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1. Translation of Consisive,translations from English,translation of Consisive English


2. Just wished it had been a lot more Consisive


3. The managemnet team was small and Consisive on job descriptions for all employees


4. Algorithms are treated with a thorough theoretical introduction often with a complete mathematical walkthrough, a clearly thought out solution, a discussion of its pros and cons, lots of clear and Consisive diagrams, a pseudocode implementation, and a good deal of serious optimisation discussion.

Complete, Clearly, Cons, Clear, Consisive

5. Too real , Underdog on top , The Consisive anomonamly


6. Kevin's positive & approachable attitude & utter Consisive knowledge make working with him a very rewarding & professional experience


7. Consisive decisions/transition 5


8. He was a clear and Consisive communicator with expert knowledge and provided us with a …

Clear, Consisive, Communicator

9. Prof is thorough Consisive and able to adjust tactics to connect with students.

Consisive, Connect

10. This volume is perhaps the most Consisive explanation of political and social events leading up to the event of World War I that I've ever read


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CONSISIVE [kənˈsīs]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word concise mean?

The word "concise" means "short" when you're talking about writing or explaining things. It's a positive word, so being "concise" in writing or speaking is good. "Concisely summarizing" something means that you explain it in a very short form.

What does the name concise mean?

Definition of concise : marked by brevity of expression or statement : free from all elaboration and superfluous detail a concise report a concise definition : using few words : not including extra or unnecessary information : expressing much in few words a concise description

What is the definition for the word concise?

Definition of concise. : marked by brevity of expression or statement : free from all elaboration and superfluous detail. a concise report. a concise definition.

What does concise mean in Latin?

con·cise. (kən-sīs') adj. Expressing much in few words; clear and succinct. [Latin concīsus, past participle of concīdere, to cut up : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + caedere, to cut; see kaə-id- in Indo-European roots .]

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