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1. The nature and use of electrotherapy has changed Considerablyover recentyears, with the introduction of new agents and modification of the old (see Vol

Changed, Considerablyover

2. The structure of the Lake Superior fish community changed Considerablyover the 26-year monitoring period

Community, Changed, Considerablyover

3. Changed Considerablyover the past thirtyyears, the contentofstructuralsyl­ labuses still generally reflects the preoccupation of linguists, especially con­ trastivists of the 1950sand 1960sand other 'traditional,descriptive'gram­ marians in the 1970sand 1980s, with …

Changed, Considerablyover, Contentofstructuralsyl, Con

4. Downloadable! The number of individuals registered as self-employed in the UK has grown Considerablyover the past decade


5. IBD is generally regarded as a “Western” world disease, and its frequencyhas increased Considerablyover the past few decades


6. Yet, this was a slow day.The owner also said that, althoughmanaged care had reduced profits Considerablyover the past several years,prescription volume had increased by50%

Care, Considerablyover

7. Harding Dietaryadvice given to families of children with dia- betes has changed Considerablyover the last 70 years from strict carbohydrateprescriptionsto a more lib- eral 10 g exchange system and now to the unrestricted healthy-eatingadvice that has become more common …

Children, Changed, Considerablyover, Carbohydrateprescriptionsto, Common

8. Have,changed Considerablyover time.— inadditionto theoverallorAll Items CPI, thereare sub-CPIs for groups of commodities within theconsumer market basket

Changed, Considerablyover, Cpi, Cpis, Commodities

9. The nature and use of electrotherapy has changed Considerablyover recentyears, with the introduction of new agents and modification of the old (see Vol

Changed, Considerablyover

10. Thewindpower industryhasgrown Considerablyover thepast15years,and with anexpectedinstalledcapacity of230GW by 2020 and 400GW by 2030, it is gearing up to become the main power technology in the EU.1To meet emission targets, the UK wind industry is planning very large offshore wind farms, some at considerable distance from shore and in deeper

Considerablyover, Considerable

11. AncientNativeAmerican useofcaves intheEastern Woodlands occurredthroughout theentirespanofregional prehistory; however,thewaysthatthese naturalfeatures wereusedvaried Considerablyover time.Todateonly 25 cave sites containing deposits dated to the Archaic period (ca

Considerablyover, Cave, Containing, Ca

12. The monopolist's marginal cost curve changes Considerablyover time

Cost, Curve, Changes, Considerablyover

13. In practice, each has influenced the other{\textquoteright}s work Considerablyover 4 years of the 5 -year project (2015-9)",


14. Strong, with their strength varying Considerablyover time


15. The ability to graze their cattle over large areas has diminished Considerablyover recent years due to increased urbanization and the declaration of the Maasai Mara and theSerengeti Game Reserves, which were former Maasai grazing land

Cattle, Considerablyover

16. Tered has changed Considerablyover the last 20 years as the technology for delivering them has evolved

Changed, Considerablyover

17. Opportunities, particularly as many of these emerging markets are set to expand Considerablyover the coming years

Considerablyover, Coming

18. To rise Considerablyover the next decade(4)


19. It has been determined by policy, which has changed Considerablyover the past forty years

Changed, Considerablyover

20. Conclusion and RecommendationThe general conclusion from the study is that environmental and social auditing has been embraced Considerablyover recent years

Conclusion, Considerablyover

21. TheEU approach toward people with disabilities has evolved Considerablyover the past several decades.


22. Considerablyover the past six years, increasing from 16.1% to 20.1% of the total count

Considerablyover, Count

23. San Pedro’ restaurant scene has grown Considerablyover the last couple of year

Considerablyover, Couple

24. In most neonatal units, the number of extremely immature infants has increased Considerablyover the last 15 years


25. Actually, as along-time purchaser of XL size shirts, they have changed quite Considerablyover the years

Changed, Considerablyover

26. We oper- ences (ROS) between the integratedmills and ationalized a firm's 'exports' as the percentage minimills changed Considerablyover time; inte- of foreign sales to total sales, and 'diversification' grated mills as a group outperformedminimills as the percentage of total sales that it derived during the 1980-87 time period, and minimills

Changed, Considerablyover

27. Considerablyoveraproject'slife[f(5,I35)=3.32;p<O.Or]andthecc ponentsthatmake up thetotal timespentgatheringinformation vary in a somewhatdifferentmanner,although the interactionterm is not …


28. Share in non-durable expenditure have varied Considerablyover the 1980s


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does considerably mean?

considerably - to a great extent or degree; "I'm afraid the film was well over budget"; "painting the room white made it seem considerably (or substantially) larger"; "the house has fallen considerably in value"; "the price went up substantially"

What is another word for considerably?

Synonyms of considerably. astronomically, big-time, broadly, colossally, enormously, extensively, greatly, highly, hugely, largely, massively, monstrously, monumentally, much, sizably, staggeringly, stupendously, tremendously, utterly, vastly.

What does considerable of consideration mean?

Worthy of consideration; significant: The economy was a considerable issue in the campaign. n. Informal A considerable amount, extent, or degree. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

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