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1. The word comes up often in political contexts: Constituents are the people politicians have been elected to represent

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2. Elected officials should stay in touch with the needs of their Constituents. To understand constituent, look at constitute, which means "to make up."

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3. The Constituents of a chemical compound How are the words component and constituent related? Both component and constituent may designate any of the substances (whether elements or compounds) or the qualities that enter into the makeup of a complex product; component stresses its separate entity or distinguishable character.

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4. For instance, all the words and phrases that make up a sentence are said to be Constituents of that sentence


5. IConstituent’s Constituent Engagement Platform (CEP) makes it easy to connect with Constituents and collaborate on casework

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6. Synonyms for Constituents include constitution, composition, structure, configuration, arrangement, form, construction, design, organisation and organization

Constituents, Constitution, Composition, Configuration, Construction

7. The medications were separated into three categories: Constituents available as generic medication at identical doses, generic Constituents at different doses, and therapeutically equivalent generic substitutes (20, three, and six medications, respectively).

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8. (exceptions: certain contractions, certain possessives) Complete sentences are Constituents

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9. Constituents are people who live in a constituency

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10. Abnormal Constituents of the Urine: A


11. The Constituents page, valid for ETF symbols only, shows the equity holdings that make up the Exchange Traded Fund


12. Constituents are sorted in decending percent (of the entire fund) and show the number of shares held by the ETF.


13. A constituency is all the Constituents of a particular agent or representative

Constituency, Constituents

14. So what’s our evidence that Constituents exist in our minds?


15. They would do their Constituents, the country and their consciences a service by doing so

Constituents, Country, Consciences

16. Times, Sunday Times (2008) But research shows at least 64 per cent of their Constituents voted the other way

Cent, Constituents

17. The FTSE Constituents are reviewed every quarter


18. Definition of Constituents in the dictionary


19. What does Constituents mean? Information and translations of Constituents in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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20. –Not all Constituents can be omitted »*These fishermen didn’t rely on [NP the shipping forecasts], but those yachtsmen did rely on [NP] for sure

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21. FDA has established a list of harmful and potentially harmful Constituents (HPHCs) in tobacco products and tobacco smoke (the established HPHC list) as required by the Federal Food, Drug, and


22. Clients who subscribe to daily index Constituents data can view the latest data in the Index Monitor tool.When consulting the information on this page, please note the …

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23. Each of these motions or “Constituents” in a set of harmonic constants is a mathematical value describing the effect that cyclical motion of the Earth, Sun, Moon system has on the tides

Constituents, Constants, Cyclical

24. There are 37 which normally have the greatest effect on tides and are used as the tidal harmonic Constituents to predict tidal conditions for a location.

Constituents, Conditions

25. Harmonic Constituents for 9410170, San Diego, San Diego Bay CA

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26. Constituent # Order in which the National Ocean Service lists the Constituents Name Common name used to refer to a particular constituent, subscript refers to the number of cycles per day Amplitude

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27. The FTSE Constituents are reviewed every quarter


28. Mississippi’s Governor Rejects Medicaid Expansion for Working-Class Constituents The state is passing on roughly $600 million in federal funding to prevent residents from getting Medicaid.

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29. Village of Ilion, Constituents Information, Ilion, NY


30. The Constituents of Medicinal Plants would be a great text for a medicinal chemistry course for non-chemistry majors or a companion text for many medicinal courses

Constituents, Chemistry, Course, Companion, Courses

31. 5 Ways Key Constituents Can Play A Role in Nonprofit Strategic Planning Often I am asked, “Why can’t we just create our strategic plan with our Board of Directors?” Well, there are a number of reasons, but one of the most important of these reasons has to …

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32. BSE Sensex Live Updates: BSE Constituents captures the info

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33. Get Live Sensex value & volume of Sensex, Constituents stock prices on BSE, Sensex highlights intraday, price performance & trends for Sensex-BSE & index benchmark constituent companies.

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34. Constituents, Baltimore, Maryland


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CONSTITUENTS [kənˈstiCHo͞oənt]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name constituents mean?


  • Serving as part of a whole; component: a constituent element.
  • Empowered to elect or designate.
  • Authorized to make or amend a constitution: a constituent assembly.
  • What are constituents in English grammar?

    In English grammar, a constituent is a linguistic part of a larger sentence, phrase, or clause. For instance, all the words and phrases that make up a sentence are said to be constituents of that sentence.

    Who are constituents in government?

    constituent - a member of a constituency; a citizen who is represented in a government by officials for whom he or she votes; "needs continued support by constituents to be re-elected". constituency - the body of voters who elect a representative for their area.

    What does a constituency do?

    A constituency is an area in which a person is elected as a representative in a parliament or government. A particular constituency is a section of society that can provide political support to a particular party or politician.

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