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1. Consumerism is the theory that states people consuming goods and services in large quantities will be better off. Some economists believe that consumer spending leads to an increase in production

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2. Consumerism definition is - the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically desirable; also : a preoccupation with and an inclination toward the buying of consumer goods

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3. How to use Consumerism in a sentence.


4. The fact or practice of an increasing consumption of goods: a critic of American Consumerism.

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5. Consumerism exists when the consumer goods we desire drive what happens in society or even shape our entire social system. The dominant worldview, values, and culture are inspired by disposable and empty consumption.

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6. Consumerism Consumerism is a social and economic order that encourages the purchase of goods and services in ever-greater amounts. Early criticisms of Consumerism are present in the works of

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7. Beginning in the 16th century in Europe, Consumerism developed as a way to improve living conditions, secure food resources, and support job growth during the early stages of the Industrial Revolution. By the 18th century, it was a practice that expanded into several different industries, including fashion and luxury goods.

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10. Step away from the mall and watch these talks on Consumerism and why it's not always the best thing.


11. Postwar Consumerism was praised as a patriotic contribution to the ultimate success of the American way of life.

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12. Increased Consumerism evidently comes at a steep price

Consumerism, Comes

13. Consumerism keeps society functioning smoothly because it distracts from the brutality that lurks deep within the human psyche through a sort of temptation-and-reward system.


14. Consumerism is becoming the hallmark of most world economies


15. Consumerism refers to the consumption of goods at a higher rate

Consumerism, Consumption

16. Consumerism causes us to praise the wrong things

Consumerism, Causes

17. Kən-so͝o'mə-rĭz'əm The definition of Consumerism is the protection of the rights and interests of the general pool of buyers, or an obsession with buying material goods or items


18. Laws and rules that protect people who shop and spend are examples of Consumerism


19. An obsession with shopping and acquiring stuff is an example of Consumerism.


20. Indeed, Consumerism is an example of an area where psychology needs to stretch from its focus on the individual and examine the wider impact of the phenomenon, Kanner believes


21. "Corporate-driven Consumerism is having massive psychological effects, not just on …

Corporate, Consumerism

22. Consumerism Final draft August 2009 Consumerism is the belief that personal wellbeing and happiness depends to a very large extent on the level of personal consumption, particularly on the purchase of material goods

Consumerism, Consumption

23. Consumerism is the ideology that places value upon the excessive consumption of material goods and services

Consumerism, Consumption

24. Consumerism is an economic and societal way of viewing and understanding the economy, which focuses on the idea of the consumption of a steady supply of goods and services by the citizens of a given country

Consumerism, Consumption, Citizens, Country

25. The textbook definition of Consumerism is the practice of purchasing goods that are classified as being beyond the basic necessities of life, such as food, clothing, and shelter.Today, these basic necessities have expanded to a certain extent; a private vehicle is eminently useful, as is a cell phone and to a certain extent, a computer.Apart from this, everything is classified as consumer goods.

Consumerism, Classified, Clothing, Certain, Cell, Computer, Consumer

26. “In effect, globalism and Consumerism have succeeded in banishing moderation and sanctifying greed, thereby liberating Homo economicus from …


27. In Consumerism, the tension between the sumptuary restraint on conspicuous consumption, which characterized the early Protestant ethic, and the dependence of capitalism itself on boundless commodity circulation, emerges again and again.

Consumerism, Conspicuous, Consumption, Characterized, Capitalism, Commodity, Circulation

28. Consumerism is closely related to materialism

Consumerism, Closely

29. Consumerism is defined as social force designed to protect consumer interests in the marketplace by organising consumer pressures on business

Consumerism, Consumer

30. Consumerism is a protest of consumers against unfair business practices and business injustices.

Consumerism, Consumers

31. ‘The impact of Consumerism emerges as a factor in stabilisation, as do the different understandings of stability and stabilisation.’ ‘I do think that it is important to analyze the ways in which Consumerism genuinely atomizes people.’ ‘Feminism - like Consumerism, socialism, politics and religion - …


