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1. Contiguous definition is - being in actual contact : touching along a boundary or at a point

Contiguous, Contact

2. How to use Contiguous in a sentence


3. Did You Know? Synonym Discussion of Contiguous.


4. Contiguous definition, touching; in contact

Contiguous, Contact

5. Connecting without a break: the 48 Contiguous states

Connecting, Contiguous

6. Connected in time; uninterrupted: served two Contiguous terms in office

Connected, Contiguous

7. 14 synonyms of Contiguous from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 31 related words, definitions, and antonyms


8. Find another word for Contiguous


9. Contiguous: having a border in common

Contiguous, Common

10. Synonyms: abutting, adjacent, adjoining… Antonyms: nonadjacent, nonContiguous… Find the right word.

11. Use the adjective Contiguous when you want to describe one thing touching another thing, or next to it but not actually touching.


12. Find 21 ways to say Contiguous, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Contiguous, Com

13. Non-Contiguous, just as it sounds; is the complete opposite of Contiguous

Contiguous, Complete

14. For example, Alaska is non-Contiguous to the United States because Canada separates Alaska from the 48 Contiguous States of America

Contiguous, Canada

15. Contiguous is an adjective that means sharing an edge or boundary, touching; neighboring, adjacent.


16. His district is Contiguous to mine


17. Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan are Contiguous states


18. The United States has two Contiguous neighbors: Canada and Mexico.

Contiguous, Canada

19. Contiguous definition, touching; in contact

Contiguous, Contact

20. It's the “Contiguous” option you see in Photoshop when you use the "Magic Wand," the "Magic Eraser," the "Background Eraser," the "Paint Bucket" and other tools


21. Basically, “Contiguous” means touching or connected.

Contiguous, Connected

22. Where Contiguous here means not only Contiguous in memory, but also in the same order in memory as the indices order: for example doing a transposition doesn't change the data in memory, it simply changes the map from indices to memory pointers, if you then apply Contiguous() it will change the data in memory so that the map from indices to

Contiguous, Change, Changes

23. What does Contiguous mean? Touching at the edge, at a point, or along a boundary


24. The Contiguous United States don't include Alaska or Hawaii


25. So how do you use Contiguous to describe a region? When it comes to the United States, "Contiguous" refers to all of the states that touch one another, without another country or a body of water coming between them.

Contiguous, Comes, Country, Coming

26. Contiguous and continuous are very close in spelling and pronunciation, the two words are easily confused

Contiguous, Continuous, Close, Confused

27. However, there is a distinct difference in meaning between Contiguous and continuous which we will define, with examples that will illustrate those differences.Contiguous describes two or more things that share a border, two or more things that touch, that are physically next to each other.

Contiguous, Continuous

28. The Contiguous United States or officially the conterminous United States consists of the 48 adjoining U.S

Contiguous, Conterminous, Consists

29. The terms exclude the non-Contiguous states of Alaska and Hawaii, and all other off-shore insular areas, such as American Samoa, U.S


30. Examples of Contiguous in a sentence


31. The Contiguous sequence of distribution helps minimize waste.: Albanians live in a Contiguous area in at least four states.: In a second step, clusters merge into a Contiguous zone at the cell border that spreads and gives rise to actin waves traveling on a planar membrane.: It is a reasonable supposition on our part therefore to consider that, if escorted back to the edge of the Contiguous

Contiguous, Clusters, Cell, Consider

32. Contiguous means being adjacent to, so in this case it is the number of residency programs within the same specialty in a row that you rank before you rank a program within a different specialty

Contiguous, Case

33. When I am using histogram in data analysis tools, I have my input range and bin range in 2 sheets, but there always popup "Input range must be a Contiguous refrence"


34. For Contiguous leads, I came up with my “Two-Fer” rule

Contiguous, Came

35. Now Contiguous leads show lateral as I/AVL and V5/V6


36. Contiguous parcels of real property that are entirely owned, leased, or otherwise occupied by a person claiming an exemption under this section or under section 9n and that host a single, integrated business operation engaged primarily in industrial processing, direct integrated support, or both.

Contiguous, Claiming

37. Contiguous parcels in the same name will be combined for land use taxation purposes.

Contiguous, Combined

38. This was the first time a Chinese frigate has entered the Contiguous zone, Yoshitomo Morii said to reporters.A Japanese Navy destroyer detected the Chinese ship as it entered the Contiguous zone -- an area stretching 24 nautical miles out from the edge of territorial waters -- around the Senkaku, also known as Diaoyu, islands, at 12.50 a.m.

Chinese, Contiguous

39. Contiguous land means lands under the ownership, lease or control of an applicant for deer, elk, bear, turkey or goose damage payments which are connected to the lands subject to a claim application or separated only by a roadway, easement, license or waterway.

