period is 10 days, and is decided by the initial Contingent contract between the seller and Contingent buyer.) The Contingent buyer has this period of time to come up

58. Contingent翻譯:(代表某一組織或國家的)代表團;(軍隊的)分遣隊,小分隊。了解更多。

59. A property listed as Contingent means the seller has accepted an offer, but they’ve chosen to keep the listing active in case certain contingencies aren’t met by the prospective buyer

60. If a property is pending, the provisions on a Contingent property were successfully met and the sale is being processed

61. Basically, what the word “Contingent” or “a contingency” means is that there is a condition that is written into the contract

62. The largest Contingent was from the United States

63. A strong Contingent of local residents were there to block the proposal

64. A strong Contingent from Camberwell Art School; A seven-strong French diplomatic Contingent arrived in the capital city yesterday.

65. The difference between Contingent vs pending in real estate

66. Contingent deals are still active listings (which is why they are often called active Contingent), because they are liable to fall out of contract if requested provisions are not met

67. If all goes well, Contingent deals will advance to …

68. With the merger of the company's Telecoms and IT divisions, Swisscom's Contingent workforce grew to 30% of their total workforce, requiring a robust solution to

69. Contingent work and alternative employment arrangements are measured separately

70. Some workers are both Contingent and working in an alternative arrangement, but this is not automatically the case

71. The measures of Contingent work and alternative employment arrangements apply only to a person's sole or main job

72. What does Contingent mean? It means the landlord (or his agent) agrees to the bid made by the purchaser but certain criteria have not been met

73. Such criteria or clauses in the sales contract fall under category – mortgage approval, inspection, and appraisal and Contingent

74. Contingent — Continue To Show (CCS) If a home's status is Contingent - Continue to Show, the seller has accepted an offer, but there are multiple contingencies that must be addressed

75. For the seller, this means they are eager to see if other “less Contingent” offers come in.

76. An active Contingent status -- sometimes also called "active under contract" -- means that, though an offer has been accepted, certain contingencies …

77. Examples of Contingent in a sentence

78. The job offer was Contingent upon the return of a clean background review

79. 🔊 According to my supervisor, the job promotion is Contingent upon my ability to pass the management exam

80. 🔊 The cashier told me the free cheeseburger was Contingent upon the purchase of a medium drink and fries

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