32. If culture is understood by sociologists as composed of the commonly understood symbols, language, values, beliefs, and norms of a society, then a consumerist culture is one in which all of those things are shaped by Consumerism; an attribute of a society of consumers.According to sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, a consumerist culture values transience and mobility rather than …

Culture, Composed, Commonly, Consumerist, Consumerism, Consumers

33. The literature on Consumerism cuts across many disciplines and fields of study

Consumerism, Cuts

34. Yes, I still consume material goods—but I have worked hard to escape excessive Consumerism

Consume, Consumerism

35. Consumerism is a cultural model that promotes the aquisition of goods, and especially the purchase of goods, as a vehicle for personal satisfaction and economic stimulation.

Consumerism, Cultural

36. What is Consumerism? Consumerism is a social force to make business more honest and responsible towards consumers

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37. The Crisis: Consumerism, Conformity, and Uncritical Thinking 1

Crisis, Consumerism, Conformity

38. Consumerism started as a social movement in the early twentieth century to prevent consumers' interests, safety, and health from being neglected in mass production, manufacturing industries described by public health historian George Rosen (1993), including health-care products and services that led to greater government regulation, testing, and oversight of health-care services

Consumerism, Century, Consumers, Care

39. Consumerism is a largely 20th-century movement that seeks assurances that what is sold to the public is of good quality

Consumerism, Century

40. Consumerism synonyms, Consumerism pronunciation, Consumerism translation, English dictionary definition of Consumerism


41. ‘The impact of Consumerism emerges as a factor in stabilisation, as do the different understandings of stability and stabilisation.’ ‘I do think that it is important to analyze the ways in which Consumerism genuinely atomizes people.’ ‘Feminism - like Consumerism, socialism, politics and religion - …


42. Consumerism is the organized form of efforts from different individuals, groups, governments and various related organizations which helps to protect the consumer from unfair practices and to …

Consumerism, Consumer

43. Consumerism in the 1920's was the idea that Americans should continue to buy product and goods in outrageous numbers

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44. In a personal style unique among the American modernists, artist Florine Stettheimer created her Cathedrals series to showcase, and whimsically satirize, New York City's pre-eminence in entertainment, Consumerism, finance, and art

Created, Cathedrals, City, Consumerism

45. This first wave of Consumerism was short-lived


46. Consumerism is becoming the characteristics of most world economies

Consumerism, Characteristics

47. In today’s society, Consumerism is often having a negative aspect of people’s lives


48. But, if looked in a positive light, Consumerism have certain positive characteristics

Consumerism, Certain, Characteristics

49. Consumerism has been as part of a history process.


50. Consumerism is increasing year after year with consumers even turning to credit to help them to consume in ever increasing amounts

Consumerism, Consumers, Credit, Consume

51. The emergence of Consumerism coincided with the growth of capitalism, particularity following the First Industrial Revolution

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52. A good example to highlight the conditions of Consumerism is the department store.

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53. Consumerism 1 M.Musthak Trincomalee campus, Eastern university, Srilanka

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54. As commonly understood Consumerism refers to wide range of activities of government , business and independent organisations designed to protect rights of the consumers

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55. Consumerism is a process through which the consumers seek redress(to set right

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is consumerism good or bad?

At its heart, consumerism is the idea that people buy goods on a mass scale from producers (business owners). This system is vitally important to the economy because it is a major factor in job and wealth creation. For example, in a consumerist society, the constant consumption of goods provides many different people and industries with jobs.

Why is consumerism so important for an economy?

Consumerism in economics means excessive purchase of goods. Yes, it is very good for the economy in the sense that it increases total output, vis a vis total nominal GDP because the increase in a consumer's demand of a product by purchasing it, brings about an increase in supply of that product by the producer.

Is consumerism bad for economy?

For an economy in surplus, consumerism is important because it creates demand. Consumers are constantly chasing trends and fashion for the satisfaction of buying an object of desire. This leads to higher consumption as people do not want to be seen with outdated goods.

Why is consumerism so important?

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