Contiguous, Control, Connected, Claim

40. Can someone please explain to me what the coder had in mind by using Contiguous() prior to using fc layer? Thank you very much in advance

Can, Coder, Contiguous

41. These Contiguous subarrays must either start from or end on index i


42. Signature int[] countSubarrays(int[] arr) Input Array arr is a non-empty list of unique integers that range between 1 to 1,000,000,000 Size N is between 1 and 1,000,000 Output An array where each index i contains an integer denoting the maximum number of Contiguous subarrays

Countsubarrays, Contains, Contiguous

43. ‘In 1998, in an area Contiguous with the reserve, the Development Reserve was created.’ ‘Because all study sites were Contiguous with larger expanses of tallgrass prairie, they were not prairie fragments.’ ‘In contrast, Wyoming is Contiguous with six states but has only two other state capitals within 500 miles.’

Contiguous, Created, Contrast, Capitals

44. §15.5(ii) Contiguous Functions Keywords: Contiguous , equivalent equation for Contiguous functions , hypergeometric differential equation , hypergeometric function , recurrence relations


45. Contiguous - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


46. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Contiguous adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (adjacent, bordering) contiguo/a adj adjetivo: Describe el sustantivo.Puede ser posesivo, numeral, demostrativo ("casa grande", "mujer alta").

Contiguous, Contiguo, Casa

47. The Contiguous method is a way of knitting the shoulder seams and sleeve caps of a garment from the top down

Contiguous, Caps

48. The most damaging would be two Contiguous water and sewage companies.; This cold air will spread toward the Contiguous states this week.; The center tracks tornadoes and thunderstorms across the Contiguous 48 states.; It is the most northerly point in the Contiguous United States.; The study was conducted this year in the 48 Contiguous states.; One of the largest state parks in the Contiguous

Contiguous, Companies, Cold, Center, Conducted

49. 23 hours ago · PEORIA — Central Illinois citizens spoke up Monday evening, asking for transparency and a compact, Contiguous map when Illinois’ district …

Central, Citizens, Compact, Contiguous

50. A Contiguous network is a network in which packets sent between every pair of subnets pass through subnets of the same network


51. A disContiguous network is a network in which packets sent between at least one subnet must pass through subnets of a different network.

52. Properties B and C are Contiguous


53. Property A is adjacent to properties B and C, but it is not Contiguous.


54. The Contiguous memory allocation will take more space but at the same time will reduce the time to store and search the blocks of the file


55. Whereas in non-Contiguous allocation you will gain more space to store by avoiding the fragmentation, but time to find the block of the file will increase


56. Non-Contiguous File Allocation are of two types:


57. Contiguous property is a property that is one continuous plot of land or several plots of adjoining land

Contiguous, Continuous

58. Contiguous means being in actual contact: touching along a boundary or at a point

Contiguous, Contact

59. This chart shows the basic charges for Ground, 2nd Day Air (for delivery the second business day after the order is placed), and Next Day Air (for delivery the next business day) for shipments to the Contiguous 48 states

Chart, Charges, Contiguous

60. Selecting Multiple Rows that are Contiguous using the SHIFT Key


61. Here the steps to select multiple Contiguous rows using the SHIFT key:


62. What do we mean when we say leads are Contiguous? Contiguous leads are next to one another anatomically speaking


63. For example, these states in the upper-midwest are Contiguous, because they are all touching and in the same region of the country.

Contiguous, Country

64. Given a binary array, find the maximum length of a Contiguous subarray with equal number of 0 and 1


65. Example 1: Input: [0,1] Output: 2 Explanation: [0, 1] is the longest Contiguous subarray with equal number of 0 and 1


66. Example 2: Input: [0,1,0] Output: 2 Explanation: [0, 1] (or [1, 0]) is a longest Contiguous subarray with equal number of 0 and 1


67. Contiguous definition: very close or connected in space or time synonyms: close, immediate antonyms: distant, far, unconnectedness

Contiguous, Close, Connected

68. Contiguous network is :- must have 2 conditions :- 1- into same class A or B or C , 2- and same subnetmask end to end

Contiguous, Conditions, Class

69. This is class A network and same subnetmask, so this means it`s Contiguous networks

Class, Contiguous

70. Dis-Contiguous network is:- same class A or B or C , but with different

Contiguous, Class

71. The Contiguous U.S.: Rivers - Map Quiz Game: The Mississippi River is the second longest in the United States and runs from Minnesota to Louisiana, terminating in a delta


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CONTIGUOUS [kənˈtiɡyo͞oəs]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be contiguous?

Definition of contiguous. 1 : being in actual contact : touching along a boundary or at a point the 48 contiguous states. 2 of angles : adjacent sense 2.

What does contiguous mean in geography terms?

The word contiguous in Geography might also mean undivided political or geographical land. For example, the "48 contiguous states" of the United States are called so because, though each state has defined local borders, they are part of one single political entity.

What does contiguous United States stand for?

Contiguous-united-states meaning Filters (0) (US, geography) The contiguous continental states area of the United States of America, comprising 48 states in number, and the District of Columbia, excluding Alaska and Hawaii .

What does "contiguous property" mean?

Contiguous property means two or more parcels of land with a common boundary or separated solely by a public or private roadway or other public or private right-of-way. Non-adjoining parcels of land which are connected by a process line, conveyors or other equipment shall be considered to be contiguous property.

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