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[ˌkäntrəˈvərSHəl, ˌkäntrəˈvərsēəl]

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Synonyms: 1. Contentious 2. Disputed 3. Contended 4. Moot 5. Disputable 6. Debatable 7. Arguable 8. Vexed 9. Tendentious 10. Emotive 11. Sensitive 12. Delicate 13. Difficult 14. Awkward 15. Problematic 16. Controvertible 17. Uncontroversial 18. Anodyne 19. Wikipedia
1. While the conroversial Aarto Act will not be introduced to the Western Cape, it will carry out a very similar punishment to what the City plans on a national instead of provincial scale. The Act plans to introduce a zero-tolerance policy to traffic violations through the use of a 12-point demerit system for motorists.
2. >> also new on 5: the fda making a rare move banning the conroversial shocking device used at only one school in the country the juge rotenberg center in canton. a warning it may be difficult to
3. conroversial web series. Browsing Tag. conroversial web series. Entertainment. Tandav, Mirzapur 2, Paatal Lok: Are Hindi web series stirring fresh call for OTT censorship? Amelia Podder Jan 20, 2021 0.
4. In 1971, Angelo Sargenti, a Swiss dentist who had developed a conroversial root canal treatment, met with eight FDA officials, one of whom recorded what took place. Six of the officials were physicians and dentists from what was then called the Division of Surgical-Dental Drug Products (DSDDP),
5. The building is listed for sale with Enniskillen firm Smyth Leslie and Niall Smyth helped unearth some of the buildings conroversial history. The site has been home to many trials and tribulations over the years, including a dispute 200 years ago between parishioners and a bishop over who should be Parish Priest (PP) in an incident that became known as ‘the Monea Schism’, which even was
6. And yes, Lyn's direct rival is Byleth. Just Byleth was in DLC for advertising use. While Byleth is conroversial for a different issue, we'd not know if Lyn is an okay DLC pick. bengever posted unfair, when you consider we have Min Min Uh isn't Min Min a series leader rep?
7. Supporting eugenics is definitely conroversial. That’s because the first iteration of it (as far as public awareness is concerned) was total bunk crudely based almost exclusively on race peddled by white supremacists. but eventually the “output” of both has to use their own agency to walk the final steps towards being a monster
8. Thweatt apparently made conroversial statements in person and on his Facebook page. Facebook shows no clear sign of any threats made, but apparently friends recently saw some troubling comments.
9. One of the most conroversial features of the reforms is that all claims under 5K will have to be made online, via the portal. No paper claims will be accepted. There are still millions of people in the UK without internet access, or in possession of modern online skills, and this disadvantge will produce a major obstacle for many claimants. It

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